News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, May 11, 2024: Provisions of new foreign interference bill will have much broader consequences on rights and freedoms in Canada; Canadian coalition calls for urgent action to uphold civil liberties and Charter rights at protests and encampments across the country; Arms Embargo on Israel Now; Lawyer seeks Immediate Repatriation for Canadian Detainee on Imminent Flight out of Northeast Syria; Canada Issues Fourth Forcible Child Separation Ultimatum to Mothers Detained in NE Syria Prison Camps; ‘The world is too messy for bureaucratic hurdles’: Canada still bars Afghanistan aid; Court concludes curbing parliamentary immunity of spy watchdog members is constitutional; Report Reveals Serious Human Rights Violations as First Quantum Enters Annual Shareholder Meeting; Special Toronto screening of Manufacturing the Threat; Watchdog calls out ‘gaps’ in how Canada conducted online intelligence operations; Nigeria has gotten billions in U.S. security assistance even as its counterterrorism campaign has a massive civilian death toll; Strapped down, blindfolded, held in diapers: Israeli whistleblowers detail of Palestinians in shadowy detention center; ACLU: A disturbing national security bill could silence nonprofits and college protests; Former Guantánamo Bay detainee faces re-victimisation in Algeria, UN experts say; Lawsuit by Abu Ghraib Torture Survivors Ends in Mistrial Even as CACI’s Role Made Clear in U.S. Court; Met police to pay ‘five-figure sum’ to French publisher arrested under anti-terror laws; European Court gives notification to Türkiye of second batch of 1,000 applications concerning convictions for terrorism offences based on use of ByLock messaging application; Russia: UN Human Rights Chief troubled by increasing crackdown on journalists; Makabayan officer, activists push back vs anti-terror law complaint filed by military; Saudi Arabia activist sentenced to 11 years in prison for ‘support’ of women’s rights; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, April 27, 2024: Key stakeholders call for withdrawal of controversial AI legislation; Border agency eyes smartphone facial recognition system amid privacy concerns, feat. ICLMG’s Tim McSorley; Feds don’t ‘care if they die,’ says lawyer helping Canadian children held in Syria; Syria: Mass death, torture and other violations against people detained in aftermath of Islamic State defeat; Extradition: The Search for Huseyin Celil (podcast); Canada To Host Tests Of Israeli Arms Tech Used On Palestinians; ‘Secret’ drone installation to be built at Uplands, federal records reveal; One Year on From French Court INJUSTICE, Hassan Diab Remains Unprotected and in Limbo; UN Special Rapporteur comments on the “repression and persecution” faced by Indigenous water protectors in Canada; Montreal Chinese community centres serve RCMP with $5M defamation suit over ‘police station’ allegations; US-trained Burkina Faso military executed 220 civilians; Iraq: At least 13 people executed amid alarming lack of transparency; Spencer Ackerman: Now The Students Are “Terrorists”; US trial unveils horrors of Abu Ghraib scandal, decades later; “Enormous Expansion of the Law”: James Bamford on FISA Extension, U.S.-Israel Data Sharing; Prosecutor Says Sept. 11 Suspects Can Be Held Past War Crimes Sentence; Exporting Prevent: The UK government’s complicity in rights-violating counter-extremism programmes in Indonesia; What happens when activists are branded ‘terrorists’ in the Philippines?; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, April 13, 2024: Sanaa Ali-Mohammed and Monia Mazigh: Politicking in the face of genocide: A uniquely Canadian performance; Alex Neve: Exceptional application asks SCC to reconsider case of Canadians in Northeast Syria + Updated ICLMG action; Letter to the Honourable Arif Virani, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada Regarding Hassan Diab + New parliamentary petition; The federal government’s proposed AI legislation misses the mark on protecting Canadians; We Spied on the Spies Who Spy on Activists; Military drone installation to be built in Ottawa – DND says exact location will remain secret; Israel Created ‘Kill Zones’ in Gaza. Anyone Who Crosses Into Them Is Shot 20 years later, Abu Ghraib detainees get their day in US court; The CIA’s Long and Dangerous History of Refusing to Answer Absurdly Obvious Questions; Opinion: Why India Might Want to Pursue Transnational Killings; Opinion: Russia’s Terrorism Laws Target Everyone But the Real Threat; Écoutes, géolocalisations : de plus en plus de personnes sont surveillées en France; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 29, 2024: URGENT: Send a message to Mélanie Joly for Hassan Diab; Ensemble pour Gaza et la Palestine! Ensemble pour la justice et la paix!; States must adhere to obligations under Genocide Convention to prevent further loss of life in Gaza, says Special Rapporteur Francesca Albanese; Canadian spy agency’s big data program is breaking the law: review body; Families of Canadians Detained in Northeast Syria Ask Supreme Court for Reconsideration of Appeal; How Can There Be a Public Inquiry into Foreign Interference When Much Relevant Information Is Classified “Top Secret”?; Chief Na’Moks: The RCMP’s specialized C-IRG unit exists to crush Indigenous resistance; Attempt to Advance Environmental Consultation for Atico’s Mine in Ecuador Brings Renewed Criminalization, Police Repression, and Militarization; Rampant abuse of counter-terrorism laws threaten human rights globally, warns UN expert; Rethinking Risk: Reducing Harm to Nonprofits in the Push to Counter Terrorism Financing; The changing face of protest; Spencer Ackerman: The TikTok Ban Is Security State Protectionism; Musk’s SpaceX is building spy satellite network for U.S. intelligence agency, sources say; Pakistan says 8 killed in its anti-terror airstrikes in Afghanistan, Taliban condemns attack; Putin has repeatedly used terror attacks to tighten his grip on Russia; Hong Kong’s new national security law enforced for first time; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 16, 2024: ICLMG’s Submissions to the Foreign Interference Consultation; Open Letter Urged Canadian Government to Reject Private Sector Carve-Out in Council of Europe AI Convention Negotiations; Lawsuit filed against Canadian government to stop arms exports to Israel; UNRWA report says Israel coerced some agency employees to falsely admit Hamas links; Reasonable Cause to Suspect: A Discussion on a Hidden Human Rights Crisis; Seeking Truth: The Hassan Diab Awareness Event; Government Gaslighting Again?: Unpacking the Uncomfortable Reality of the Online Harms Act; RCMP C-IRG assisted North Vancouver detachment after injunction prohibits protests on highway overpass; Surveillance and the Global War on Terror: Muslims and 21st-Century Racism; “Everything is by the Power of the Weapon”: Abuses and Impunity in Turkish-Occupied Northern Syria; “They Should Be Beaten and Skinned Alive”: The Final Phase of India’s War on Kashmiri Civil Society; The EU AI Act: a failure for human rights, a victory for industry and law enforcement; What’s in the UK’s new definition of ‘extremism’; Socialism, anti-fascism and anti-abortion on Prevent list of terrorism warning signs; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 2, 2024: 75+ Canadian civil society organizations – including ICLMG – call on Ministers Joly, Hussen, and Miller to “Stop Genocide or Resign”; Arms exports to Israel must stop immediately: UN experts; Israel Kills 104 Palestinians Waiting for Food Aid as U.N. Expert Accuses Israel of Starving Gaza; The Anti-Palestinian Origins of The War on Terror; ICLMG’s submission to the Privacy Commissioner’s consultation on biometrics guidance; AI bill ‘democratically illegitimate’ and litigation ‘likely’ without proper consultations, say AFN, civil society orgs; CCLA Urges Substantial Amendments to the Online Harms Act; New federal security restrictions: CAUT warns of negative impact on research and researchers; Canadian court finds Likhts’amisyu Clan Wing Chief Dsta’hyl guilty of criminal contempt for upholding Wet’suwet’en law; Military worried fake wolves exercise, pandemic propaganda efforts undercut public trust: documents; Turkiye conducted 4 drone strikes on NES, killing 3, wounding 2; State urged to resist use of ‘exceptional’ measures to tackle terror and extremism; The United States must be held accountable for its ‘war on terror’ crimes; I was taken from Australia as a boy to live under IS in Syria. Now I want to come home;  Environmental activism under the EU counter-terror microscope; Spain: Terrorism charges against protesters undermine “international human rights and democratic standards”; Report: Prevent and the pre-crime state: How unaccountable data sharing is harming a generation; Russia: Surge in abuse of anti-terrorism laws to suppress dissent; Saudi Arabia: Release forcibly disappeared woman facing trial for supporting women’s rights online; Q&A: The Citizen Lab’s John Scott-Railton on tackling the ongoing threat of Pegasus; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, February 17, 2024: Civil Society Coalition Urges Canada To Stop Arms Transfers To Israel; Matthew Behrens: Canada’s temporary residence program for Palestinians from Gaza has serious flaws; Canadian police muzzle advocates for peace; Maha Hilal: Israel, the United States, and the Rhetoric of the War on Terror; National Day of Remembrance of the Québec City Mosque Attack and Action Against Islamophobia; Reasonable Cause to Suspect: Book Launch and Discussion on a Hidden Human Rights Case; Canada Must Put an End to This 15-Year Miscarriage of Justice; Amend or Reject: 100+ groups call for crucial changes to UN cybercrime treaty; ICLMG on new Privacy Commissioner’s report on RCMP’s “open source” internet surveillance under Project Wide Awake; Shiri Pasternak: Why is the RCMP taking civil-liberties advice from pipeline company lawyers?; Exclusive: Information commissioner finds feds withheld details of relationship with private spy agency; ICLMG on the Emergencies Act federal court ruling; Drone strikes in Burkina Faso killed scores of civilians; Türkiye’s Strikes Wreak Havoc on Northeast Syria; Innocent Until Proven Muslim: Author Q&A with Dr. Maha Hilal; Sunsetting the War on Terror — Or Not: The Stubborn Legacy of America’s Response to 9/11; After 22 Years of Human Rights Abuses, the U.S. Government Must Close the Military Detention Camp at Guantanamo Bay; National Security Carve-Outs Undermine AI Regulations; U.S. terrorist watchlist grows to 2 million people — nearly doubling in 6 years; UN expert condemns UK crackdown on environmental protest; UAE Confirms Trial Against 84 Detainees; Ahmed Mansoor Suspected Among Them; The Tragedy Of India’s Authoritarian Descent: The Case of Prabir Purukayastha; and more.

The News Digest was on hiatus.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, January 6, 2024: Canada must end potential genocide complicity by suspending arms exports to Israel; CJPME condemns arbitrary limitations on Gaza family reunification and bigoted statements from Canadian officials; Jeremy Scahill: This Is Not a War Against Hamas; Canada Has Quietly Announced Plans to Buy Killer Drones; Stop Moe Harkat’s deportation to torture today!; Advocates urge full public consultation on controversial AI legislation; UPR4: Which recommendations should Canada reject, which should it accept and how to implement them; Amnesty International Says CGL and the RCMP Violated Indigenous Rights; Secret Indian memo ordered “concrete measures” against Hardeep Singh Nijjar two months before his assassination in Canada; Dennis Edney, lawyer for former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr, dead at 77; Head of RCMP’s advisory board resigns, citing frustrations with federal government; The US’s “Global War on Terror” never ended; Riseup4Rojava calls for an immediate response to Turkish attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria; Brian Toohey: The greedy jaws of national security; UK supreme court rules Guantánamo ‘forever prisoner’ can sue the government under English law – here’s why it matters; Prevent: Rise in climate activists referred to anti-terror scheme; Greece: Report on National Intelligence Service’s activities: Demonisation of migration and targeting organisations defending human rights; Somalis Whose Relatives Were Killed by U.S. Strikes ‘Have Yet To Receive Acknowledgement’; In a Major Snub to Obama, Biden Is Sticking With Trump When It Comes to Cuba Policy; FTC Must Investigate Meta and X for Complicity with Government Surveillance; UN travel surveillance system needs “pause and urgent review”, says Special Rapporteur; France and six European states unite to authorise spying on journalists; Pak court issues arrest warrants to over 100 activists of Imran Khan’s party over May 9 violence; India bans pro-Pakistan separatist party over alleged terrorism support; Tunisian journalist serving five-year sentence subjected to appalling conditions in prison; Philippines: Groups denounce continued attacks vs activists, ‘drug war’ killings under Marcos; Hong Kong offers awards for arrests of activists abroad for breaching national security law; and more.

