The Governance of Telecommunications Surveillance: How Opaque and Unaccountable Practices and Policies Threaten Canadians

2498847226_9beb1f55db_o-300x200Telecom Transparency Project – In their report, “The Governance of Telecommunications Surveillance: How Opaque and Unaccountable Practices and Policies Threaten Canadians,” the TTP discussed the regularity at which government agencies gain access to telecommunications data. Save for the Canadian Border Services Agency, federal government agencies that are principally responsible for conducting domestic telecommunications surveillance, such as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, could not account for how often they use their surveillance powers.

The TTP concludes by asserting that new legislation must be introduced and passed so that Canadians become aware of the magnitude of contemporary telecommunications surveillance that policing organizations are involved in on a yearly basis.

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Manifestations et répressions: Report by the Ligue des droits et libertés

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All events do not seem equal before the law. Some will be tolerated, even in case of infringement, while others will be repressed. Why? worries the Ligue des droits et libertés, in a report released in June 2015.

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Dismantling Democracy: Stifling debate and dissent in Canada

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 1.18.48 PMIn Dismantling Democracy: Stifling debate and dissent in Canada, Voices-Voix documents the abuse of parliamentary rules, the intimidation of public servants, and the defunding and intimidation of organizations that hold views at odds with the government.

The report documents where the federal government has gutted the capacity of its own departments and independent agencies to offer information and analysis needed to make sound policy choices. From scuttling the long-form census, to muzzling scientists, to cutting funding for evidence-based advocacy, the report argues that the government has pursued a deliberate strategy to repress alternative views.

Voices is calling on Canadians to press politicians for clear commitments to uphold rights, promote healthy dialogue and strengthen democracy.

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