Protect our privacy! – The government is about to ram through a new law, Bill C-13, that will provide immunity to telecom companies that hand over our sensitive information to authorities even when they don’t have a warrant.

A broad-based coalition of citizens, experts, organizations, and businesses have come together to defend our right to privacy based on a common statement of principle.

The government has been caught engaging in secretive, expensive, and out of control spying on our private lives.

  • Secretive: The government has been caught tracking law-abiding Canadians and collecting our sensitive private data.
  • Expensive: The government is about to spend $4-billion of our tax dollars to house new spying operations.
  • Out of control: In recent years there have been over 3,000 breaches of sensitive citizen data, affecting approximately 725,000 of us.

Protect our Privacy – Join us today