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Bring Omar Khadr to justice. Bring him to Canada.

Update: Omar Khadr is now incarcerated in Canada

Amnesty International Canada – In the face of ongoing serious human rights violations, there is only one solution for a Canadian detained abroad: repatriation. 

Petition launched by Romeo Dallaire: Bring back Omar Khadr

Update: Omar Khadr is now incarcerated in Canada

During his 10 nightmarish years at Bagram and Guantánamo Bay, Omar Khadr’s rights have been violated time and again. He has been denied the right to due process and a fair trial, the right to protection from torture, and the rights stemming from the Convention on the Rights of the Child and its Optional Protocol on Children in Armed Conflict.

After years of dragging its feet, Canada finally agreed to his return in 2010, so long as he served one additional year in Guantánamo. No one forced the government’s hand. It made its promise voluntarily. That year has passed, and yet the transfer request continues to gather dust on the minister’s desk awaiting his signature. This is simply unacceptable.

Enough is enough. Canada must keep its word — and Minister Toews must authorize Omar Khadr’s return without delay. A deal is a deal.

Please sign and share the petition here.

The CCR joint statement against Bill C-31

Update: Bill C-31 was adopted in June 2012 and came into effect in December 2012

Join the CCR and other allies in raising public awareness and speaking out about the impacts that Bill C-31 would have on refugees in Canada. The bill rolls together earlier bills C-4 and C-49 on smuggling, which would serve to punish refugees rather than smugglers. Urge the government to withdraw Bill C-31 and to replace it with legislation which is fair, affordable, and independent, and which complies with the Charter and Canada’s international obligations. See the CCR’s joint statement to protect refugees from Bill C-31 at

Learn about the CCR’s Campaign against Bill C-31 and take action at

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