The News Digest was on hiatus until January 2024

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, December 9, 2023: Another year of injustice: Stop Moe Harkat’s deportation to torture today!; ICLMG’s new statement & action: Canada Must Oppose Genocide in Gaza and Defend Free Expression at Home; Canadian Public Servants Angered By Government’s Anti-Palestinian Bias; “Mass Assassination Factory”: Israel Using AI to Generate Targets in Gaza, Increasing Civilian Toll; European governments donors’ discriminatory funding restrictions to Palestinian civil society risk deepening human rights crisis; Tim McSorley Speaks with the CCU on Artificial Intelligence; Licence to break the law: More Canadian spies get permission to commit crimes, memo shows; A ‘predator’ at CSIS: Officers allege rape, harassment and a toxic workplace culture; Tools capable of extracting personal data from phones being used by 13 federal departments, documents show; New report by Citizen Lab finds serious Charter concerns with proposed federal cybersecurity legislation, Bill C-26; European Parliament sidelined in adoption of new travel surveillance agreement with Canada; ‘The Judge Sided with Peace’: Supporters celebrate as the first Coastal GasLink criminal trial ends in a not guilty verdict; New open access book: Intelligence Oversight in Times of Transnational Impunity: Who Will Watch the Watchers?; Lina Chawaf: The forgotten war in Syria; 88 dead after military drone mistakenly strikes festival in Nigeria’s Kaduna State, local officials say; The United States’ Forever Wars Yield a 75,000% Increase in Terror Attacks; The Enduring Surveillance Act of 2023; India accidentally hired a DEA agent to kill Sikh American activist, federal prosecutors say; Police Can Spy on Your iOS and Android Push Notifications; Family of last Afghan held in Guantanamo calls for his release; Russian court sentences Ukrainian ex-soldier to 12 years on ‘terrorism’ charges; Australia: Labor’s new laws to re-detain migrants at risk of reoffending to be modelled on Coalition’s anti-terror orders; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 25, 2023: IJV Canada: A Temporary Pause Is not Enough; Canadian government issued with notice of intention to seek prosecution of Canadian politicians for complicity in war crimes in Gaza; In Toronto: Jews Say No to Genocide Coalition Condemns Arrests In Regards to Indigo Postering, Calls for All Charges to be Dropped; Adviser warns UK government against tightening laws on glorifying terrorism; Inaction by Design?: The Case of Canadians Trapped In North East Syria; 15 Years of Injustice: How Much More Must Hassan Diab Endure?; Calling for end to Canada’s support for Philippines counter-terrorism campaign; New Canada PNR Agreement to be adopted today at the EU-Canada Summit; Secret intelligence documents show global reach of India’s death squads; For a century, the American way of war has meant killing civilians; Cop City Protest Tear-Gassed as Activists Face “Unprecedented” RICO & Domestic Terrorism Charges; UN Committee against Torture publishes findings on Burundi, Costa Rica, Denmark, Egypt, Kiribati, Slovenia; Tunisia: Reject Bill Dismantling Civil Society; Revealed: plan to brand anyone ‘undermining’ UK as extremist; Europol deletes NoBorder initiatives from terror report, Dutch police doesn’t see them as “extremists”; LexisNexis sold powerful spy tools to U.S. Customs and Border Protection; US Congress Report Calls for Privacy Reforms After FBI Surveillance ‘Abuses’; Trump Wants to Use the Military Against His Enemies. Congress Must Act; Australian military whistleblower pleads guilty over Afghan Files leak; The State of Human Security in the UK; et plus.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 11, 2023: Joint Statement against the attack on free speech and the labelling of pro-Palestinian rallies as ‘hate rallies’; Amnesty International: Peacefully protesting against injustice in Israel/OPT is not a threat to security; How Israel Is Repeating The U.S.’ Post-9/11 Mistakes; Traumatized by Turkish Airstrikes: Testimonies from Rojava; Canada’s legislation on facial recognition tech is dangerous, say civil society groups and scholars; ICLMG denounces Bill C-27 national security exemptions at parliamentary hearing; ICLMG on Senate report: Combatting Hate: Islamophobia & its impact on Muslims in Canada; Minister intervenes in deportation of man facing death sentence in Egypt; Calling for refusal of possible second extradition of Hassan Diab; Event Summary: “From Policy to Practice: Implementation of the Global Study on the impact of counter-terrorism on civil society and civic space”; A coalition of 6 organisations takes EU’s dangerous terrorist content regulation to court; Amnesty calls for Prevent strategy to be abolished over ‘human rights abuses’; Second investigation to open into role of British spies in torture of Guantánamo detainee; France says five-year conviction for citizen held in Iran ‘unacceptable’; The Adverse Impact of Counter Terrorism Laws on Human Rights Defenders and FATF Compliance in India; Oregon Police Obsessively Spied on Activists for Years, Even After Pipeline Fight Ended; Craig Murray: Incredibly, I Face Investigation for Terrorism; Reclaiming Security Webinar Series: Putting people & planet at the heart of national strategies; NEW ACTION: Canada: Remove the national security exemptions from Bill C-27!; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, October 28, 2023: ICLMG: Canada must support human rights and civil liberties in Gaza and at home!; Azeezah Kanji: The Architecture of Anti-Palestinian Elimination: Legal Fallacies, False Analogies, and Inverted Realities; To guarantee our rights, Canada’s privacy legislation must protect our biometric data; Fahad Ahmad & Baljit Nagra: India’s accusation of ‘terrorism’ is a ploy to hide its own human rights abuses; Gar Pardy: The Canadian ship of state leaks again; When Political and Judicial Factors Collide: Dr. Hassan Diab tells his story; Podcast: Judge rules CRA audit of Muslim charity biased but fails to stop it; Exploring Systemic Islamophobia in Canada; MP stopped from boarding Air Canada flight as ‘his name was Mohammad’; Human rights violations while countering terrorism are systematic across the globe: UN expert; War on the ‘Women’s Revolution:’ Turkish Drone Strikes Target Feminist Leaders; Myanmar junta gives 6 men life sentences under martial law; How criminalisation is being used to silence climate activists across the world; The Fictional Terrorist Conspiracy Being Tried in France; French interior minister pushes for encryption ‘backdoors’ in mobile apps; Cory Doctorow: Why Big Tech, Cops, and Spies Were Made for One Another; US Regresses on Torture and Guantanamo at Treaty Review; Overdue Scrutiny for Watch Listing and Risk Prediction; Belarus misuses counter-terrorism and anti-extremism legislation to stifle dissent: UN expert; Australia: Law Council questions continuation and expansion of extraordinary counter terrorism measures; UN experts say Sri Lanka’s counter-terrorism bill fails to heed their recommendations, status quo fundamentally unchanged; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, October 13, 2023: Mémoire sur le projet de loi C-27, la Loi de 2022 sur la mise en œuvre de la Charte du numérique; ‘The devil’s in the details, and we don’t have any’: critics, civil liberties groups decry feds’ lack of clarity on changes to privacy and AI bill; Confront 9/11 Politics And They Can Be Defeated; Independent Jewish Voices Calls for a Ceasefire and Systemic Change in Palestine-Israel; Global calls for immediate action to halt Turkey’s ‘war against humanity’ in North and East Syria; EVENT: When Political and Judicial Factors Collide: Dr. Hassan Diab tells his story; Gitxsan Hereditary Chiefs march in Vancouver to demand the dismantling of controversial RCMP C-IRG unit; BCCLA at Ontario Court of Appeal to intervene in Canada v Alford to promote accountability and transparency in national security oversight; Joint call by the UN Secretary-General & the Red Cross for States to establish new prohibitions and restrictions on Autonomous Weapon Systems; Somalia: US’s hidden and forgotten forever war; ‘Newburgh Four’ Terrorism Case Releases Show Dire Need for FBI Reforms; Gitmo detainees continue to be tortured by CIA physically, mentally: Attorney; Iraq: Torture Survivors Await US Redress, Accountability; Indian police arrest a news site’s editor and administrator after raiding homes of journalists; UN human rights experts ‘troubled’ over Hong Kong’s 47 democrats trial under national security law; France – Affaire du 8 décembre : L’antiterrorisme à l’assaut des luttes sociales; UN: Human rights concerns over two draft laws in Sri Lanka; Why your data might already be on a Europol list; Predator Files’ spyware scandal reveals brazen targeting of civil society, politicians and officials; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, September 29, 2023: Joint statement on urgent need for action to ensure accountable, independent and effective review of the RCMP and CBSA in Bill C-20; Canadians deserve to be protected from AI overreach, but Bill C-27’s Artificial Intelligence and Data Act is not up to the task; ICLMG’s Brief on Bill C-27, the Digital Charter Implementation Act; Global civil society and experts statement: Stop facial recognition surveillance now; Canadian tech company allegedly implicated in foreign spying received millions from Ontario government; Fearing Ethnic Cleansing, 90,000 Armenians Flee Nagorno-Karabakh After Azerbaijan Military Blitz; India raids 53 sites nationwide as crackdown on Sikh separatists deepens; India: Government weaponizing terrorism financing watchdog recommendations against civil society; British Volunteers Killed in Ukraine Were Prosecuted for Backing Kurds Against ISIS; Spain: The Prosecutor’s Office now considers ‘Extinction Rebellion’ and Futuro Vegetal as “terrorist” groups; Lawsuit by Islamic rights group says US terror watchlist woes continue even after names are removed; Guantanamo ‘forever prisoner’ files lawsuit against CIA torture architects; RICO and Domestic Terrorism Charges Against Cop City Activists Send a Chilling Message; U.S. Counterintel Buys Access to the Backbone of the Internet to Hunt Foreign Hackers; France : le harcèlement judiciaire contre la journaliste Ariane Lavrilleux est une atteinte intolérable à la liberté de la presse; Interpol: multi-million dollar “predictive analytics” system under construction; Bangladesh: Government must cease enforced disappearances, stop harassment of the victims’ families and hold perpetrators accountable; “If We Raise Our Voice They Arrest Us”: Sri Lanka’s Proposed Truth and Reconciliation Commission; Philippines: Global rights groups assail terror law misuse; Time to revoke death penalty for social media dissent, UN experts urge; How Hong Kong Authorities Are Using National Security Law to Target Dissidents; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, September 16, 2023: 22 Years Later: The Continuing Impact of the War on Terror on Human Rights in Canada; MAC gives its “Friend of the Community” award to Tim McSorley and ICLMG; The Ontario Superior Court Confirms Bias in CRA Audit but Delays Justice for the Muslim Association of Canada; Mother of Canadian man detained in Syria ‘overjoyed’ to get word of son following Canadian delegation visit of the camps; Une experte de l’ONU décrit l’enfer que vivent des enfants canadiens détenus en Syrie; Procès de l’attentat de la rue Copernic à Paris. Les dessous d’un verdict annoncé; CAUT issued warning to its researchers: “You do not have a legal obligation to talk to a CSIS officer”; Playbook for RCMP’s Wet’suwet’en raids provided by former U.S. commander in Iraq and Afghanistan; Quand la police «produit la menace» au nom de la sécurité; Canada and Saudi arms exports; The Canadian government’s poor track record on public consultations undermines its ability to regulate new technologies; The ‘war on terror’ lives on 22 years after 9/11; Human Rights and Security Coalition Submission to the UN Human Rights Committee Review of the United States of America; Judge throws out confession of bombing suspect as derived from torture; 9/11 Families Like Mine Want Plea Agreements to End Indefinite Detention at Guantanamo; “A Political Prosecution”: 61 Cop City Opponents Hit with RICO Charges by Georgia’s Republican Attorney General; EFF: End unconstitutional government spying on Americans; Documents Reveal Widespread Use of Fake Social Media Accounts by DHS; Saudi Arabia: Man Sentenced to Death for Tweets; Russian Journalist Jailed 17.5 Years for ‘Financing Terrorism’; Explainer: Hong Kong’s national security crackdown – month 38; Pakistani rights activist Ali Wazir and lawyer Imaan Mazari jailed on terror charges; Philippine intelligence agency links gay-rights, youth groups in anti-communist campaign; International arrest warrant issued for former Tunisian officials on terrorism charges; UK: Criminalising dissent: how the police label political protest as a “threat”; Australia: Labor’s counter-terror laws may stifle ‘political dissent’, Law Council warns; and more.

