C-20, C-27, C-63 — oh my! Please help us expand our fight for civil liberties!

Over the last few months, there has been an alarming increase in new bills and consultations that threaten to expand anti-terrorism and national security powers, and place civil liberties at even greater risk – on top of everything we were already working on – and we need your help to take it on and win!

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As you may know, ICLMG has just two part-time staff. To be able to tackle these growing threats and to ensure there are strong voices defending civil liberties at the table, we need a boost in resources.

In the last few months:

  • We submitted two briefs – one to Public Safety and one to Justice Canada – for their consultation on potential legislative changes to address foreign interference. The consultation document proposed several concerning changes that would expand CSIS powers to collect data and share information, and normalize the use of secret evidence in courts. A lot remains to be done to follow-up and ensure these don’t become law.
  • We participated in the Office of the Privacy Commissioner’s consultation on their guidance for biometrics, as well as worked with partners to strengthen Bill C-27 to rein in dangerous AI systems, such as facial recognition. Our work on those urgent issues will continue for the foreseeable future.
  • Bill C-20, which aims to create a long overdue independent review body for the CBSA, is going to the Senate soon. We won some important changes in the House of Commons, but we need to keep the pressure on to secure crucial amendments.
  • The government just introduced new online harms legislation, Bill C-63, and there’s much work to do to analyze it and respond.

This is all in addition to everything else we are already working on or is coming up:

  • Participation in the upcoming scheduled reviews of C-59 (the National Security Act, 2017) and C-41, the law that created an invasive authorization regime for organizations to conduct human rights and development activities in areas controlled by groups on Canada’s terrorist entities list.
  • Follow up on the negative impact of efforts to counter terrorist financing and the review of systemic Islamophobia in the Canada Revenue Agency‘s activities.
  • Meetings with MPs, committee members and government officials to discuss pressing issues and possible solutions.
  • The 20th anniversary publication on ICLMG’s work with our partners.
  • Publishing the News Digest every two weeks.
  • And so much more!

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