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The Secret Trial 5 – The Movie

Update: The Secret Trial 5 has reached its funding goal.

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ICLMG has endorsed this project. Many Canadians view the so-called War on Terror as something distant. The reality is, it has struck much closer to home than most of us realize. There are men, women and families right here in Canada that have been caught in its web. The film is about five such individuals and families. Click to watch an excerpt and to donate, and share with your networks.

The Secret Trial 5 Hot Docs Project

The Secret Trial 5 movie website

Mohammad Mahjoub – Fundraising appeal

Mohammad Mahjoub is one of three Muslim men who are currently targetted by an immigration security certificate in Canada.

Mr. Mahjoub came to Canada as a refugee from the Mubarak regime in Egypt; he was granted refugee status in 1996. He was arrested under a security certificate in June 2000. Never charged, he was imprisoned for a total of eight years, including years in solitary confinement, placed under house arrest for another four and a half years and currently remains under intrusive conditions of surveillance and control.

The security certificate process was declared unconstitional by the Supreme Court of Canada in the 2007 Charkaoui ruling. A new certificate was issued against Mr. Mahjoub in February 2008 under this new process and he was forced to begin the process all over again. The Federal Court has not yet ruled on the ‘reasonability’ of the new certificate against him.

In the context of these new security certificate proceedings, Mr. Mahjoub was subject to an unprecedented violation of his rights. The present fund-raising initiative is aimed at obtaining a permanent stay of the unfair proceedings against him in light of this unprecedented violation.

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Hundred for Hassan Campaign

Join the Hundred for Hassan campaign and be one of 100 people of conscience who make a statement of support for Dr. Hassan Hassan by contributing $20 (or more) a month to cover the cost of his electronic/GPS monitoring. This is our way of taking a public stand and saying it is just wrong to make Hassan pay for his own surveillance.

Dr. Diab is an Ottawa professor who is accused of a crime that took place in Paris in 1980. He has been ordered extradited by Justice Minister Rob Nicholson based on the flimsiest of evidence – evidence so weak that a Canadian judge declared that it would not stand in a fair trial. In a perverse twist, Canada has forced Dr. Diab to pay $2,000 per month for the cost of his own surveillance – a GPS device he is required to wear – or be imprisoned.

To join the HUNDRED FOR HASSAN campaign, send an email to diabsupport@gmail.comindicating how much you wish to pledge monthly, for how many months, and whether you would like to add your name to the above statement. We will respond and give you details on how to make your monthly contribution. 

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