The News Digest was on a short hiatus.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, August 18, 2023: ICLMG raises significant concerns in submission to federal anti-terrorist financing consultation; Canada is condemning citizens in Syrian camps to ‘life sentence,’ UN rapporteur says; National security committee submits classified report about RCMP federal policing; Il faut renforcer la Loi sur l’intelligence artificielle et les données avant son adoption; Launch of the Global Study on the Impact of Counter-Terrorism on Civil Society & Civic Space; 2023 Palestine Delegation: Report; How the Israeli right cynically exploits the word ‘terror’ for its political ends; It’s Time for the U.S. to End the War on Terror; Will Abu Ghraib Torture Victims Finally Get Their Day in Court? CACI Lawsuit Will Proceed to Trial; The Lawfare Podcast: How is it that torture-obtained evidence still seems to be being used in certain GTMO cases?; Pregnant Woman’s False Arrest in Detroit Shows “Racism Gets Embedded” in Facial Recognition Technology; What is end-to-end encryption and how does it work?; Australia: Home affairs tried to water down report critical of ‘extraordinary’ counter-terror powers, documents reveal; Rizwaan Sabir : Ernest Moret & the double-standards of UK counterterrorism; Lithuania declares more than 1,000 Belarusians and Russians to be national security risks; Activist or terrorist? How Filipino authorities blur the line; Foreign diplomats in China treated to tour of Xinjiang and ‘happy’ Uyghurs; Hong Kong national security police arrest 10 linked to 2019 protester relief fund; Venezuela: UN experts condemn use of counter-terrorism laws to convict trade unionists and labour leaders; 2 youths held for posting video of Pakistan’s Independence Day; The Dissident: Umar Khalid Challenged Modi’s Anti-Muslim Agenda. India Accused Him of Terrorism and Locked Him Up; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, August 4, 2023: Justice for Hassan Diab Press Conference + Petition signed by 10,000 delivered to PMO; ICLMG comments: Ottawa mosque has charity status restored; Espionage, terrorism, plotting against governments? Numbers offer a glimpse of Canada’s security screening — and its problems; Gar Pardy: The Law and its Absurdities; Wet’suwet’en leaders highlight RCMP C-IRG violence in presentation to Inter-American Commission on Human Rights; Armed Drones Killing in Palestine! Armed drones purchase underway in Canada!; Canada funneled arms to Saudis during Yemen war via opaque U.S. program; Trudeau is striking a new National Security Council, but what will it do?; New book: War Made Invisible: How America Hides the Human Toll of Its Military Machine; Wagner group disappeared and executed civilians in Mali; UN Cybercrime Convention Negotiations Enter Final Phase With Troubling Surveillance Powers Still on the Table; Despite U.S. guarantee, Guantanamo prisoner released to Algeria immediately imprisoned and abused; The Forever War’s forever legacy: Shutting down Guantánamo is hardly the last step; “FBI-Orchestrated Conspiracy”: Judge Orders Release of 3 of Newburgh 4 Tied to Fake NY Bomb Plot; After his mother asked for help, FBI terrorism sting targets mentally ill teen; Meet the Colorado Springs Activist Suing the FBI & Police After Being Targeted by Undercover Agent; Biden Goes All In On FBI/NSA Mass Surveillance; Department of Homeland Security’s Use of “Domestic Violent Extremism” Negatively Impacts Civil Rights and Liberties; Final EU negotiations: we need an AI Act that puts people first; From Napoléon to Macron: How France learned to love Big Brother; ‘We Are Hiding in Forests’: Fear in Uttar Pradesh’s Rohingya Camps After Anti-Terrorism Squad Arrests 74; Al Jazeera slams naming of its journalists on Egypt ‘terror’ list; Philippines: Makabayan bloc slams government use of anti-terror law to solve crimes; Anti-terrorism raps vs Southern Tagalog activists alarm group; Tunisia: Human rights at risk two years after President Saied’s power grab; Hong Kong Court Says Protest Song is Matter of National Security; “We condemn the arrest of Russian intellectual Boris Kagarlitsky” and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, July 22, 2023: 650+ individuals call on Prime Minister Trudeau to say “No” to a 2nd extradition for Hassan Diab; Lettre commune: Le Canada ne doit pas extrader Hassan Diab à la demande de la France; Canada’s ‘Counterinsurgency Doctrine’ Is Up For Review. It Warns About Labour Unrest; Journalist asked for RCMP bodycam footage from Fairy Creek protest. Two years later, their answer is: “No.”; Top-secret security committee reports challenges accessing information from government; We’re in an AI hype cycle—can Canada make it a responsible one?; Palestinian teenager killed by Israeli sniper during Jenin raid was unarmed, CCTV footage shows; The Cost of Consensus in the Eighth Review of the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy; Countering counter-terrorism policies: tools of ‘repression and reprisal’; A new global cybercrime treaty risks becoming yet another legal instrument to punish and muzzle the press; Closing Guantanamo Bay Prison Won’t Erase the Crimes Committed Against Muslims; FBI hired social media surveillance firm that labeled BLM organizers “threat actors”; “Only good part of the NDAA”: New Legislation Would Close a Fourth Amendment Loophole; Trump revives “Muslim Ban” while GOP courts Muslim voters for 2024; France: Empêcher l’accès à la bassine quel qu’en soit le coût humain; The Australian climate protesters cast as extremists; UK police shouldn’t have stopped French publisher under anti-terror laws, an independent review says; Apple slams UK surveillance-bill proposals; Terrorism trial of 17 Kurdish journalists, media worker begins in Turkey; Philippines government designates as terrorists 4 Cordillera IP activists; Hong Kong Prosecutors Gain New Powers In National Security Trials; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, July 8, 2023: What we’ve been up to so far in 2023: Help us protect civil liberties for the rest of the year!; Action: The Canadian government is attempting to purchase and deploy its first fleet of armed drones; Civil society under attack: A United Nations global study on counter-terrorism and civic space; ICLMG comments on the new defence committee report on cybersecurity and cyberwarfare; Government powers under Canada’s proposed cybersecurity law should be limited: Rights groups; Welcomed by Canada for defying a dictator, Syrian activist now considered a security risk; Canada Issues Third Forcible Child Separation Ultimatum to Mothers Detained in NE Syria Prison Camps; Constitutional Rights and Wrongs: Why We Must Stop Hassan Diab’s Extradition (video); Bill to create watchdog for border agency still in limbo as travel season picks up; Review of Departmental Implementation of the Avoiding Complicity in Mistreatment by Foreign Entities Act for 2020; Under Fire: Report from Jenin Refugee Camp on Israel’s Largest West Bank Attack in 20 Years; Parliamentary event on targeted human rights sanctions with a focus on Turkey; Expert welcomes historic visit to United States and Guantánamo detention facility and affirms rights of victims of terrorism and victims of counter-terrorism; Remembering Guantánamo’s Dead On 17th Anniversary Of An Implausible ‘Triple Suicide’; Domestic terrorism charges in Georgia are prompting concern over political repression; Civil society urges UK to protect global digital security and safeguard private communication; Met police admit downloading sim of French publisher, lawyer claims; Tunisia: Crackdown on media freedoms; Anti-terrorism court extends judicial remand of 17 women leaders of Imran’s party; Tajikistan: UN experts deplore criminal proceedings against human rights defenders; National security law: Hong Kong Authorities arrest 4 men and offer HK$1 million bounty for 8 activists abroad; Myanmar junta sentences LGBTQ activist to 10 years in prison; UN report calls on Saudi Arabia to release 2 women jailed over tweets, alleging rights abuses; After 63 Days In Jail Under Anti-Terrorism Law For Poem On Defiance, Assam Poet Now Writes Odes To Love; Council of Europe must not water down their human rights standards in Convention on AI; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, June 24, 2023: Bill C-41: Changes to anti-terror laws a step forward on humanitarian aid, but leave other forms of vital international assistance behind; Civil Society Statement on Bill C-20; Civil liberties groups recommend fixes for controversial cybersecurity legislation ahead of detailed Commons scrutiny; Joint Letter of Concern: In reply to the ETHI Committee’s FRT & AI Report and the Government’s Response; Human Rights Advocates Discuss Upcoming Trip to Syrian Detention Camps; Prime Minister Trudeau: Say “No” to a second extradition for Hassan Diab!; MPs call for reform of Canada’s extradition system to avoid ‘further injustices’; More than 130 civil society organizations send an open letter to the Prime Minister on STCA; ‘Hamoudi’s gone’: Palestinian village reels after Israeli soldiers kill toddler; Calls for solidarity, as Turkish drones assassinate members of the Kurdish women’s movement; New and emerging technologies need urgent oversight and robust transparency: UN experts; New UN Security Council Resolution on “Human Fraternity” Raises Human Rights Concerns; Twenty Years Too Many: A Call to Stop the FBI’s Secret Watchlist; How DHS is Fueling Georgia’s “Terrorism” Crackdown on Cop City Protests; After GOP pressure, FBI abortion “terrorism” investigations increased tenfold, government data shows; The FBI groomed a 16-year-old with “brain development issues” to become a terrorist; Prosecutors Disclose Discovery of Secret Guantanamo Prison Videos; US intelligence confirms it buys Americans’ personal data; ‘Encryption protects our rights, privacy is not a crime’; French government outlaws climate activist group; German police raid climate activists who blocked traffic; Action: Release those wrongfully detained in Algeria; Pakistani journalists abroad face terrorism investigations at home; Tunisia bars TV, radio reports of opposition conspiracy cases; Myanmar court convicts journalist injured by army on 2nd charge, extending jail term to 13 years; India: UN body demands immediate release of Khurram Parvez; Hong Kong student indicted over social media posts made from Japan; Majority Of Canada’s Non-U.S. Military Exports Go To Anti-Democratic Regimes; UK universities and the further development of killer robots and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, June 10, 2023: Canada must not bow to French demands to extradite Hassan Diab; Over 130 members of Canadian legal community call on Trudeau government to deny French extradition request in case of Hassan Diab; New CBSA and RCMP watchdog: ICLMG’s concerns and recommendations; ICLMG reacts to troubling court decision on Canadians indefinitely detained in northeast Syria; Federal Court of Appeal Perpetuates Torture and Arbitrary Detention of Four Canadians in NE Syria; Website for the CSO coalition on Human Rights and Counter-Terrorism is live; MPs must say no to agency request for powers to spy on your bank and travel records; Against democracy: A brief history of CSIS; End Canada’s support to the counter-terrorism campaign in the Philippines; Canadian Muslim charity wins ‘milestone’ settlement after being falsely accused of funding terrorism; ‘We are being treated like trash’: Afghan-Canadians sue Ottawa, claim immigration rules are discriminatory; Our London Family: Two Year Commemoration; The Mounties: 150 years of conflict with Indigenous Peoples; Did Canada Fail to Protect a Human Rights Defender Assassinated for His Opposition to a Canadian Mine in Mexico?; Niger’s cycle of deadly violence raises questions over US counter-terror role; UN group says systematic imprisonment at Guantanamo in violation of international law; When Protest Is ‘Terrorism,’ Material-Support Charges Are Next; Abolish Section 702; The Harvard of anti-terrorism: how Israel’s military-industrial complex feeds the global arms trade; Political leaders blast push for Kashmiri separatist leader to get death sentence; Iran begins trial of journalist who covered Mahsa Amini’s death; Amnesty International expresses concerns over Sri Lanka’s continued use of draconian anti-terrorism laws; En France, une vague d’arrestations contre le mouvement écologiste radical; France: Affaire du 8 décembre: Le chiffrement des communications assimilé à un comportement terroriste; Europe fixed its poor intelligence sharing. Now it’s a privacy risk; Reporters Without Borders: Macau national security law threatens residents and journalists; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, May 26, 2023: RCMP, Islamophobia, and the “War on Terror”; Shiri Pasternak: The campaign to abolish the RCMP unit called C-IRG; ‘Death Outlives War’: Analysis Estimates Post-9/11 US Conflicts Killed Over 4.5 Million; Canada’s extradition law desperately needs reform; Mansoor Adayfi: In search of Saeed: From Guantanamo to an Algerian prison; A foreign influence transparency registry could cause more harm than good; Amnesty International Global Report: Death Sentences and Executions 2022; Journalists are under threat at border zones; FBI broke own rules in January 6 and BLM intelligence search, court finds; DHS and FBI Depict Vegan Activists as Potential Domestic Terrorists; Inside the Pentagon’s new “perception management” office to counter disinformation; The U.S. still owes money to family of 10 Afghans it killed in “horrible mistake”; Turkish drone kills three YBS fighters in Iraq – Kurdish authorities; Tunisia: Ghannouchi sentencing marks aggressive crackdown on Saied opposition; Tunisian Journalists Protest Anti-Terror Laws; Pakistan Anti-Terrorism Court Allows Military to Prosecute 16 Supporters of Ex-PM Khan; Anti-War Activist In Moscow Gets Seven Years In Prison On Terrorism Charge; Open Letter to the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union: Ensuring the protection of fundamental rights on the AI Act; EU rules allowing “exceptional” use of spyware against journalists need “fine-tuning”; UK: Criminalizing Dissent – a bonfire of liberties; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, May 13, 2023: Des associations juives canadiennes et françaises sont solidaires avec Hassan Diab; Call to prevent any extradition of Dr. Hassan Diab; ICLMG supports new bill to increase CSIS accountability; Open Letter: Protect our rights to privacy, free expression and press freedom; Citizenship was a right. Is it now a privilege?; Faisal Kutty: The CRA’s biased approach to Eid celebrations; New book: Manufacturing Threats: Case Studies of State Manipulation and Entrapment in Canada; Intelligence watchdog questions cyber agency’s approach to international law, CSE insists it was above board; Documents related to Canadian Forces propaganda program have disappeared — investigation is under way; Brandi Morin: Stranded on the dark roads of Wet’suwet’en territory with CGL security; Experts want Canada’s proposed law to include stronger privacy and human rights protections; The foreign influence registry could fail a Charter challenge; Israel Kills 13, Including Women & Children, in Airstrikes Targeting Militant Leaders in Gaza; Human rights experts alarmed over ‘imminent executions’ in Saudi Arabia; ‘The forever prisoner’: Abu Zubaydah’s drawings expose the US’s depraved torture policy; ‘Crimes against humanity’: UN body calls for release of Guantánamo inmate; U.S. Domestic Terrorism Prosecutions: The Reality Behind the Government’s Inflated Numbers; DHS Rebrands and Expands Biased, Ineffective Countering Violent Extremism Program; US ‘war on terror’ feeding global anti-Muslim feelings – scholar; Explainer: Hong Kong’s national security crackdown – month 34; Lasso’s Anti-Terrorist Operations Raise Concern in Ecuador; Widespread protests in Sri Lanka highlight unified opposition to Anti-Terrorism Act; UN Human Rights Chief urges UK to reverse ‘deeply troubling’ Public Order Bill; Tunisia: Move to Dismantle Country’s Largest Opposition Party; No to spyware: media, civil society demand ban on tech used for human rights abuses; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, April 29, 2023: NDP calls for Liberals to block extradition of Dr. Hassan Diab; ICLMG: Canada must protect Hassan Diab; Alex Neve and Robert Currie: Up to Canada to end 15 years of injustice for Hassan Diab; ICLMG testifies on cybersecurity and cyberwarfare at the National Defence Committee; ICLMG: Privacy, technology and surveillance: What to watch for; What happened to women, teens missing from repatriation flight? Family receives proof of life from Syria; Reasonable Cause to Suspect by Sally Lane review – my son, the enemy of the state; ‘A chilling effect’: Muslim charities fall prey to Canada’s double standards; NDP plans humanitarian exemption amendment for bill easing aid restrictions; Canadian Surveillance Under the Microscope; Ben & Jerry’s wants this contentious RCMP unit abolished; Azeezah Kanji: Charges Against Stop Cop City Protesters Continue Terror of “Anti-Terrorism; Oregon Domestic Terrorism Law Targets the Far Right. Here’s How It’ll Backfire; The US and the War Crimes in the War on Terror; Leaked tape reveals how spy camera firm used ex-U.S. official to cover up Uyghur abuses; ‘Chilling’ arrest of French publisher by UK counter-terrorism police condemned; Turkey: Hands off the HDP; Myanmar’s “counter-terrorism” by-laws must be denounced for what they are – illegal; Monitor reporter’s trial opens: Why India treats journalists as terrorists; China Reveals It Arrested Taiwan-Based Book Publisher on National Security Charge; Australia – Protester who defaced Frederick McCubbin painting fights counter-terrorism charge; Here Come the Militarized Robots (But There Go Our Civil Liberties); Homeland Security’s domestic surveillance program needs thorough overhaul; EU: European Union must protect human rights in upcoming AI Act vote; Security and the Politics of Exclusion; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, April 15, 2023: Hassan Diab’s kafkaesque nightmare continues: Trial in absentia underway in France; ICLMG’s submission to United Nations for Canada’s Universal Periodic Review; Urgent repatriation of Canadians detained in northeast Syria only rights-compliant response: legal community to PM Trudeau; ‘Unnecessary’ Muslims: Ottawa appeals to prolong torture of Canadians detained in Syria; Taxpayers’ Ombudsperson report on systemic bias at Canada Revenue Agency demonstrates need for moratorium, accountability and transparency; The Muslim Association of Canada is Challenging the CRA’s Audit Practices Tainted by Systemic Bias and Islamophobia; Podcast: Federal government’s proposed AI and Data Act deeply flawed; CBC Listen: Taking a closer look at Canada’s spy agency, CSIS, with ICLMG; Chantal Hébert: Think intelligence agencies always get it right? Here’s why you should be skeptical; Carters law firm analysis of the humanitarian aid authorization proposed in Bill C-41; Canada: Expanding Safe Third Country Agreement a shameful response to Roxham Road crossings; RCMP raid of Wet’suwet’en territory a ‘flagrant attack’ on Indigenous rights; ‘Canada can no longer stand on the sidelines’: Politicians, Jewish, Muslim groups condemn attack at Al-Aqsa mosque; Rideau Institute: Afghanistan and war crimes – Australia acts where Canada has not; Almost half of human rights defenders killed last year were in Colombia; “Terrorism from the Sky”: Burmese Junta Bombs Civilians, Killing 100, Escalating Attack on Resistance; Child detainees subjected to flogging, electric shocks and sexual violence in brutal protest crackdown in Iran; The Case Against National Security Law; UN human rights council details mistreatment of Guantanamo Bay detainees, calls for closure; After spying on Standing Rock, TigerSwan shopped anti-protest “counterinsurgency” to other oil companies; Tasked with stopping terror, Colorado’s intel agency monitors students protesting gun violence; Biden Should Reverse Trump’s Designation of Cuba as a “State Sponsor of Terrorism”; James Risen: The Anti-War Vote That Came 20 Years Late; Podcast: U.S. Counterterrorism Efforts Destabilizing African Nations; No to spyware: Biden administration bars U.S. federal government from using rights-abusing tech; Colombia: Misuse of counter-terrorism measures to prosecute protesters threatens human rights, say UN experts; Sri Lanka: Reject New Counterterrorism Bill; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 25, 2023: ICLMG: National security review of Canada Revenue Agency welcome, but should not delay immediate action; ICLMG testifies on Islamophobia in Canada at Senate committee; Party leaders urged to vote against the Artificial Intelligence and Data Act; 13 civil society groups – including the ICLMG – share core guiding principles for Canada’s upcoming online safety proposal; Hassan Diab Support Event; Amnesty International calls on France to halt its case against Ottawa’s Hassan Diab; Ramadan Repatriation Chain Fast to Free the Canadian Captives March 23 to April 20, 2023; Pulling Back the Curtain on Canada’s Mass Surveillance Programs – Part Two: The CSE Secret Spying Archive; Complaints commission opens investigation into RCMP’s ‘Indian fighters’; Document reveals Canada’s undisclosed motives for arming Saudi Arabia; Blood and Treasure: Documenting the Costs of Iraq War from Civilian Casualties to Trillions Spent; Iraq War anniversary: Repeal military force authorization, limit presidential war powers; DeSantis Says He Advised on Guantánamo Torture in Unearthed Video; Alarming misuse of high-risk technologies in global fight against terrorism says UN expert; 69 Organizations Urge that Domestic Terrorism Charges Against Defend the Atlanta Forest Protesters Be Dropped; The government of Sri Lanka’s crackdown on protesters must end; Pakistan: Drop Overbroad Terrorism Charges; International solidarity with the HDP against closure case; Amendment grants Myanmar junta sweeping new powers under Anti-Terrorism Law; Germany follows US lead in misuse of airline reservation data; Supreme Court agrees to hear case about Quebec’s ‘secret trial’; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 11, 2023ICLMG response to Criminal Code amendments on counterterrorism and international assistance; Government agency for monitoring social media could be legacy of Emergencies Act report; Le SCRS ne considère pas assez les effets des mesures de réduction de menace; Demonizing Detainees: A Case Study in Canadian Media Islamophobia; How the Hassan Diab affair undressed Canada’s extradition law; Congédiée pour la « sécurité nationale » à cause de son oncle; Harper blocked U.S. move to repatriate Omar Khadr, book says; Canadian Jews call for action following Israeli pogrom and comment from senior minister that Israel should “wipe out” Palestinian town; Black activist who became PM of Dominica was target of RCMP dirty tricks: documents; Montreal to pay $6M, apologize publicly to protesters arrested illegally; Atlanta Cop City Protesters Charged With Domestic Terror for Having Mud on Their Shoes; Ralph Nader: The 20th Anniversary of the Sociocide of Iraq by Bush/Cheney; Rehabilitation for Torture at Guantanamo is a Moral and Legal Imperative; Turkey has killed, injured 21 Syrians since February 6 earthquake; Starting Bell Rings for U.N. Counterterrorism Negotiations with Big Questions Unanswered; New technologies having devastating impact on rights in counter-terrorism policy, says UN Special Rapporteur; ACLU Obtains Docs Detailing FBI, Pentagon Development of Facial Recognition Tech; German Constitutional Court strikes down predictive algorithms for policing; Exclusive Excerpt: Inside The Hidden World Of Incarcerated Indians Accused Of Terrorism; Colombian State Responsible for ‘Extermination’ of UP Political Party; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, February 25, 2023: ICLMG: Feds must immediately suspend CSIS threat reduction powers following latest watchdog report; Baljit Nagra & Paula Maurutto: CSIS targeting of Canadian Muslims reveals the importance of addressing institutional Islamophobia; UN Special Rapporteur Fionnuala Ní Aoláin and Anne Charbord: Repatriating Alleged ISIS-Linked Men from Northeast Syria: The Start of Judicial Responses to the Political Stalemate; Emergencies Act inquiry report should tackle the racist origins of national security; Webinar: Out of sight: Ending Canada’s armed drone purchase; Currie, Harrington and Neve: Overhaul Canada’s unjust approach to extradition; An Afghan military interpreter made it to Canada — but his siblings were forced back to Afghanistan; Adnan Khan: The Toronto 18 case still skews our views on ‘radicalization’ and terrorism; The Narwhal Is Suing the RCMP; Outrage Soars in Occupied West Bank After Israel Kills 11, Injures 500 Palestinians in Nablus Raid; Turkey Doesn’t Need F-16s. It Needs Humanitarian Aid; En Iran, un ressortissant irano-allemand condamné à mort pour «terrorisme»; China laid more than 1,400 national security charges since 2018, top prosecutor’s office reveals in a first; Tunisia: President Saied must immediately stop his political ‘witch hunt’; 2 Pakistanis leave Guantanamo after 20 years without charges; An Opportunity to Stop Warrantless Spying on Americans; USA: Supreme Court decision will have global impact on free speech online; UK – Press greets Home Office redraft of national security bill with scepticism; UK counter-terrorism report author accused of basing conclusions on ‘handful of cases’; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, February 11, 2023: Ottawa appealing ruling that officials must help repatriate 4 men in Syrian camps; New Book: Reasonable Cause to Suspect: A Mother’s Ordeal to Free Her Son from a Kurdish Prison, by Sally Lane; ICLMG testifies on extradition reform at the Justice Commitee; Abdul Nakua: The ripple effects of invoking draconian laws must not be ignore; Azeezah Kanji – Canada 2030: Drone Colony?; Baljit Nagra & Paula Maurutto: Anti-Muslim Surveillance: Canadian Muslims’ Experiences with CSIS; Canadian Parliament Votes to Bring Uyghurs to Canada; Basman and Sadinsky: Refugees still endangered by Canada-U.S. border accord; State files confirm targeted RCMP violence in the aftermath of 1969 Sir George protest; Imperial Dominance Disguised as Democratic Deterrence; What Is The Pentagon’s Updated Policy On Killer Robots?; UN counterterrorism expert to finally visit the Guantanamo detention facility for the first time; Local cops harassed and threatened U.S. veteran because of terror watchlist, lawsuit says; COINTELPRO 2.0: How the FBI Infiltrated BLM Protests After Police Murder of George Floyd; UK: Shawcross review of Prevent is ‘deeply prejudiced and has no legitimacy’; “An Intolerable Situation”: Rashid Khalidi & Orly Noy on Israeli Colonialism & Escalating Violence; 3 million signatures for the removal of PKK from terror list submitted to the European Commission; Peru calls on citizens to report ‘acts of terrorism’ on social media; Hong Kong: landmark national security trial of 47 democracy advocates begins; Ban all AI systems posing an unacceptable risk to fundamental rights & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, January 28, 2023: ICLMG remembers Quebec city mosque victims and renews commitment to fight Islamophobia; Letter to Minister Joly: It is time to immediately bring all Canadians detained in northeast Syria home; Matthew Behrens: How False Labeling Threatens the Lives of Canadian Muslims Illegally Detained in Syria; MPs implored federal government to bring former Afghan politician to Canada before she was killed; End of the Road for Justice in Canada: Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Appeal by Family of Murdered Mexican Environment Defender; Ken Rubin: Canadians’ privacy could take a serious hit this coming legislative session; As deadly protests continue, Peru’s government faces crisis; Israel army kills 10 Palestinians, including elderly woman; Georgia police kill a protester and are invoking a 2017 terrorism law against 19 activists accused of little more than trespassing; Ending Fusion Center Abuses; A bored hacktivist browsing an unsecured airline server stumbled upon national security secrets including the FBI’s ‘no-fly’ list; Robots in the Age of Digital Surveillance, Digital Surveillance in the Age of Robots; Meta Sues Surveillance Firm That Worked with Police; A review of The Secret History of the Five Eyes; In Guantanamo cases, is the government trying to profit from torture?; Free Julian Assange: Noam Chomsky, Dan Ellsberg & Jeremy Corbyn Lead Call at Belmarsh Tribunal; Rights groups ask Sri Lanka to free student arrested for protests; Erdoğan does not permit workers to strike on grounds of ‘national security’ & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, January 14, 2023: What we’ve been up to from July to Dec 2022 + Our plans for 2023; Canadian special forces involved in U.S. military team accused of killing scores of innocent people in Iraq, Syria; Press release: Troubling revelation of possible government targeting of Muslim Association of Canada requires independent investigation; Alex Neve & Leilani Farha: If the CRA is targeting Muslim-led charities, Canadians deserve to know; ‘No reason’ Canadians detained in Syria should still be there, lawyer tells court; Canada is still preventing charities from bringing aid to Afghanistan; Shree Paradkar: A four-year study has mapped out ‘The Canadian Islamophobia Industry’; Canadian officials ignored their obligation to support activist detained in 2017 over mining dispute in Peru: report; Pulling Back the Curtain on Canada’s Mass Surveillance Programs – Part One: A Decade of Secret Spy Hearings; RCMP has spent nearly $50M on policing pipeline, logging standoffs in B.C.; Mendicino willing to talk about changing CSIS’s legal authority after Emergencies Act hearings; Le gouvernement Trudeau achète les premiers F-35. A-t-on vraiment besoin de ces avions coûteux?; How To Fix Canada’s Proposed Artificial Intelligence Act; More than 150 international organizations call on Biden to close Guantanamo on 21st anniversary; Turkey exploits Paris attack on Kurds while claiming to be ‘anti-terror’ – analysis; Turkish Medical Association chief convicted on ‘terror’ charge; Nigerian Army killed children in its anti-terror war: Witnesses; Night Raids: Victims of CIA-Backed Afghan Death Squads Known as “Zero Units” Demand Accountability + New actions and events! & more.

