ICLMG’s Senate testimony on Bill C-59, the National Security Act

On May 6, ICLMG’s National Coordinator, Tim McSorley, presented our main concerns to the Senate Committee on National Security and Defence on Bill C-59, the National Security Act, 2017. Some of them are:

1. C-59 empowers Canada’s national security agencies to engage in mass surveillance, including the mass collection and storage of our public information;

2. C-59 does not address the ongoing problems with the No Fly List, including the impossibility of an individual to effectively challenge their inclusion on the list;

3. C-59 would grant Canada’s signals intelligence agency, CSE, new powers to conduct cyberattacks, including hacking, deploying malware, and “disinformation campaigns.”

Take action and urge the Senate to protect our human rights and fix C-59

There are a LOT of issues with the bill but we had little time so you can read all about them and our **45** recommendations in our brief to the Senate.

Watch the full panel with our member Amnesty International Canada’s presentation and the Q&A with Senators.

If you prefer to read instead of watching/listening to a video, here are Tim’s speaking notes.

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