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arrowtemplate 2If you would like to support ICLMG’s work, you can start today by becoming one of our social media champions.

ICLMG promotes and protects human rights in the context of the war on terrorism, and thus we often bring attention to problematic national security legislation and governments’ actions that negatively impact civil liberties, especially in Canada. We do this by sharing articles, analyses and calls to action with as wide a network as possible. You can help ICLMG reach new people and connect to broader audiences.

Are you on Facebook and/or Twitter? If you are, we invite you to become an ICLMG social media champion!

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  • If you want to receive emails with convenient, easy-to-share social media links to our press releases, reports and weekly News Digest (about once or twice a week), have new ideas for our social media strategy or if you need more information on our work, feel free to contact our Communications and Research Coordinator, Anne Dagenais Guertin, at

Thank you for your help!

Since you’re here…

… we have a small favour to ask. Here at ICLMG, we are working very hard to protect and promote human rights and civil liberties in the context of the so-called “war on terror” in Canada. We do not receive any financial support from any federal, provincial or municipal governments or political parties. Any donations will go a long way to support our work.

On the fence about giving? Check out our Achievements and Gains since we were created in 2002. Thank you for your generosity!