The News Digest was on a short hiatus.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, December 10, 2022: 20 years of fighting deportation to torture: Justice for Mohamed Harkat Now!; Tim McSorley: Canada’s persecution of Muslim charities must stop; Hassan Diab supporters urge government to deny extradition; Letter to Foreign Affairs Minister Joly: Canada must immediately repatriate Canadians detained in Northeastern Syria; Watch: At the federal court to repatriate 40+ Canadian Muslim men, women and children illegally detained in Northeast Syria; ICLMG comments on yet another call for more powers for spy agency; Ministers decline request to testify on why Canada won’t allow Afghan aid work as desperation grows; Christopher Parsons: Don’t give more powers to CSE until it submits to effective review; Broad application of cabinet confidence risks compromising NSICOP, says chair; How the Canada Border Services Agency tolerates and even encourages refugee mistreatment; The Law Bytes Podcast, Episode 148: Christelle Tessono on Bringing a Human Rights Lens to AI Regulation in Bill C-27; ‘I did not want to be involved’: Police officer quits task force over concerns about RCMP tactics at Fairy Creek; UN Budget vs. Rhetoric: Touting “Agenda for Peace” But Investing in Counterterrorism Instead?; Beyond the Pale: The Turkish and Iranian War in Kurdistan; Podcast: Gov. Ron DeSantis oversaw torture in Guantanamo as a military lawyer; Podcast: Can A Lawsuit Against The CIA Affect U.S. Extradition Attempt of Julian Assange?; Former NLD lawmaker sentenced to 26 years on anti-terrorism and treason charges; Philippines: Global solidarity with Filipino human rights defenders & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 26, 2022: Press conference: Justice for Hassan Diab; MPs to review Canada’s extradition system in coming justice committee hearings; Watch: Advocates Call for Repatriation of Canadians Detained in Syria, feat. ICLMG; Independent agency probing CSIS after claim that operative smuggled teenage girls into Syria; The Taxpayers’ Ombudsperson’s tells Senate he cannot access critical information in investigation of prejudiced CRA audits; CJPME welcomes government’s decision to not conflate criticism of Israel’s human rights abuses with “Ideologically Motivated Violent Extremism”; Israeli weapons company Elbit Systems has launched a new micro-‘suicide-drone’; Opinion: The CSIS Act threshold on ‘threat to the security of Canada’ in the Emergency Act must be met; Monia Mazigh: Racial bias and profiling in security intelligence: what we’re learning from the Rouleau Commission; Minding Your Business: A Critical Analysis of the Collection of De-identified Mobility Data and Its Use Under the Socially Beneficial and Legitimate Interest Exemptions in Canadian Privacy Law; Background Information: Turkish War Against Rojava; UN Counterterrorism and Technology: What Role for Human Rights in Security?; 20 Years Later, It’s Time to Overhaul the Department of Homeland Security; Senate Committee Finds FBI Response to White Supremacist Violence Woefully Inadequate; Somali Prisoner At Guantánamo, Approved For Release A Year Ago, Calls On US Court To Act – OpEd; New UK national security law could offer ministers immunity from enabling torture abroad; Algeria lambasted for abusive prosecution of 260 people for alleged terrorism & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 11, 2022: Watch: 20 years of fighting for rights in the War on Terror; It’s time to bring detained Canadians home from NE Syria; Doctors Without Borders: Danger and desperation in Syria camp; Women repatriated from ISIS camps should be offered rehabilitation, not punishment: professor; The U.S. did it. The EU might. Why Canada won’t put Iran’s revolutionary guard on its terrorist list; AI Oversight, Accountability and Protecting Human Rights; Christopher Parsons on NSICOP’s Special Report on the National Security and Intelligence Activities of Global Affairs Canada; Ken Rubin: Access to information in Canada is broken beyond repair; New Report Sheds Light on Pentagon’s Secret Wars Playbook; Ending Perpetual War; Homeland Security Admits It Tried to Manufacture Fake Terrorists for Trump; Turkey’s Erdoğan Deploys Sweden and Finland’s NATO Membership Bids to Further His Repression; If NATO Opposes Aggression, Why Does it Support Turkish Crimes Against the Kurds?; USA: Biden administration must not detain Haitian asylum seekers at Guantánamo; Biden administration not taking ‘concrete steps’ to close Guantanamo, defence lawyers say; Andrew Mitrovica: American horror: POTUS after POTUS wronged this old Pakistani man; Dept. of Homeland Security Ramps Up Efforts to Police Online Speech on Ukraine, COVID & Afghanistan; Journalism is at risk from the National Security Bill. We’re fighting back; New Europol rules massively expand police powers and reduce rights protections; Europe at a Crossroads over Planned Use of Biometrics; EU calls for spyware moratorium, but no ban to protect human rights; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, October 29, 2022: Following repatriation of four Canadians from Northeastern Syria, the Canadian government must act quickly to bring all detainees home; Urgent need for ban on use of facial recognition technology by police, featuring ICLMG; Egypt’s Misuse of Counter-terrorism Measures Casts Shadow over COP27; CSIS weighed whether rail blockades supporting Wet’suwet’en could be classed as terrorism; Was the ‘Freedom Convoy’ a national security threat? Conflicting OPP testimonies at the Public Order Emergency Commission; Canadian Bar Association: Facilitate humanitarian aid in Afghanistan; Matthew Behrens: After Devastating Rejection, High-Profile Afghan Women’s Rights Activist Submits New Canadian Application; Privacy expert Christopher Parsons: Analysis and highlights of the 2021 National Security and Intelligence Review Agency’s Annual Report; Cybersecurity Will Not Thrive in Darkness: A Critical Analysis of Proposed Amendments in Bill C-26 to the Telecommunications Act; Biden’s New Counterterrorism Policy Guidance Further Entrenches the Forever War; The Biden Drone Playbook: The Elusive Promise of Restrained Counterterrorism; What Can a Secretive Funding Authority Tell Us About the Pentagon’s Use of Force Interpretations?; Turkish doctor detained for proposing chemical weapons probe; Israel’s Detention of Palestinian Minors: a Horror Show; India’s Abuses at Home Raise Concerns About Its Global Counterterrorism Role; Data retention: France illegally extends blanket mass surveillance of the entire population; The Parts Of Chelsea Manning’s Book Censored By The US Government; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, October 15, 2022: New parliamentary report demonstrates urgent need to rein in facial recognition, artificial intelligence to protect the rights of people in Canada; CSIS violated its own rules in smuggling of British teens; Canada’s talks with Taliban undercut ban on aid work in Afghanistan, lawyers argue; Insiders reveal why Canada won’t brand this Iran military group as terrorists; Spy agency oversight committee calls on government to respond to five years’ worth of recommendations; Australia to launch rescue mission for women and children trapped in Syrian detention camps; Jasmine Zine: The Canadian Islamophobia Industry: Mapping Islamophobia’s Ecosystem in the Great White North; Report: Unveiling the Chilly Climate – The Suppression of Speech on Palestine in Canada; Leading human rights groups challenge Safe Third Country Agreement at Supreme Court of Canada; Podcast episode on National Security Law with Yavar Hameed; Erica Ifill: Racism rears its ugly head in police’s untested tech; Marwan Bishara: The flaws and fantasies of the new Biden doctrine; Spy agency ASIO ‘acquiesced in the use of torture’ when detaining Egyptian refugee, court told; Urgent action needed to protect civic space against misuse of counter-terrorism, ODIHR event underlines; UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: Alarm by sentencing under national security law; U.S. Supreme Court to rule on protections for social media firms hosting terror content; Jan. 6 suspects in a D.C. jail think Guantanamo would be better. I’ve got news for them; Surveillance tech is weaponry; Inside the Chinese government’s growing surveillance state and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, October 1, 2022:Press release: Civil Society groups highlight concerns with ‘deeply problematic’ Cybersecurity Bill C-26 ahead of Commons debate; Beyond Surveillance Data videos: Lopsided Surveillance featuring ICLMG’s Tim McSorley; ICLMG: Key bills and legislative proposal we’ll be taking on this fall; Matthew Behrens: UN Slams Canada’s Failure to Repatriate Citizens Illegally Detained in Syria; Detainees Face Life-Threatening Conditions; CSIS’s role in the Syrian trafficking operation must come to light; ‘Time is past urgent’: legislation needed to help Canadian aid groups work in Afghanistan, says Sen. Omidvar; Ottawa advocates plead for intervention after Afghan rights worker’s application to come to Canada is rejected; RCMP Refuses to Respond to Gidimt’en Lawsuit, Continue Surveillance and Harassment of Land Defenders as Coastal GasLink Poised to Drill Headwaters; Did Canada use facial-recognition software to strip two refugees of their status? A court wants better answers; Canadian Law Professors Are Speaking Out in Support of Palestinian Human Rights Defenders; With mounting evidence of Israeli responsibility, Canada must support an ICC investigation into the killing of Shireen Abu Akleh; Iran sanctions, terrorism listing unlikely to pressure regime, experts say; Pressure Cooker; 2 AANES Officials Killed In Turkish Drone Strike In Syria’s Qamishli; Guantanamo: Biden appoints senior diplomat to oversee detainee transfers, report says; Drone debt: U.S. refuses to help wounded survivor of wrongful attack in Yemen; The Global War on Terror doubles as a war on peace building; UK: Creeping Authoritarianism – The next threat to our civil liberties; Narendra Modi’s BJP bans Indian Islamic group for ‘terrorist’ links; Geneva Declaration: international community unites to end spyware abuse; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, September 17, 2022:Watch: Militarizing the Sky: Opposing Canada’s Armed Drone Purchase; ICLMG: Twenty-one years later, the brutal legacy of the War on Terror lives on; Government proposal to fight “online harms” presents dangers of its own; Monia Mazigh: From Omar Khadr to Shamima Begum: CSIS’s trail of mistakes; UN Accuses Canadian Government of Breach of International Law in the Case of Jack Letts; Will Trudeau’s Liberal government open the door to at-risk Uyghurs?; Taha Ghayyur: Canada’s foreign policy is at odds with Trudeau’s promise to fight Islamophobia; Ryan Alford: Hiding behind national security will erode trust in Emergencies Act inquiries; Military probe of reported torture videos still silent after more than a year; Spy service analyst appeals judge’s decision to throw out his discrimination case; Carleton PhD student returns to Canada after imprisonment in Turkey; Customs officials have copied Americans’ phone data at massive scale; Maha Hilal: 9/11 anniversary: When ‘never forget’ is used to justify the ‘forever war’; The War on Terror’s Detention and Torture Practices Have Not Gone Away; President Biden, release my father from Guantanamo says Ismail, son of Muhammad Rahim; Former Turkish Shelling Claims Life Of Female Student – Syria’s AANES; Turkish State Violence and Kurdish Self-Determination: The PKK and the Conundrum of Innocence; Inside Fog Data Science, the Secretive Company Selling Mass Surveillance to Local Police; European police facial recognition system must be halted, warns new paper; How Israel’s ‘anti-terror’ law is crushing Palestinian civil society; Lawmakers seek answers on Pentagon’s role in deadly airstrike & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, September 3, 2022: ICLMG: We need answers and accountability from Prime Minister Trudeau and CSIS on Canada’s role in the Shamima Begum affair; Over 200 Organizations – including ICLMG – Demand International Community Stand Against Raids and Closures of 7 Palestinian Organizations; CIA unable to corroborate Israel’s ‘terror’ label for Palestinian rights groups; UN urges Israel to allow humanitarians to continue working in Palestine; Israel’s ‘Operation Breaking Dawn’ killed 49 Palestinians. These are their stories; Canada is complicit in the starvation of Afghanistan; Major banks have been cutting ties with some Muslim organizations. This is why the process should be more transparent; Monia Mazigh: Canada’s Muslim charities deserve fairness from tax officials; Upcoming book: Reasonable Cause to Suspect: A Mother’s Ordeal to Free Her Son from a Kurdish Prison; Couple entrapped by the RCMP in 2013 sues police; Migrante Canada’s Statement on Danilo De Leon’s Deferred Removal Order; War on Yemen: Stop Canadian arms sales to Saudi Arabia; La reconnaissance faciale : Un outil de surveillance de masse; Turkish Attack Claims Lives Of 4 Children At UN Center In NE Syria; Potential ‘crimes against humanity’ in China’s Xinjiang, UN says; Saudi woman jailed for 45 years over social media use, says group; Correcting the record on Bill Graham and the Iraq War; Retaliation isn’t justice: Biden’s assassination of Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri was illegal. Canada should not have condoned it; We’re Suing DHS to Uncover Its Use of Social Media Surveillance Tools; Sri Lanka: Protesters must not be detained under the draconian anti-terror law; Tariq Ali: Terrorism Charges Against Pakistan’s Former PM Imran Khan Are “Truly Grotesque”; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, August 20, 2022: Against Islamophobia: Islam, Beauty, and Justice – A Conversation with Mohamedou Ould Slahi and Khaled Abou El Fadl; Aid to Afghanistan can’t wait: Demand Prime Minister Trudeau act to remove barriers to vital humanitarian assistance; Yves Engler: Canada’s terrorist list actually enables terrorism; Jewish group calls on Canadian government to condemn Israeli raids on Palestinian civil society; Zachary Al-Khatib’s comments on the constitutionality of Canada’s No Fly List; Iranian-Canadians feel like ‘2nd-class citizens’ as many continue to be stopped while travelling to the U.S.; One in four border officers witnessed discrimination by colleagues: internal report; Canada’s former privacy watchdog ‘surprised’ by RCMP spyware program; Face Recognition Technology for the Protection of Canada’s Parliament Hill? Potential Risks and Considerations; SFU prof targeted by China for groundbreaking Uyghur research; Canadian Muslim News: Proposed bill to enshrine a “duty of candour” for CSIS; Gidimt’en Civil Suit; The Similarities Between Red and Yellow: A global map details danger to press freedom. What are Canada’s true colours?; Mike Pompeo & CIA Sued for Spying on Americans Who Visited Julian Assange in Ecuadorian Embassy in U.K.; Turkey attacked Northern and Eastern Syria 3,761 times in past 8 months, killing 33 and wounding 124; “There Are Good Reasons to Defund the FBI. They Have Nothing to Do with Trump”: Professor Alex Vitale; In U.S. v. Al-Nashiri the Government Is Rewarding Torture and Incentivizing Torturers; Biden’s Assassination of al-Qaeda Leader Ayman al-Zawahiri Was Illegal; Filipino nuns accused of ‘financing terrorism’; KWF urged to review policy banning books it decided are ‘subversive’; FOI reveals over 12,000 people profiled by flawed Durham police predictive AI tool; New UK Cabinet Office rules ban speakers who have criticised government policy; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, August 5, 2022: Abdul Nakua: Tackling Islamophobia begins by rebuilding trust with the Muslim community; ICLMG in the media: Canada Ends Muslim Charity Suspension Amid Bias Review; Letter to Public Safety Minister: Don’t conflate human rights work with “violent extremism”; ‘Terrifying’: Canada’s police going all in on ‘pre-crime’ intervention; Privacy committee to study RCMP use of spyware tools; Canada said her case was urgent. Four months later, this Afghan women’s activist waits with no visa; U.S. played secret role in Nigeria attack that killed more than 160 civilians; Burkina Faso : l’armée reconnait la mort de civils lors d’un raid aérien; Turkish drone attacks in 48 hours: Nearly 15 people killed and injured in four attacks on SDF-held areas; Israeli sniper kills 16-year-old Palestinian boy in Jenin; Myanmar: First executions in decades mark atrocious escalation in state repression; The Assassination of Ayman al-Zawahiri: CIA Drone Kills al-Qaeda Leader – and 12 Civilians – at Safe House in Kabul; Nicaragua: Rights experts denounce shutdown of over 700 civil society groups; India’s plot to criminalize Islam in Kashmir (video); Israel sends veiled threat to attorneys of outlawed Palestinian NGOs; Lost in the Matrix – how police surveillance is mapping protest movements; Tool to assess jailed terrorists before release criticised as unreliable and prejudicial to Muslims; Top rights experts urge repeal of Hong Kong’s national security law; Sunak wants to extend the Prevent program to those who ‘vilify the UK’. That’s wrong – and he’s chosen the wrong target; Podcast: The cost of saying no to the FBI; Surveillance is pervasive: Yes, you are being watched, even if no one is looking for you; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, July 22, 2022: Federal suspension lifted, but Muslim charity presses ahead with case in top court; 2-year Uighur Resettlement Plan Must Include Releasing Prisoners of Conscience; Dominique Peschard: Forces policières et capitalisme de surveillance; Homeland Security records show ‘shocking’ use of phone data, ACLU says; ‘Follow colonial laws or go to jail’: Wet’suwet’en people criminalized for standing firm on their own territory; Detained Australian Teenager Dies in Northeast Syria; Turkish Shelling In the Kurdistan Region of Iraq Kills 9, Injures 23; When Protesting ISIS is a Terror Offense: The Kobani Trial; As Biden shrinks Guantanamo’s population, GOP balks at closure; New Defense Bill Bars Pentagon from Assisting Afghanistan in Any Way; America’s $1.4 Trillion So-Called “National Security” Budget Makes Us Less Safe—Not More; Has the Secret Service become a national security threat?; Philippines: UN expert slams court decision upholding criminal conviction of Maria Ressa and shutdown of media outlets; UN Special Rapporteurs Urge Israel to Free Ahmad Manasra – Press Release; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, July 09, 2022: What we’ve been up to from January to June 2022; Watch: International Voices Join MPs in Call for Repatriation of Canadians from Northeast Syria; Tim McSorley comments on the news “London, Ont., family stuck in London, England after airlines refuse to let them board”; CSILC: Les dangers de la lutte contre les méfaits en ligne – Proposition du gouvernement du Canada; Anti-Taliban law could be tweaked to get more humanitarian aid to Afghans: minister; ‘Asleep at the wheel’: Canada police’s spyware admission raises alarm; Gidimt’en Checkpoint response to NDP Attorney General issuing criminal charges to four additional land defenders; RCMP spied on activists in early days of universal medicare planning in Sask., documents show; Liberals to release cabinet documents to Emergencies Act inquiry; US repatriates Guantanamo prisoner back to Afghanistan after court ruled he was detained unlawfully; Maha Hilal: Torture is an American value. US leaders from Bush to Biden are in denial; Azeezah Kanji: Extraditing Assange Would Be a “Legalized” Rendition to US Torture; Turkey subjected Northeast Syria to 47 drone attacks so far in 2022, wounding 55, killing 16; UK’s anti-terrorism strategy has ‘negative effect’ on Muslim communities, says UN official; Searching for humane alternatives to the ‘whole society’ approach to security; The Forgotten Crime of War Itself + ACTION: Stop Mohamed Harkat’s deportation to torture; and more!

