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JusticeForHassanDiabOn November 13, 2014, the Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear Dr. Hassan Diab’s case. The day after, he was extradited from Canada to France, torn from his family and community, and incarcerated in prison in the vicinity of Paris for allegedly committing the 1980 rue Copernic bombing even though his palm prints and fingerprints do not match those of the suspect. Hassan was extradited based on discredited evidence that the Canadian judge described as “very problematic”, “convoluted”, and “very confusing”. Hassan’s case would not pass muster under Canadian criminal law. In the judge’s own words, “the case presented by the Republic of France against Mr. Diab is a weak case; the prospects of conviction in the context of a fair trial seem unlikely” but he also said his interpretation of Canada’s extradition law left him no choice but to commit Hassan to extradition.

On October 27, 2016, a French investigative judge (juge d’instruction) ordered the release of Dr. Diab on bail. In his release order, the judge stated that he found “consistent evidence” supporting Hassan’s innocence… At this stage of the inquiry, there exists consistent evidence tending to establish that Hassan Diab was in Beirut late September, early October 1980… this calls into question information implicating him in the attack since this relies on his presence in France during this period”.

However, in a deeply disappointing move, the French prosecutor blocked Hassan’s release, and the Court of Appeal overruled the investigative judge’s orders and renewed Hassan’s detention.


“Dr. Hassan Diab was extradited from Canada to France based on a handwriting analysis report that the Canadian extradition judge described as “convoluted, very confusing, with conclusions that are suspect”. Hassan is now incarcerated in a French prison where he may remain up to two years while the examining magistrate decides whether to bring him to trial. I am deeply concerned that Hassan may be wrongfully convicted under France’s anti-terrorism laws, based on deeply flawed handwriting analysis and the use of secret, unsourced intelligence. I support Hassan’s legal defence in France, so he has a real chance to fight for justice and return to his home in Canada. We must make sure that the real perpetrators of the rue Copernic crime are brought to justice. Making an innocent man pay for a crime he did not commit will only further the tragedy.”

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