PM Trudeau: Call on the UAE to free Canadian citizen Salim Alaradi now!

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Salim Alaradi, a Canadian citizen and father of 5 young children, has been detained without charge in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) since August 2014. We are also worried that he was tortured. His health is deteriorating quickly as his family has informed us this week. Write to Prime Minister Trudeau to urge him to call on the UAE to free Salim Alaradi now!

PM Trudeau: Call on the UAE to free Canadian citizen Salim Alaradi now!

The Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


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Background information:

On August 28, 2014 Salim was arrested without charge from a hotel during a family vacation.  His family was never told why he was arrested or where he was taken.  Family members immediately informed Canadian authorities.

On the same day, his brother Mohamad Alaradi was also arrested and detained.

The UAE authorities refused to provide information to the family.  The family did not publicly advocate in hopes of Salim’s immediate release, however, his whereabouts remained unknown for over four months until a call was received and details of his location were provided.

After 4 months his brother Mohamad was released. Reasons for arrest or release where never shared and are considered arbitrary. It is suspected that his release was due to international pressure and to reduce attention on those detained.

During this period, it became clear that Salim’s arrest was one of several arrests on residents who held Libyan nationality. At least ten Libyan men, some with dual nationality, were detained in the UAE between 13th of August and 3rd of September. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch quickly investigated and issued reports confirming that Salim’s detainment was considered enforced disappearance and arbitrary under international law.

Find more information and actions on the Free Salim Alaradi campaign website spearheaded by one of Salim’s daughter here.