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, June 18, 2022: ICLMG: Senate amendments to electronic device search bill will strengthen privacy, help protect against profiling at the border; Panel: The Supreme Court’s Bissonnette Decision: Anti-Racist and Abolitionist Perspectives; ICLMG mourns the horrific murder of members of the Afzaal family and calls for concrete action against Islamophobia; Azeezah Kanji: Thoughts on the current dynamics, contradictions, and limitations of state “anti-Islamophobia”; Behind the Thin Blue Line: Meet a secretive arm of the RCMP in B.C.; Liberal backbencher pushing bill to make CSIS more forthcoming in its warrant applications; Ottawa’s anti-terrorism laws hinder efforts to evacuate Afghans loyal to Canada out of Afghanistan; Coalition calls on Canada to stop funding Philippine counter-terrorism campaign; UN inquiry finds Israel responsible for “root causes” of last year’s violence in Palestine; National security agencies’ relationship with racialized communities marred by a ‘trust gap:’ report; Gar Pardy: Expert report on national security lacks urgency, offers conflicting yet vague advice; Federal Court says it lacks jurisdiction to hear CSIS employee’s discrimination claim; ACLU files lawsuit for more information on DHS’s new domestic violent extremism initiatives; Secret photos of first Guantanamo Bay detainees revealed; Right-Wing Judges Say It’s “Harmless” to Label Climate Activist a Terrorist; Punished for Exposing War Crimes? U.K. Approves Assange Extradition to U.S., Faces 175 Years in Prison; Amnesty International: Myanmar’s plans to carry out arbitrary executions must halt immediately; World Organization Against Torture: Turkey weaponizes anti-terror laws to silence human rights defenders’ + NEW ACTION: LeadNow petition: Protect Hassan Diab from further injustice. Say NO to any future request for Hassan’s extradition! & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, June 3, 2022: Video: ICLMG testifies at Senate Committee on Bill S-7: Proposed rules for searching cell phones at Canada’s border threatens rights; The ‘terrorist’ smear: a settler-colonial ploy; Dr. Monia Mazigh Calls on Trudeau: Free Jack Letts, Free ALL the 44 Canadians Detained in Northern Syria; BC Prosecution Service will apply criminal contempt charges against 15 people arrested last fall under the Coastal GasLink pipeline injunction; National security committee violates MPs’ parliamentary privilege: Ontario court; Ottawa is trying a third time to set up a watchdog for powerful border cops. This time it must not fail; Former Guantanamo detainee explains why he’s suing Canada; Christopher Parsons: Justice Mosley on a request from CSIS to retain a pair of Canadian datasets; Turkish airstrike kills at least two children in Iraqi Kurdistan; War as Terrorism: Conflicts We Can’t Win, Suffering We Don’t See; Progressives Need to Resist the Domestic “War on Terror”; Immoral Code: Amnesty International Short Film against Autonomous Killer Drones; The faces from China’s Uyghur detention camps; US Surveillance of Americans Must Stop; The Rise and Fall of America’s Environmentalist Underground; Facebook Anti-Terror Policy Lands Head of Afghan Red Crescent Society on Censorship List; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, May 21, 2022: Report “Beyond Big Data Surveillance: Freedom and Fairness” sheds light on big data surveillance in Canada; Tim McSorley’s response to news article: No, modernization of the CSIS Act is not “long overdue”; Double Standard: Canada’s terrorist list, the IDF, Palestinians and the case of Khaled Barakat; Liberals revive bill to create watchdog for Canada Border Services Agency; Ottawa’s Mom’s 5-Hour Vigil Seeks Meeting to Free Son Jack Letts and 43 other Canadian Men, Women and Kids; Algeria: Lift Arbitrary Travel Bans on Algerian-Canadian Activists; Michelle Weinroth: Unfinished Business: The Hassan Diab Affair Continues; UN committee calls for investigation of RCMP on Secwepemc and Wet’suwet’en territories; Emails reveal how the RCMP changed its story about arresting journalists in Wet’suwet’en raid; MP accuses RCMP officials of delivering ‘dodgy’ testimony on facial recognition technology; International women call on UN to stop Turkey’s attacks on Kurds; Everything you need to know about the UK’s connection to torture in Xinjiang; Documentary: Austria’s Operation Luxor: Anti-terrorism or Islamophobia?; US House passes domestic terrorism bill in mostly party-line vote; Paul Jay on 9/11; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, May 7, 2022: Webinar: “The least fair law in Canada”- Why the Extradition Act Must Be Reformed; Matthew Behrens: Islamophobia preventing Jack Letts from returning home to Canada; Former Guantanamo Bay detainee sues Canada for $35 million over 14-year imprisonment; Samidoun statement on smear campaigns targeting Palestinian liberation and anti-Palestinian racism in Canada; UN experts call on governments to resume funding for six Palestinian CSOs designated by Israel as ‘terrorist organisations’; In ‘grey zone’ of national security, suspects face no charges but can’t leave Canada; Webinar: Under Siege: Islamophobia and the 9/11 Generation; Rizwaan Sabir: No, Muslims critical of Prevent are not ‘enabling terrorism’; Justice minister invokes cabinet secrecy around use of Emergencies Act; Wet’suwet’en report round-the-clock surveillance and harassment by RCMP and pipeline security; Climate activist’s fight against ‘terrorism’ sentence could impact the future of protests; ‘All of These Guys Belong in Prison’: CIA Torture Described in Vivid Detail by Psychologist; Turkey is Committing War Crimes in Iraq; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, April 22, 2022: ICLMG video: Canada must reform its extradition laws now!; Civil Society Calling for Robust Inquiry Into Use of Emergencies Act; Muslim charity seeks court shutdown of federal audit, alleging systemic Islamophobia; Inadmissible: How a U.S. policy is wreaking havoc on the lives of Iranian-Canadians; OPC not consulted, privacy experts concerned on cell phone border search bill; Family living in London, Ont., for 5 years fears being deported to Egypt will tear them apart; Ottawa tracked Mohawk-Wet’suwet’en links, feared repeat of 2020 blockades: memo; People being held in Syria are in conditions that ‘meet the standard of torture’, UN says; Ottawa faces blowback for plan to regulate internet; Arming Apartheid: Canada’s arms exports to Israel – New report; Stop Turkish war in Kurdistan!; U.S. didn’t expect major explosions when it bombed a Daesh bomb factory; ‘Why don’t we just kill them?’: New book details CIA rendition and torture programme; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, April 9, 2022: ICLMG Event: “The least fair law in Canada”: Why the Extradition Act must be reformed; ICLMG: In clear view: Confronting Canadian police use of facial recognition technology; ICLMG: Canadian Iranians watchlisted because of mandatory military service; ICLMG: CSIS jumps on latest crisis to ask for more powers, yet again; Civil society first reactions to the new Senate bill on searches of devices at the border; Canada Should Mark Ramadan by Helping Bring Home Unlawfully Detained Muslims; CBSA Discriminates against Egyptian Refugees; Brent Patterson: How many people will Canada’s new F-35 fighter jet kill?; U.S. airstrike killed 11 Libyan civilians and allies, human rights groups say; Back from Kabul, Women’s Delegation Urges U.S. & Europe to Unfreeze Afghan Funds Amid Humanitarian Crisis; Annihilation over compromise for Myanmar’s generals; Azeezah Kanji: Save us from ‘securo-feminism’; Special Report: French mosque closures based on ‘secretive evidence,’ critics say; Guantanamo Prisoner Finally Returned to Algeria After Being Cleared for Transfer in 2016; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 26, 2022: ICLMG appears at ETHI committee for study of the use of facial recognition tech by law enforcement; Islam & Life show: Episode 7 featuring ICLMG; Azeezah Kanji: Freeing Canada from colonial freedom; Canada’s spy agencies have held back information from Parliament’s watchdogs; Matthew Behrens: Afghanistan’s Women’s Rights Defenders Abandoned by Canada; Canada must bring back Jack Letts and other Canadians detained in North East Syria; UN rights chief decries mass execution of 81 people in Saudi Arabia; British spies who helped CIA torturers subject to English law, court rules; CIA black site detainee served as training prop to teach interrogators torture techniques; EU: Free speech under attack: French Presidency proposes action against “radical rhetoric”; ACLU sues DHS, says Muslim Americans questioned about faith at border; Remembering the victims of the Islamophobic Christchurch massacre & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 11, 2022: ICLMG: RCMP violates national security disclosure rules, potentially placing thousands at risk; Out of sight, but not out of mind: Laying bare the RCMP’s efforts to evade public transparency; Steven Zhou: Don’t use post-9/11 vocab in future online regulations; Ken Rubin: Federal, city inquiries into occupations and blockades too limited; Endless Exile: The Tangled Politics Keeping a Uyghur Man in Limbo; SOARING: The Harms and Risks of Fighter Jets and Why Canada Must Not Buy a New Fleet; What I Told Congress about U.S. Lethal Strikes; Family members of 9/11 victims call on Biden to unfreeze Afghan funds; C.I.A. Black Sites Are State Secrets, the Supreme Court Rules; Supreme Court Sides With F.B.I. in Case on Spying on Muslims; A People-Led Review of the United Kingdom’s Prevent Captures Its Abuse of Children; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, February 26, 2022: ICLMG statement on use of Emergencies Act; Canada’s secretive policy on ISIS detainees closes door to repatriation; Canada: Let Gravely Ill Canadians Leave Northeast Syria; Friends and families of Canadians detained in Syria gather to call for their immediate repatriation; RCMP inappropriately shares personal information on thousands of individuals with other federal agencies; Ottawa launches long-awaited competition for armed military drones; Biden’s decision on frozen Afghanistan money is tantamount to mass murder; Why Half of Guantanamo’s Prisoners Could Get Out; Israel revives assassination tactics not seen for 15 years in the West Bank; Connecting the Dots: The Surge in Reprisals Against Women and the Rise of Counterterrorism; The Belmarsh Tribunal Is Demanding Justice for Victims of the War on Terror; Looks Are Deceiving: The Rebranding and Perpetuation of Counterterrorism Watchlisting in Multilateral Spaces; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, February 12, 2022: ICLMG press release: Government must take bold action if it is serious about resolving systemic Islamophobia in CRA counter-terrorism audits; ICLMG’s Tim McSorley on the Public Safety Minister’s comments about the convoy; Remember Huseyin Celil and other Canadians in Chinese prison as Olympics start, activists urge; Livermore, Pardy & Welsh: Ottawa shirking duty to help Canadians stuck abroad; Air travellers using special code to avoid Canadian no-fly list snags; No Fly List Kids co-founder: the list should still be abolished; New report “In Their Words: Untold Stories of Islamophobia in Canada” reveals impact of everyday Islamophobia on Muslims; The Hassan Diab Support Committee Presentation; Biden Team Gets It Right on Inadmissibility of Torture Evidence in Al-Nashiri Case; White House discusses reinstating Trump’s terror designation for Yemen’s Houthis; Killing of ISIS Leader Shows That U.S. Forever Wars Will Never End; We Don’t Need a Department of Homeland Security; What if the U.S. hadn’t gone to war after 9/11? and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, January 29, 2022: Press conference with ICLMG and the Hassan Diab Support Committee on France setting a date for Hassan Diab’ trial; The ICLMG remembers January 29, 2017; Où en est le Québec dans sa lutte contre l’islamophobie? (vidéo); Canada secretly amends Safe Third Country Agreement with US to nail door shut to refugees; Nearly 850 children at immediate risk as violence continues in northeast Syria; Opinion: Parliamentarians can be trusted with sensitive security information; CSIS survey finds majority of Canadians leery of giving more powers to police, intelligence agencies; The Uyghurs of China: Who they are, human rights abuses, implications for US policy (video); A Rare Public Wake-Up Call from the ICRC on Guantanamo Transfers; Ban Weaponized Drones from the World; Calling Civilian Casualties a ‘Failure,’ Democrats Urge Biden to Do Better; Afghanistan Faces “Tsunami of Hunger” as U.S. Sanctions Crash Country’s Economy; Biometrics and counter-terrorism: UN briefing shows global spread of technology; EU, Egypt Bid to Lead Global Counterterrorism Body an Affront to Rights and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, January 15, 2022: Canadian police expanding surveillance powers via new digital “operations centres”; Top Mountie violated her legal obligations by being too slow to respond to complaints, judge rules; Coastal GasLink drops charges against journalists arrested on Wet’suwet’en territory; The settler colonial origins of the Five Eyes alliance; Matthew Behrens: No Room at Canada’s Inn for Afghan Refugees; Held without Charge: The Call to Repatriate Canadians Detained in Northeast Syria (video); La reconnaissance faciale : La fin de l’anonymat?; Civilian Casualty Files Reveal U.S. Hid Thousands of Deaths in Middle East Air War; ‘Anti-Democratic and Cowardly’: US Building New Secret Courtroom at Guantánamo; Innocent Until Proven Muslim book talk with Dr. Maha Hilal (video); A data ‘black hole’: Europol ordered to delete vast store of personal data; Nearly 8,000 detained in Kazakhstan amid anti-government protests + NEW ACTIONS: The Green Square Campaign; Tell President Biden: Close Guantanamo; Ban Weaponized Drones from the World & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, December 18, 2021: New ICLMG video & action: Canada must protect encryption!; Watch the recording: “20 Years of the Anti terrorism Act: The legacy of Canada’s War on Terror”; What we’ve been up to! Summary of our activities from July to December 2021; Lettre au premier ministre Trudeau sur la poursuite des exportations d’armes vers l’Arabie saoudite; Les vérifications préjudiciables de l’ARC; Paul Weinberg: Experts fear Canada will extradite Hassan Diab to France again; ‘Please get me out’: Alleged ex-ISIL follower tells Canadian official he would take Siberia, Guantanamo over Kurdish jail; Canadian spies and cybercrime; Christopher Parsons’ analysis of the National Security and Intelligence Review Agency’s Annual Report; Provinces order Clearview AI to stop using facial recognition without consent; Mugyenyi: Canada doesn’t need these costly warplanes; Israel killed up to 192 Palestinian civilians in May 2021 attacks on Gaza; “No Food Available”: Afghanistan Faces Catastrophe as Donors Cut Humanitarian Aid to Taliban Gov’t; No U.S. Troops Will Be Punished for Deadly Kabul Strike, Pentagon Chief Decides; Oregon’s anti-terrorism fusion center lacks legislative authority, collects intelligence on protesters, lawsuit says; Customs and Border Protection Unit Used Anti-Terrorism Tools on Journalists; The Biden administration was a no-show at a Senate hearing on closing Guantanamo and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, December 3, 2021: Statement of Solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en Nation; Event: 20 years of the Anti-terrorist Act: The Legacy of Canada’s War on Terror; Canadian civil society groups call on Canada to protect Palestinian human rights defenders; CUPE support gives Cihan Erdal strength in his fight for freedom; Father of Canadian man held in Syrian detention camp calls for federal assistance; CSIS efforts to derail threats to 2019 election sometimes skirted law: watchdog; World Uyghur Congress urges Canada to take refugees, block Chinese imports; The War Party: From Bush to Obama, and Trump to Biden, U.S. Militarism Is the Great Unifier; The U.S.-led bombing that ended the ISIS “Caliphate” killed scores of civilians; Human Rights Groups Call on Pentagon to Reinvestigate Civilian Deaths in Yemen; Durbin Introduces Amendment to End ‘Legacy of Cruelty’ by Closing Guantánamo; US lifts Colombia’s FARC ‘foreign terrorist’ designation; He Declined the FBI’s Offer to Become an Informant. Then His Life Was Ruined & more

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 20, 2021: The Liberal government must rid the country of systemic Islamophobia; Land defenders arrested on Wet’suwet’en territory; Terrorism laws target racism, but what about racism in the legal system?; An Audacious Suggestion for the new Minister of Foreign Affairs: Help Canadians; Canadian stranded in Iraq to be issued emergency passport; How the U.S. Hid an Airstrike That Killed Dozens of Civilians in Syria; An Undefined Defining Moment: Marking 20 Years of Counterterrorism Without Ever Agreeing What Terrorism Is; UN Agencies and the Association of International Development Agencies stand by civil society organisations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory; The Etymology of Terror; Edward Snowden: ‘If you weaken encryption, people will die’; Editorial Board: Biden administration must declassify CIA torture program & more

