Our submission of information to the HRC for the examination of Canada’s compliance with the ICCPR

Canada’s compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) will be examined by the Human Rights Committee (HRC) this summer. The ICLMG has sent a brief to Geneva stating our concerns and Canada’s contraventions to the ICCPR, including those regarding the Anti-terrorism Act of 2001, the no-fly list, the security certificates, the Arar and Iacobucci commissions, CSEC,  Bill C-51, Bill C-44, and the Budget Bill and the alarming trend of increasing discretionary ministerial powers and use of secret evidence in court.

Submission summary  

ICLMG has examined the list of issues published by the HRC in October 2014 in relation to Canada’s sixth report, and submits that certain Canadian laws, policies, and practices, with respect to those issues, contravene several provisions of the international covenant, which contraventions are set out below. In particular we must emphasize recent Canadian Bill C-51 which has substantially extended these contraventions in a most serious way.

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