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 6, 2021: How Canadian Taxpayers Helped Murder an Afghan Family; Monia Mazigh: How PM Trudeau can prove that he is serious about fighting Islamophobia; Four dozen Canadians are imprisoned in Syrian camps. Why is our government ignoring their plight?; Canadian extradition system in need of significant overhaul, legal experts says; John Clarke: Sorry, Justin Trudeau: There is no equivalence between the extreme right and the extreme left; Jeff Monaghan: When Police Responses Diverge; Families left in limbo. National security decisions left unmade. Is this Canadian system ‘designed not to work’?; G7: Still coming after encryption, plans to reinforce Interpol and global travel surveillance; Secret Israeli document offers no proof to justify terror label for Palestinian groups; “Stain on the Moral Fiber of America”: Military Jurors Decry Majid Khan’s Torture at CIA Black Sites; Sorry, Biden: There Is No “National Security” Solution to the Climate Crisis; Amnesty to close Hong Kong offices over National Security Law & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, October 23, 2021: Canada’s extradition system needs major reform, legal and human rights experts say; ‘Bring our Canadians home’: Lawyer files suit on behalf of 26 Canadians stuck in Syrian camps; Impact of online harms bill includes ‘spectre of censorship,’ library group warns in submission; Revealed: Facebook’s secret blacklist of “dangerous individuals and organizations”; Justin Trudeau Tells International Conference Left-Wing ‘Extremist Groups’ Are ‘Pushing White Supremacy’; A Florida Anarchist Will Spend Years in Prison for Online Posts Prompted by Jan. 6 Riot; Bill would allow B.C. citizens’ personal data to be sent out of country; ‘Really hopeless’: Canada-bound Afghan family stuck in Ukraine after fleeing Kabul; New human-rights campaign targets Canadian practice of holding some asylum seekers in jails; No decision yet on whether Chelsea Manning can visit Canada; China: UN must act on Xinjiang atrocities after petition shows mass global outrage; ‘Historic Victory’: US Judge Rules Guantánamo Detainee’s Imprisonment Illegal; Israel labels Palestinian human rights groups as terrorist organisations; Who we hurt when we attack encryption; European Parliament calls for a ban on facial recognition; Primer on climate security: The dangers of militarising the climate crisis + New action: Canada must reform its extradition system now! & more

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, October 8, 2021ICLMG: Seven Civil Liberties Priorities for the Next Parliament; CSILC: Pourquoi nous devons abandonner l’antiterrorisme et la sécurité nationale; ICLMG Submission to Government’s “Online Harms” Consultation; Anti-Racist Groups Concerned Canada’s Proposed “Online Harms” Legislation Could Do More Harm Than Good; Neve, Aiken and Champ: Canada’s next justice minister must defend Hassan Diab’s rights; Extradition Law: Should we really be handing them over?; Family of Canadian Uyghur advocate held in China upset, outraged he remains detained; Debunking Myths about Canada’s $36m Israeli Drone Contract; Enough is Enough: We took the RCMP Commissioner to Court; Since 9/11, Islamophobia has been ‘a constant feature’ in Canada, experts say; U.S. Muslims recall questionable detentions that followed 9/11 attacks; Abu Zubaydah Was Tortured for Years at CIA Black Sites. Biden Is Trying to Keep the Abuse Secret; ‘Some are just psychopaths’: Chinese detective in exile reveals extent of torture against Uyghurs; The CIA Plot to Kidnap or Kill Julian Assange in London is a Story that is Being Mistakenly Ignored; ICC Prosecutor’s statement on Afghanistan jeopardises his Office’s legitimacy and future; The Most Terrifying Thing About 9/11 Was America’s Response; The War on Terror Film Festival & more news, actions and events.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, September 25, 2021: More than 110 Canadian Jurists Demand Justice for Hassan Diab; Countering Islamophobia in Canada: After 20 Years of the “War on Terror”; Open letter: Defer consultations on the Internet until after the election; Does CRA’s Charities Directorate have an Islamophobia problem?; Monia Mazigh: 9/11 aftermath — A life destroyed by the ‘War on Terror’; Advocates call on Canada to name special envoy to secure Huseyin Celil’s release from China; “Essentially you have a police state” – Podcast; U.S. whistleblower Chelsea Manning challenging secrecy laws barring her from Canada; Up to Half of the $14 Trillion Spent by Pentagon Since 9/11 Has Gone to War Profiteers; U.S. Drone Killed 10 Afghans, Including Aid Worker & 7 Kids, After Water Jugs Were Mistaken as Bombs; Appeals Panel Overturns Army Judge’s Ruling on Torture; Hong Kong Quietly Widens National Security Law With Subtle Shift; How to Help Afghans in Afghanistan and Canada & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, September 11, 2021: ICLMG: Five reasons to ditch anti-terrorism and national security; 20 ans depuis les attentats du 11 septembre 2001: Quels impacts sur l’état de droit? (vidéo avec ICLMG); Over Two Decades, U.S.’s Global War on Terror Has Taken Nearly 1 Million Lives and Cost $8 Trillion; Empire, Islamophobia and the War on Terror (video); The domestic legacy of our global ‘war on terror’; Canada’s spy service once again admonished by court over duty of candour; Mazigh: We need a public inquiry into Canada’s presence in Afghanistan; Lettre ouverte d’Échec à la guerre: Vingt années d’une guerre destructrice; U.S. Winds Down Afghanistan Occupation Like It Began, with Drone Strikes & Civilian Casualties; Peace Activist Kathy Kelly on Reparations for Afghanistan & What the U.S. Owes After Decades of War; Taliban’s Victory In Afghanistan Mustn’t Prevent Closure Of Guantánamo – OpEd; ‘Blacklisting’ terrorist groups: the post-9/11 strategy that only serves to prolong wars; How 9/11 helped China wage its own false ‘war on terror’; ‘I’m Part of Something That’s Really Evil’ (podcast); Report of the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism; Why encryption is important: 10 facts to counter the myths and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, August 27, 2021: ICLMG & Noor Cultural Centre: Islamophobia in Canada; Taxpayers’ ombudsperson investigates CRA targeting of Muslim-led charities; Andrew Mitrovica: The Canadian prime minister must put a stop to the repeated victimisation of a Muslim Canadian citizen by French courts; Canada set to buy armed drones in 2022-23 that the military says are capable of “pinpoint strikes”; Erin O’Toole vows to increase criminal punishment for people who disrupt pipelines and railways; Tyler Shipley: Canada hasn’t reckoned with its bloody legacy in Afghanistan; The Secrets They Keep: Why Canada Fears Afghan Interpreters; Spencer Ackerman: Today’s Crisis in Kabul Is Direct Result of Decades of U.S. War & Destabilization; The FBI’s Domestic “War on Terror” Is an Authoritarian Power Grab; The Most High-Profile Al Qaeda Plot Foiled After 9/11 was an FBI Scam; Spyware scandal: UN experts call for moratorium on sale of ‘life threatening’ surveillance tech; We need more protection from government surveillance — not less; Two Hong Kong activists convicted on security law charge; France Adopts Laws to Combat Terrorism, but Critics Call Them Overreaching; Canada violating international law by selling arms to Saudis: Report & more.

The News Digest was on a hiatus.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, July 23, 2021: National Security & Islamophobia: ICLMG’s Submission to the National Action Summit on Islamophobia; Muslim charity going to court to fight ‘unfair’ suspension by Canada Revenue Agency, featuring ICLMG’s Tim McSorley; Ottawa tested facial recognition on millions of travellers at Toronto’s Pearson airport in 2016; Matthew Behrens: Enduring Canada’s surveillance regime; It is time to suspend Canada’s extradition treaty with France; Daesh children in Syria face a lifetime in prison; Christopher Parsons: The new security research rules threaten universities’ ability to be open and inclusive; Amnesty International Calls for Moratorium on Private Spyware After Israeli NSO Group Pegasus Revelations; Biden Administration Punts on Due Process Rights for Guantánamo Detainees; Canada, Ground Your Plans for 88 New Fighter Jets; Faiza Patel: Ending the ‘National Security’ Excuse for Racial and Religious Profiling; UN calls for end to use of national security laws to silence dissent & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, July 9, 2021: What we’ve been up to so far in 2021. Please help us protect civil liberties for the rest of the year!; Letter to PM Trudeau: End the CRA’s Prejudiced Audits of Muslim Charities; Tim McSorley: The Case for a Ban on Facial Recognition Surveillance in Canada; Azeezah Kanji: The coloniality of Canadian Islamophobia – and anti-Islamophobia; Canadian Labour Congress President letter to PM Trudeau: End the injustice against Hassan Diab!; Top spy agency tracked Caledonia land dispute as possible threat to national security: secret document; Lethal Force Against Pipeline Protests? Documents Reveal Shocking South Dakota Plans for National Guard; Confidential national security docs left on human rights lawyer’s Halifax porch; Military violated rules by collecting information on Canadians, conducting propaganda during pandemic: report; Muslim survivor of 7/7 London bombings slams government’s counter-terrorism strategy on anniversary and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, June 19, 2021: ICLMG denounces Islamophobic and hate-based attack in London and expresses deep condolences to the family and Muslim community; Azeezah Kanji: We must dismantle the systemically racist and rights-abusive counter-terrorism apparatus in Canada; Video on ICLMG’s new report: The CRA’s Prejudiced Audits: Counter-terrorism and the targeting of Muslim charities in Canada; ICLMG: Privacy Commissioner Report Slamming RCMP Use of Facial Recognition Technology Demonstrates the Need for an Immediate Ban; Christopher Parsons: NSIRA Calls CSE’s Lawfulness Into Question; Why is Canada failing when it comes to the laws of war?; Hands Off: Appeal Court Decision Strikes Border Agents’ Warrantless Device Searches; IJV’s Michelle Weinroth: How France lied about Hassan Diab; Carleton student Cihan Erdal freed from Turkish prison, but can’t yet return to Canada; Turkey: Stop misusing the law to detain human rights defenders, urges UN expert; Opening Pandora’s Box: New “Threats” in the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy; Algeria Prepares To Prosecute Journalists, Critics As Terrorists; Hong Kong film censors get wider ‘national security’ powers; TAKE ACTION: Stop CRA’s Prejudiced Audits + Ban Biometric Surveillance & more

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, June 4, 2021: Canada should suspend its extradition treaty with France over the persecution of Hassan Diab; We’re taking the RCMP to court; Canadian Parliament denounces attacks on Karapatan’s Palabay; The bloodied hands of the Canada-Israel drone warfare relationship; Israeli forces are attempting to reassert their control over Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem by arresting them; The 9/11 complex: The political economy of counter-terrorism; From Xinjiang to Mississippi: Terror Capitalism, Labour and Surveillance; Arun Kundnani: Abolish national security; Torture Evidence and the Guantanamo Military Commissions; Video: One Man’s No-Fly List Nightmare; Loi antiterroriste : l’Assemblée nationale entérine les mesures et suscite l’émoi chez l’opposition; Mental health tests in the presence of counter-terror units ‘unethical’, says charity; European Court of Human Rights: Bulk communications data interception by UK and Swedish spy agencies violated right to privacy and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, May 22, 2021: ICLMG: Trudeau must protect Hassan Diab’s rights following French Court’s shocking decision; Our extradition system is broken, and Hassan Diab is paying with his life; Video: Challenging Security Inadmissibility in Canada’s Immigration System; Canadian Civil Society Letter to the Prime Minister: Issue a statement calling for Israel to stop the violence; Canadian military intelligence monitored Black Lives Matter movement, claiming pandemic justified such actions; Clear safeguards needed around technology planned for border checkpoints; Civil liberties group suing RCMP commissioner over delays in responding to civilian complaints; UN dubs PhD student’s petition for release ‘urgent,’ seeks Turkey’s defense; Ken Rubin: A Little-Known Trans-Canada Digital Identity Regime in the Works; In Whose Interest?; Daphne Eviatar, Amnesty International: Closing of Guantánamo Must be a Priority for President Biden; U.S. government removed Ahmad Chebli from the No-Fly List ten days after the ACLU filed a lawsuit; Pentagon list of extremism experts includes anti-Muslim and conservative Christian groups and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, May 7, 2021: ICLMG: Intelligence Commissioner Report 2020: The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Canadian Datasets and Other Observations + “RCMP Secret Facial Recognition Tool Looked for Matches with 700,000 ‘Terrorists’”; Mazigh: Canada must repatriate women and children from prison camps; Should Canada spend $77 billion on new fighter jets?; Canada plans to spend $5 billion on military drones armed with missiles and laser-guided bombs; Canada urged to cut anti-terror aid to Philippines amid ‘epidemic of human rights violations’; Fifteen years in a Chinese prison: Burlington woman laments husband’s fate; Almost everything Biden said about ending the Afghanistan War was a lie; Guantanamo detainee Abu Zubaydah to file complaint with UN agency; The National Security State Doesn’t Protect Us. Let’s Redefine Security for All & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, April 23, 2021: Event: Challenging Security Inadmissibility in Canada’s Immigration System; ICLMG’s National Coordinator Tim McSorley on state surveillance targets; Concerns around upcoming legislation regulating online content; Hassan Diab’s French Lawyers Appeal to the Court of Cassation; Canada’s commitment to media freedom must be matched by action; Lawsuit around the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians; Excellent ACLU Podcast: New Domestic Terrorism Laws Won’t End White Supremacy; Joe Biden Isn’t Ending the War in Afghanistan; Cut the Defense Budget: Rep. Khanna on Bloated Pentagon Spending, Ending War in Yemen, UAE Arms Deal; Two Dozen Senators Tell Biden It Is ‘Past Time’ to Finally Close Guantánamo; USA: “Rewards for Justice” program violates human rights, say UN experts; French air strike killed 19 civilians at Mali wedding party, U.N. says; Mapuche organizations call on international agencies to intervene on behalf of Chile’s Indigenous population; China hands death sentences to Uyghur former officials; Turkey sentences Syriac monk on terrorism charges for giving bread to visitors & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, April 10, 2021: ‘Random’ tax audits of Muslim charities provide cover for biased terrorism suspicions, report finds; Activist’s deportation case adds to increased calls for oversight of border services; Carleton PhD student arrested in Turkey denied bail; Letter to Justin Trudeau Regarding Bloody Sunday in the Philippines; AUMFs, Drones, and Guantánamo: Three ways to begin to end the war on terror; The Pitfalls of a National Security Approach to Climate; Facial recognition tech is supporting mass surveillance. It’s time for a ban, say privacy campaigners; Looking tough, but hampering rights: civil society organisations say no to online Terrorism Regulation; Bloody Crackdown in Burma Since Feb. 1 Military Coup Kills 500+ Amid Resistance from Youth, Women & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 27, 2021: Contest: Enter for a chance to win the Big Data Surveillance book!; ICLMG’s comments on the news that “RCMP breached policy on collection of online information: audit”; Free City Radio podcast: Tim McSorley on opposing anti-terror laws in Canada; Hameed: Why Canada must stand clearly behind Hassan Diab; Ottawa repatriates child from Syria but leaves mother behind; Cihan Erdal’s letter from jail + In Turkey, two Facebook posts are enough to land you in jail; Monia Mazigh: Guantanamo prisoner’s story shows legacy of stigmatization from war on terror; Huseyin Celil is the forgotten Canadian detained in China, says his lawyer; Chinese cyber espionage operation targeted Canadian Uyghurs, says Facebook; Tech-enabled ‘terror capitalism’ is spreading worldwide. The surveillance regimes must be stopped; Suspects could be held for up to 2 years under Sri Lanka’s anti-terror laws; Lebanon: Torture of Syrian refugees arbitrarily detained on counter-terror charges; Right to protest: UK’s new policing bill is a threat to democracy & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 13, 2021: Trudeau signals support for Hassan Diab as advocates demand intervention with France – featuring ICLMG; Canada’s spy warrant shortcomings stretch back at least 9 years, audit shows – featuring ICLMG; Amira Elghawaby: Renewed spotlight on former Guantanamo detainee raises new questions about Canada’s security agencies; Cyber spies fall short on protecting Canadians’ privacy after breaches, says new report; MSF denounces unsafe environment in Al-Hol camp in wake of staff killing; Philippines: Killings Highlight Need for International Action; UN urged to take action against France over ‘entrenching Islamophobia’; Dozens of countries urge Egypt to end crackdown on critics; Lebanon: Authorities step up repression through use of terrorism charges against protesters; 21 Hong Kong activists to remain in custody after bail requests denied, withdrawn; The FBI Should Stop Attacking Encryption and Tell Congress About All the Encrypted Phones It’s Already Hacking Into & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, February 26, 2021: Open letter to federal leaders: Do not expand anti-terrorism laws in the name of anti-racism; Mira Sucharov & Bernie Farber: Extraditing Hassan Diab a second time would be a travesty; Ottawa has spent $9.3-million fighting legal claims over Canadian’s alleged torture in Sudan; UN, rights watchdogs urge Canada to save its ‘arbitrarily detained’ children in Syria; Justin Trudeau buys drones “tested” on Palestinians; ‘Localized harassment’: RCMP patrol Wet’suwet’en territory despite UN calls for withdrawal; Matthew Behrens: The hypocrisy of Canada’s genocide declarations; CAUT calls for review of security agency activities on campus; What Clearview AI Did Was Illegal, But Don’t Play Down The RCMP’s Role In It Guantanamo Bay review must ensure closure and appropriate remedies for those tortured and detained, say UN experts & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, February 12, 2021: Connecting Abolitionist Struggles: Settler Colonialism, Mass Incarceration, and the ‘War on Terror’ panel video; ICLMG: Expanding and entrenching problematic anti-terrorism laws is the wrong approach in the urgent fight against white supremacist and hate-based violence; Organizations support Hassan Diab following unjust French court of appeal decision; New “Islamophobia Is” website: Short video series, resource list and educators’ guide; Facial Recognition Software Has Been Used by 48 Agencies in Canada; Secretive CSIS technology that could reveal ‘lifestyle choices’ needs a warrant, says court; Mass Rapes. Sweeping Surveillance. Forced Labor. Exposing China’s Crackdown on Uyghur Muslims; Syria: UN experts urge 57 States to repatriate women and children from squalid camps; Mohamedou Ould Slahi accuse le SCRS et la GRC d’avoir joué un rôle dans sa détention à Guantanamo; ‘We Will Hold Him Accountable Until He Does’: 110+ Groups Demand Biden Close Gitmo Without Delay; Turkey’s Erdogan Calls Student Protesters Terrorists, Intensifying Anti-LGBT Rhetoric; Muslim boy, 4, was referred to Prevent over game of Fortnite & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, January 29, 2021: ICLMG: Prime Minister Trudeau must intervene after outrageous French ruling in Hassan Diab case; The federal government declares January 29th National Day of Remembrance of the Quebec City Mosque Attack and Action Against Islamophobia; ICLMG remembers the victims of the January 29, 2017 Quebec City Mosque Shooting + Resources to fight Islamophobia!; Canada urged to formally label China’s Uyghur persecution as genocide; CJPME outraged by racist smear against Muslim and Arab-Canadian Minister; ICLMG: Violent hate groups must be held to account — using rights-violating anti-terrorism laws isn’t the way to do it; 135 Civil Rights Groups Oppose New Domestic Terrorism Statutes, Say Tackle Far-Right Violence With Existing Laws; Did the RCMP attend a university book launch to stop a crime?; Some snooping from Canadian spies needs better justification: commissioner; Biden and Congress must clost Guantanamo Bay detention center, not bring new charges in unlawful military commissions; CIA Whistleblower: Biden Intel Pick Avril Haines Approved Obama Drone Strike Kill List, Hid Torture; More than 1,000 Extinction Rebellion activists taken to court+ Upcoming event: Connecting Abolitionist Struggles on Feb 6 & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, January 15, 2021: Harsha Walia on why approaching white supremacist organizations through anti-terrorist state designations is a terrible idea; Alex Neve: Canada’s new measures around China’s violations against Uyghurs aren’t really all that new; Saudi women’s rights activist Loujain Alhathloul sentenced to nearly 6 years in prison; Privacy Commissioner Launches Investigation of RCMP Internet Unit; Civil Liberties Group and Advocates Condemn RCMP Spying; Cite Unconstitutional Chilling Effect across Canada; Haldimand police board walks back ‘terrorist’ talk in Caledonia standoff; 9 Indigenous Leaders Killed by Philippine Police in ‘Massacre’; Europe Now Has Its Own ‘Guantanamo Bay’; Close ‘disgraceful’ Guantánamo camp – UN experts urge incoming US administration & more.

The News Digest was on hiatus

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, December 11, 2020: Send Holiday Cards for Moe’s Freedom: Stop Deportation to Torture; Big Data Surveillance and Security Intelligence – featuring a chapter by ICLMG!; ICLMG: A case study by the Solidarity Action Network; The RCMP’s X-Men Fixation Is More Sinister than Comic; Watchdog calls out RCMP for exploring new genetic investigative techniques without privacy disclosures; Canadian border agent under investigation after passport for immigration detainee deemed fraudulent; Canadian Police Are Quietly Building a System to Intercept Private Messages; Canada must respond to China’s harrowing genocide; Report condemns UK over British women and children held in Syria; Supreme Court says Muslims placed on no-fly list can sue FBI agents for damages; France: When a Temporary State of Emergency becomes Permanent ou France: Quand un état d’urgence temporaire devient permanent; UN Rights Rapporteur: Govts Using ‘Anti-Terror’ Laws to Target Critics; Running in Circles: Uncovering the Clients of Cyberespionage Firm Circles; U.S. Used Patriot Act to Gather Logs of Website Visitors & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 27, 2020: New ICLMG Video & Action on Facial Recognition; ‘You Have Zero Privacy’ Says an Internal RCMP Doc on Web Spying; CBSA oversight & Ebrahim Toure; How the U.S. Military Buys Location Data from Ordinary Apps; UN says 50 face possible execution in Iraq after unfair trials; Pakistan: 1,000 residents booked under Anti-Terrorism Act; A Path for Renewing Guantanamo Closure; Kill lists: Barack Obama’s blind spot; Saudi activist Loujain al-Hathloul sent to terrorism court; Islamophobia in France Prompts Baseless Arrests, Viral Video Shows & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 13, 2020: ICLMG: Time to end Canada’s No Fly List once and for all; RCMP Commissioner Sued for Preventing Release of Watchdog Report into Spying; RCMP breached anti-fracking protesters’ rights; Federal guidance for border agency surveillance and sources drafted but never issued; Tamir Israel: Facial recognition is transforming our borders, and we are not prepared; Canada & the Arms Trade: Fuelling war in Yemen & beyond; Brainwashed: The echoes of MK-ULTRA; More than 600 children of European militants detained in northeastern Syria: study; Amira Elghawaby: France is undermining civil liberties in the name of fighting terrorism and Canada should say so; 8 Hong Kong Opposition Politicians Arrested as National Security Law Crackdown Continues & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, October 30, 2020: Home Grown Racism & Indefinite Detention video featuring ICLMG; Govt appeals ruling that CSIS lied to court; ICLMG’s Tim McSorley on “Trudeau government pressed to shield secret operational information in court”; Policing Protest: A Double Standard; #FreeCihanErdal: Carleton University student arrested in Turkey: Turkish state repression against political opposition continues; Families demand repatriation of all foreign nationals from Syrian camps; Alberta Court of Appeal rules that searches of electronic devices at the border are unconstitutional; The Police Can Probably Break Into Your Phone; The Enemies Briefcase: Secret Powers and the Presidency; The Necessity of Enforcing Humanitarian Law and Human Rights in the Context of Counterterrorism & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, October 16, 2020: ICLMG on news that “CSIS sees warrant process as ‘burdensome’ and a ‘necessary evil’: federal review”; CSIS withholds information on Wet’suwet’en demonstrations citing national security threat exemption; Don’t Let Orphan’s Canadian Homecoming Be an Exception; ‘Caliphate’ podcast and its fallout reveal the extent of Islamophobia; ‘It breaks my heart’: Uighurs wrongfully held at Guantánamo plead to be with families; At UN: 39 Countries Condemn China’s Abuses of Uighurs ; Land Defenders Are Killed in the Philippines for Protesting Canadian Mining; Free CUPE member Cihan Erdal; Canadian military spent more than $1 million on controversial propaganda training linked to Cambridge Analytica parent firm; Report Calls for a Reset as Facial Recognition Transforms Border Crossings Around the World; The Global Encryption Coalition Reject Time-Worn Argument for Encryption Backdoors; Reaction to the UN High Commissioner report on terrorism and human rights & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, October 2, 2020: ICLMG on RCMP extended online mass surveillance; ICLMG on Ontario police calling 1492 Land Back Lane ‘terrorists’; ICLMG on Bill Blair & human rights; Trudeau: Suspend arms transfer to Saudi Arabia; Canada has a war crime problem; Canada Is Buying A Fleet Of Armed Drones. We Should All Be Worried; CAUT decries arrest of Carleton University student in Turkey; The Man Who Cried ISIS?; Biden’s Plan to Roll Back Discriminatory Counterterrorism Policies; UK Seeks to Stop Justice for War Crimes; China’s still building detention camps in Xinjiang — and they’re getting even bigger; Take action: CSIS isn’t above the law + #FreeCihanErdal + Reject Dr. Carvin’s Offensive Actions and Promote Anti-Racism; Event: Predict & Surveil: Racism in Policing & Surveillance Tech & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, September 18, 2020: ICLMG statement: 19 years after 9/11; US Wars Displaced 37 Million People Around the World; Canada’s role in drone wars; What a Few Cakes Say About US Drone Program; UN: Canada is fuelling war in Yemen with arms sales; Police arrest journalist, researcher in connection with Caledonia land reclamation; Repatriating ISIS Family Members: A North Macedonia Model?; Border Patrol Has Used Facial Recognition to Scan More Than 16 Million Fliers — and Caught Just 7 Imposters; Whistleblower says top DHS officials distorted intel to match Trump statements, lied to Congress; Extinction Rebellion ‘criminals’ threaten UK way of life, says Priti Patel; The uncontrollable beast of UK anti-terror legislation; Turkey – Human rights lawyer Ebru Timtik dies after 238 days on hunger strike; Revealed: The CIA and MI6’s secret war in Kenya & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, September 4, 2020: ICLMG: New revelations of CSIS misleading courts shows need for concrete action & accountability; CSIS used intel gathered illegally, withheld evidence favourable to accused Ottawa ISIS recruiter; ICLMG’s COVID Alert App Privacy Analysis Update; ICLMG’s Tim McSorley on Bill C-3 and Parliament prorogation on Unpublished TV; Wrongful Extradition: Reforming the Committal Phase of Canada’s Extradition Law; Bringing Abolition to National Security; Civil Liberties and Indigenous Rights Groups Call on CRCC to Immediately Take Conduct of Investigation into Wet’suwet’en Land Defender’s Police Complaint; To Surveil and Predict: A Human Rights Analysis of Algorithmic Policing in Canada; Court rules NSA phone snooping illegal — after 7-year delay; Our Post-Privacy World: Total information awareness may make us feel safe, but will we regret living in a surveillance state?; US Sanctions International Criminal Court Prosecutor; Appeals court rules due process rights don’t apply to Guantanamo detainees; Counterterrorism Assistance to Chad for the Sahel: The Price the People Pay & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, August 22, 2020: ICLMG’s Analysis of the COVID Alert App; ICLMG on the prorogation of Parliament, Bill C-3 and independent review for CBSA; Eight children die in Al Hol camp, northeastern Syria in less than a week; Monia Mazigh: It’s time to bring little Amira back to Canada; Her husband was cleared of wrongdoing at Guantanamo Bay. Now, as she fights to bring him to Canada, her health is faltering; Matthew Behrens: Federal Court furious with CSIS illegality and lies; Watchdog reported on RCMP surveillance of Indigenous-led action in 2017. Mounties never responded; $16.5M settlement reached in class action lawsuit over mass arrests at 2010 G20 summit; “Head-On Into Peril”: Connecting 9/11 and Law Enforcement Abuses in Portland; Two More Philippine Activists Murdered; The UN Security Council Is About to Dangerously Undermine Fair Trial Guarantees; Counter-terrorism and the Arts: How counter-terrorism policies restrict the right to freedom of expression + 2 new calls to action: Handwrite 4 Harkat’s Human Rights: Send Stop-Torture Letter Mail; Reunite Ayub, Khalil, and Salahidin with their families & more.

The News Digest was on hiatus for a month.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, July 17, 2020: Open letter: Canadian government must ban use of facial recognition by federal law enforcement, intelligence agencies; RCMP at centre of facial recognition lawsuit; Questions from the Just Governance Group, Answers by Tim McSorley; Stop Mohamed Harkat’s deportation to torture!; NUPGE, ICLMG’s member organization, speaks out against security certificates; Judge calls for review after CSIS fails to flag info likely obtained illegally; Family of Canadian child stuck in Syria taking government to court; Fareed Khan: White privilege on display in RCMP handling of Rideau Hall security breach; Webinar – The Tragic Injustice of a Canadian Minor with Mental Illness: Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy; Under Cover of COVID at the UN: Why Counterterrorism Is Not the Answer to a Pandemic; A fourth pillar for the United Nations? The rise of counter-terrorism; Hong Kong: books by pro-democracy activists disappear from library shelves; Turkey: Court deals crushing blow for human rights and for justice as four activists convicted; On Hejaaz Hizbullah: The latest victim of Sri Lanka’s draconian Prevention of Terrorism Act; Russian Journalist Sentenced on Bogus Terrorism Charges; UN: Armed drones: Special Rapporteur examines the dawning of the “second drone age”; New US Bill Looks to One-Up Previous Anti-Encryption Law by Requiring Backdoors in Nearly Every Electronic Device; Secret Federal Police Deployed by Trump Snatch Protesters Off Portland Streets; UK may have been complicit in torture of 15 more people, court hearing reveals & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, July 3, 2020: Canada’s Slow-Drip Torture of Ottawa Refugee Mohamed Harkat; Great news! Yasser Albaz Released and Reunited With His Family In Canada; Groups’ joint statement: Too early to launch contact tracing apps; Canada is flouting its international human rights obligations toward Canadians who are arbitrarily detained in northeast Syria: Report; Police Forces in Canada Are Quietly Adopting Facial Recognition Tech; Group calls on Canada to intervene as Philippines pushes ahead with draconian anti-terror law in the wake of damning UN human rights report; Defunding the Police Must Include Ending the Surveillance of Muslims; Fix Canada’s unjust extradition law; ‘Forgotten in a dark, cruel place’: The two Michaels are not the only Canadians held as political prisoners by China; ‘Hong Kong people will fight on,’ councillor says after national security law arrests; Louisiana Activists Face 15 Years for “Terrorizing” Oil Lobbyist with Box of Plastic Pollution; Could Donald Trump claim a national security threat to shut down the internet?; FBI expands ability to collect cellphone location data, monitor social media, recent contracts show; Russia Jails 2 Anti-Fascists, Ending Terror Case Plagued by Torture Claims; India: UAPA: When laws turn oppressive | Opinion & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, June 19, 2020: ICLMG: PM must take decisive action to bring Yasser Albaz home; Canada must work to bring citizens trapped in Syria home, even ISIL suspects; – Canada doubles weapons sales to Saudi Arabia despite moratorium; Canada, U.S. attorneys general discussed law to speed up police access to data across borders; Voluntary nationwide contact tracing app coming soon, says Trudeau; Canada’s border agency shouldn’t be using pandemic to impose surveillance on undocumented immigrants; Trudeau government must stand up against Trump’s escalating attacks on International Criminal Court; Anti-Terror Raids Killing Civilians in West Africa, Amnesty Says; Trump and Duterte Show Why UN Must Reassess Embrace of Counterterrorism; Inter-American Commission On Human Rights Issues Historic Decision On Former Guantanamo Detainee’s Case; U.S. police brutality and military aggression: From Black America to the Muslim world; After Barr ordered FBI to “identify criminal organizers,” activists were intimidated at home and at work; China: National security law must be scrapped to save Hong Kong’s freedoms; June 20 in Ottawa: March for JusticeForAbdirahman – Calls to Action for Black Lives; New actions: Defund the police + Philippines: Junk the terror bill and uphold human rights! + China: Free Canadian Huseyin Celil + Release Yasser Albaz from arbitrary detention in Egypt and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, June 6, 2020: More Than 70 Children Killed in Just 10 Airstrikes In Afghanistan, Report Finds; Ethiopia: Security forces ‘must face justice for horrific human rights violations’ – New Report; Huseyin Celil: The Forgotten Canadian in China | Alex Neve; Opinion: Terrorism laws have long been used against brown and black men. When will they be used to protect them?; Charging incels with terrorism won’t protect sex workers; Invoking “Terrorism” Against Police Protestors; Public doesn’t want encryption backdoors: government doc; A Deep Dive into Canada’s Overhaul of Its Foreign Intelligence and Cybersecurity Laws; On Contact-Tracing Apps: After COVID-19, Will We Live in a Big Brother World?; Canadian government must work urgently within international community to head-off imposition of China’s national security law in Hong Kong; Refugee who helped hide Edward Snowden in Hong Kong struggles to build new life in Canada; #JunkTerrorBill: Sign this petition to help uphold human rights; European Parliament slams Modi govt for silencing activists & portraying protesters as terrorists, and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, May 23, 2020: ICLMG video: Protect our rights in the fight against COVID-19; Traçage numérique: 1700+ personnes et orgs exigent un débat public; ICLMG on “CSIS says proposed privacy reforms could hinder spy operations”; CBSA officers investigated for hundreds of misconduct complaints + BCCLA reacts; Canada urged to repatriate orphaned five-year-old girl held in Syrian camp; If Only the US Had That $6.4 Trillion It Wasted on Iraq and Afghanistan Wars to Fight Covid-19 Pandemic; The Senate voted to let the government keep surveilling your online life without a warrant; Unconvicted terrorism suspects face indefinite controls under UK bill; Australia doesn’t need more anti-terror laws that aren’t necessary – or even used; U.S. Senate approves Uyghur human rights bill; Egypt: Court arbitrarily extends the pre-trial detention of over 1,600 defendants; Breach of Clearview AI Source Code Renews Concerns About Law Enforcement Facial Recognition Programs & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, May 8, 2020: Pandemics & Civil Liberties: Panel with ICLMG; RCMP to boost social media mining; The Perils of Hyping Pandemic as a National Security Issue; US-Backed Forces Killed More Children Than Taliban & ISIS in 2020; Legal Observer: Guantanamo 9/11 Trial Is A Failure; No, the Post-9/11 Era Is Not Over; The FBI Violates FISA… Again; New report: The legal response of Western democracies to online terrorism and extremism and its impact on the right to privacy and freedom of expression; Use of Skype, Tango, TikTok, WhatsApp can be considered terrorist activity in Turkey; Hong Kong urged to review terrorism and sedition legislation after United Nations experts say they can be used against lawful protests; Amid Its Covid-19 Crisis, China Was Still Hacking Uighurs’ iPhones & more

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, April 24, 2020Digital Surveillance & COVID-19 in Canada: 7 Principles to Protect Our Rights; FOI Documents Confirm RCMP Falsely Denied Using Facial Recognition Software; Canada calls for global ceasefire, while arming Saudi Arabia in their military campaign against Yemen; Burkina Faso: Security Forces Allegedly Execute 31 Detainees; U.S. Airstrikes Hit All-Time High as Coronavirus Spreads in Somalia; Opinion: Why COVID-19 Spitters Shouldn’t Be Prosecuted as Federal Terrorists; Attorney General Barr Refuses to Release 9/11 Documents to Victims’ Families; The colleague, the girl, the police: Student framed and imprisoned over terror offences tells whole story for the first time; UK Home Office confirms environmentalists referred to anti-terror programme Prevent; UK Bill a License for Military Crimes?; Pakistan Removes Thousands of Names From Terrorist Watch List; Pakistani Journalist Freed, But Anti-Terror Laws Still Threaten Media; Ethiopian police hold journalist Yayesew Shimelis pending terrorism investigation & more.

Starting this week, the News Digest will be published every other week.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, April 10, 2020: ‘The Charter still applies’: Canadians urged to monitor civil liberties during pandemic; COVID-19: Civil liberties group warns of ‘unfair and arbitrary’ law enforcement as hefty fines across Canada pile up; Communiqué : Géolocalisation cellulaire des personnes à l’ère du COVID-19; After 9/11, we gave up privacy for security. Will we make the same trade-off after Covid-19?; Don’t Violate Human Rights While Responding to COVID-19, Say 33 NGOs; Coronavirus: Beware the power grab; How the coronavirus pandemic is making strongmen stronger, from Hungary to Serbia to the Philippines; 100+ organisations tell governments: don’t use the coronavirus pandemic as cover for expanding digital surveillance; Privacy and Data Protection in the Fight Against COVID-19; Carol Rosenberg: The Growing Culture of Secrecy at Guantánamo Bay; FBI Opened Terrorism Investigations Into Nonviolent Palestinian Solidarity Group, Documents Reveal; Watchdog finds new problems with FBI wiretap applications; Australia: Is counterterrorism policy out of step with reality? & more

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, April 4, 2020: Featuring ICLMG’s Tim McSorley: Canada’s spy service moves quietly ahead with data-crunching plans: documents; ICLMG: Canada must reopen its border to refugee claimants coming from the US now; Appel à la retenue en temps de crise pour protéger les libertés civiles; We can’t police our way out of a pandemic; For Autocrats, and Others, Coronavirus Is a Chance to Grab Even More Power; ‘Shoot them dead’: Duterte warns against violating lockdown; Governments Haven’t Shown Location Surveillance Would Help Contain COVID-19; Guantanamo Prisoners Cleared For Release Must Be Freed Amid Pandemic; Prosecuting Purposeful Coronavirus Exposure as Terrorism; ‘Zero accountability’: US accused of failure to report civilian deaths in Africa; Counterterrorism and Humanitarian Action: Will 2020 Be a Turning Point for International Humanitarian Law at the United Nations?; Myanmar editor faces terror charges over interview with AA; Non-violent protesters are not terrorists and it’s time the police accepted that & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 27, 2020: COVID-19: ICLMG on Possibility of Phone Tracking; We can’t let COVID lead to 9/11-style erosion of civil liberties; COVID-19 Threatens More Than Your Health – Civil Liberties Are About to Be Slashed; DOJ Considering COVID-19 Terror Charges; ACLU: We don’t need a national security approach; ‘Do F-35s Fight Pandemics?’ Amid Covid-19 Outbreak, Lawmakers Pushing For Even More Useless Pentagon Spending; Coronavirus emergency laws will be here long after Covid-19 – and in the hands of the our least trustworthy government ever; UN chief urges immediate global cease-fire to fight COVID-19; Retired Australian baker loses appeal in Vietnam on controversial ‘financing terrorism’ charges & more. 

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 20, 2020: UN: States should not abuse COVID-19 measures to suppress rights; Release order bars woman from voicing support for Wet’suwet’en online; Let’s face the facts: To ensure our digital rights, we must hit pause on facial-recognition technology; Finding Amira: Canadian meets orphaned niece in Syria but forced to leave her behind; Casualties of ‘war on terror’ in Iraq: life, security and liberty; Counter-terrorism programmes are violating human rights, UN expert says; What Happened to FISA Reform?; Canada Has a Dismal Record of Locking Up Migrants; Philippine: Proposed new antiterror law a threat to freedoms, says the National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 14, 2020: BC Solicitor General Lied about Authorizing RCMP Deployments; RCMP Linked to Company Behind Violent Greta Thunberg Sticker; Police got a racism problem; Despite Denials, RCMP Used Facial Recognition for 18 Years; The U.S. Government Has a Secret Plan to Track Everyone’s Faces at Airports. ACLU is Suing; BCCLA Opposes Alberta’s “Anti-Protestor” Bill 1, Critical Infrastructure Defence Act; Canadian military says its intelligence operations aren’t bound by privacy law; Canada: Don’t Sabotage the ICC’s Israeli War Crimes Investigation; Violent extremism: Prevention programmes should not violate human rights – UN expert; Chelsea Manning Ordered Free From Prison — but Will Still Have to Pay Massive Fines; United Nations: More Than 20,000 Migrants Have Died Crossing Mediterranean Sea Since 2014; Freedom in the World 2020: A Leaderless Struggle for Democracy; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 6, 2020: ICLMG on what is considered terrorism; Uighurs did forced labour for many companies, including Bombardier; OPP gave identities of Tyendinaga Mohawks to CN Rail; RCMP member posted about machine-gunning protesters; Alberta’s anti-protestor bill suppresses democracy and violates treaties, say critics; RCMP denied using facial recognition technology – then said it had been using it for months; Liberals should halt police and private use of Clearview AI, NDP says; US threatens to pull big tech’s immunities if child abuse isn’t curbed, experts decry the attack on encryption; ‘We’re called terrorists:’ HWDSB anti-bullying session hears from Muslim community; The Torture Memos: Canadians tell government they’re being abused in foreign prisons; CJPME Disagrees with Trudeau Letter Discouraging ICC Prosecution of Israel; Senior ICC judges authorise Afghanistan war crimes inquiry; Through apps, not warrants, ‘Locate X’ allows federal law enforcement to track phones; Iran: At least 23 children killed by security forces in November protests – new evidence; Syria: Moscow summit must prioritize ending renewed attacks on civilians in Idlib & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, February 28, 2020: Open letter: Amnesty International visits Tyendinaga, urges Trudeau to act on reconciliation; Settler governments are breaking international law, not Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs, say 200 lawyers, legal scholars; RCMP Pensions Are Invested in Controversial Gas Pipeline Owner; Muskrat Falls protestors free of criminal charges; 350 Canada’s Emma Jackson on Jason Kenney’s new Bill 1 against blockades; Facial recognition app Clearview AI has been used far more widely in Canada than previously known; Commissioners launch joint investigation into Clearview AI amid growing concerns over use of facial recognition technology; The Star Editorial Board: We need a stop to ‘facial fingerprinting’ by police; Carnival Cruises, Delta, and 70 Countries Use a Facial Recognition Company You’ve Never Heard Of; Privacy commissioner says RCMP ignored his investigators in complaint cases; N.S.A. Phone Program Cost $100 Million, but Produced Only Two Unique Leads; Environment and animal rights activists being referred to Prevent programme; Revealed: how teachers could unwittingly trigger counter-terror inquiries; Russian Orthodox Church Steps Up Surveillance Under Government Anti-Terrorism Orders; Egypt: Eight men put to death in mass execution & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, February 21, 2020: Complaints commission told RCMP broad exclusion zones ‘impermissible’ a year ago; Mohammed: Consular help is woefully uneven for Canadians in distress abroad; Ottawa Police Service tested facial recognition software, but doesn’t use it; Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario Statement on Toronto Police Service Use of Clearview AI Technology; Leaked Reports Show EU Police Are Planning a Pan-European Network of Facial Recognition Databases; Former US drone operator recalls dropping a missile on Afghanistan children and says military is ‘worse than the Nazis’; Paid by the Pipeline: A Canadian Energy Company Bought an Oregon Sheriff’s Unit; “They Have Not Relented”: U.S. Maintains Support for Yemen War as Saudi Airstrike Kills 31 Civilians; Saudi Arabia: Specialized Criminal Court a political tool to muzzle critical voices; NYPD subpoenaed journalist’s Twitter data, citing anti-terrorism law; Father and brother of British volunteer, 27, fighting with the Kurdish-led YPG against ISIS in Syria appear in court on terror charges for ‘sending him £150’ & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, February 14, 2020: ICLMG condemns repression, criminalization of Wet’suwet’en land defenders, supporters & journalists; Wet’suwet’en Camps Reoccupied, Heavy RCMP Presence is Ongoing – Press release from the Wet’suwet’en territories; Liberals ‘have to do more’ to free my husband after 14 years in prison, says wife of jailed Huseyin Celil; ‘My freedom and my life were stolen from me,’ says Diab, suing over extradition; ‘You can’t live lightheartedly,’ Omar Khadr tells child soldiers panel in rare public appearance; Toronto police chief halts use of controversial facial recognition tool; Families with kids ensnared by no-fly list invited to test federal remedy; Counter-terrorism soft law, hard consequences; The FBI Makes a Bizarre Claim About “Pro-Choice Terrorism”; CIA controlled global encryption company for decades, says report; The US says Huawei has been spying through ‘back doors’ designed for law enforcement — which is what the US has been pressuring tech companies to do for years; Exclusive: More drawings allege CIA’s horrific treatment of Abu Zubaydah; Egypt moves toward toughening up draconian anti-terror law; Russia: Harsh Verdicts in Controversial Terrorism Cases; Remembering Bob Stevenson & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, February 7, 2020: Ottawa marches in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en nation; 6 arrested on Wet’suwet’en territory in fight against pipeline; Hassan Diab holds a press conference; ICLMG presented at the National Security Transparency Advisory Group; Federal agencies mishandled sensitive documents more than 5,000 times last year; Cyberspies “mistakenly” eyed Canadian for five years, watchdog report says; Ontario watchdog would be ‘very concerned’ about police using tools like Clearview AI; Privacy Commissioner files Notice of Application with the Federal Court against Facebook, Inc.; How counter-terror police quash dissent; Dispatch from Guantanamo: U.S. Must Open Criminal Investigation into Mitchell and Jessen, Two Torture Program Psychologists; European complicity in CIA torture in ‘black sites’; MI5 policy allowing informants to commit serious crimes ruled lawful; Russia Independent Media Rally to Cause of Jailed Journalist; U.S. Counterterrorism Rule Hampers Vital Humanitarian Aid in Nigeria; Iraq: UN human rights report voices concern over conduct of ISIL fighter trials; Les autorités françaises entretiennent des camps de prisonniers pour enfants en Syrie; Belgian government defies ruling of its supreme court on PKK & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, January 31, 2020: Video of talk on surveillance of progressive orgs; Solidarity with survivors & families of Quebec City Mosque shooting’s victims; Trois ans après la tuerie de la Grande Mosquée: la loi 21 pointée du doigt; Groups demand Ottawa take action over CSIS discrimination claims; The RCMP is a force of colonial bigotry; Oversight at the border: Will the government’s new oversight bill ensure truly independent review of complaints filed against CBSA?; Counter-terrorism laws provide smokescreen for civil society restrictions; More than 300 human rights activists were killed in 2019, report reveals; ‘This is mass rape’: China slammed over programme that ‘appoints’ men to sleep with Uighur women; Guantánamo’s Indelible Legacy: E ight ways Gitmo has contaminated American institutions, laws and customs; Editorial: The Tropic of Torture, from Guantanamo to Washington; US dropped record number of bombs on Afghanistan last year; Canada’s go-ahead for new Saudi exports leaves questions unanswered; Trump may extend his travel ban under the guise of anti-terrorism efforts; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, January 24, 2020: ICLMG Event: “When Poverty Mattered” Book Launch and Discussion on the national security surveillance of progressive orgs; Stop deportation of Moe Harkat; Hassan Diab sues govt for $90M; 10 yo boy still on No Fly List; Canada’s long history of criminalizing Indigenous resistance; Reporter’s Charter rights not violated, mischief trial to proceed, judge rules; CBSA broke law with digital device searches, privacy watchdog says; ‘I’m appalled’: Lawyers alarmed as Ottawa gives more powers to U.S. border officers at Canadian airports; How the Prosecution of Animal Rights Activists as Terrorists Foretold Today’s Criminalization of Dissent; Australia’s Leader Called For A Crackdown On Environmentalists Before Fires Broke Out; Revealed: US listed climate activist group as ‘extremists’ alongside mass killers; Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion and many non-violent groups included with neo-Nazis on UK counter-terror list; Take it from Britain’s Muslims, it’s not Extinction Rebellion that’s the problem, it’s Prevent; Targeted killings via drone becoming ‘normalised’ – report; A Torturer Meets His Victims: CIA Psychologist Defends Brutal Methods at Guantánamo Military Hearing; The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It; The Privacy Project: Twelve Million Phones, One Dataset, Zero Privacy; and more.

The News Digest was on hiatus for 5 weeks.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, December 13, 2019: Canada must bring back Yasser Albaz; Open letter to Public Safety Minister Bill Blair: The Liberal Government Must Stop Mohamed Harkat’s Deportation to Torture; What we’ve been up to in 2019! End-of-Year Summary; A forgotten Canadian returns home from the war on terror; Transport Canada investigates ‘racist’ song shared in no-fly list office – 10 years after the fact; Open Letter to Law Enforcement in the U.S., UK, and Australia: Weak Encryption Puts Billions of Internet Users at Risk; UN assistant secretary general for human rights: The Children of ISIS Don’t Belong in Cages, Either; Top US officials repeatedly misled public about Afghanistan War; Amnesty International USA Calls for Declassification and Full Release of Torture Report; Ahmed Rabbani: I’m innocent but still in Guantánamo because Trump is denying me justice; D.C. Circuit Considers Limits on Guantanamo Detention; John Kiriakou: Those Torture Drawings in the NYT; China: Government must show proof that Xinjiang detainees have been released; Aung San Suu Kyi impassive as genocide hearing begins; Ontario Parliamentarian Follows in Trump’s Footsteps, Introduces Bill Equating Criticism of Israel with Antisemitism; US plans to introduce facial scanning for all travellers; Social Media Vetting of Visa Applicants Violates the First Amendment; Human Rights First Statement on 2020 NDAA; White House veterans helped Gulf monarchy build secret surveillance unit; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, December 6, 2019: Time to reform Canada’s Extradition Act; Experts dispute Canada’s claim of no link between Saudi arms sales & human rights abuses; RCMP surveillance plane circles Stittsville for hours; Activist says RCMP profile about her is ‘kind of creepy and unsettling’; Keystone XL: police discussed stopping anti-pipeline activists ‘by any means’; These journalists have confounded China’s massive propaganda machine; Former B.C. politician claims Chinese accused him of ‘endangering national security’; HudBay Operations in Peru and Guatemala: Violence and Repression Found to Result from Mining Company Contracts with State Security Forces; What the C.I.A.’s Torture Program Looked Like to the Tortured; Donald Trump Keeps Navy SEALs Above the Law; Homeland Security will soon have biometric data on nearly 260 million people; Balancing act: Anti-terror efforts and humanitarian principles; Egypt: State Security prosecution operating as a ‘sinister tool of repression’; Critical Turkey economist detained by anti-terrorism police; London Bridge victim’s father condemns ‘beyond disgusting’ Boris Johnson for using son’s death for political gain; Iran: Death toll from bloody crackdown on protests rises to 208; Montreal pays activist $55,000 after brutal arrest by police officers; Charges dropped against more than 100 Extinction Rebellion protesters, and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 29, 2019: Memorial for Michele: End Femicide, Reform the Extradition Law and Launch of Public Inquiry Now!; No-Fly Lists: The Experiences of Canadian Muslims; Someone Call the Cops on new Public Safety Minister; Trans Mountain monitoring anti-pipeline activists, labelling some as ‘persons of interest’; Why government and industry want us to view the CN Rail strike as a security risk; Attorney-General David Lametti invokes power to block judge-ordered disclosures; China Cables Exposed: China’s Operating Manuals for Mass Internment and Arrest by Algorithm; Leak of China documents raises questions about imprisoned Canadian Huseyin Celil; ‘They can find out anything’: Leaked documents show China’s surveillance of Uighurs worldwide; Revealed: power and reach of China’s surveillance dragnet; Turkey: Prosecution call for jail term of up to 15 years for six human rights defenders, including Amnesty’s honorary chair and former director, defies logic; Éditorial: Il faut juger en France les djihadistes français; Amid War Crimes Allegations, Afghan Government Lacks Proper Mechanisms to Investigate; Iran: World must strongly condemn use of lethal force against protesters as death toll rises to 143; David Kaye, UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression: The surveillance industry is assisting state suppression. It must be stopped, and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 21, 2019: ICLMG: Spy Agency’s Failure to Inform Minister of “High Risk” Ops Raises Troubling Questions + 8 Steps the Liberal Govt Must Take to Protect Civil Liberties; Plus d’un tiers des personnes tuées par la GRC sont autochtones; No One in Israel Knew They Were Committing a Massacre, and They Didn’t Care; Canada reverses UN stance on Palestinians in break with U.S. over settlements; Analysis Finds U.S.-Led Wars Since 9/11 Killed 801,000 at a Cost of $6.4 Trillion; Anti-terror measures against youngsters’ online posts ‘linked to spike in child detention globally’; Calling Out the Misuse of Terrorism Rhetoric Against Refugee and Asylum Seekers; Trump proposed sending migrants to Guantánamo, claims book by anonymous author; The Xinjiang Papers: ‘Absolutely No Mercy’: Leaked Files Expose How China Organized Mass Detentions of Muslims; No need to worry about war crimes, Trump has soldiers’ backs: Neil Macdonald; Guantanamo Bay detainee: I lived through CIA torture. Everyone else can catch the movie; U.S. court refuses to lift stay of Omar Khadr appeal, leaving him in legal limbo: lawyer; Iran: More than 100 protesters believed to be killed as top officials give green light to crush protests; Nearly 3 billion people have lost their freedom in the name of ensuring public order. Now what?; Patriot Act Renewal Sneaks Through Congress With Dem Support; Border activist Scott Warren acquitted of harboring immigrants who crossed US-Mexico border; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 15, 2019: ICLMG’s Open Letter to PM: Minority Government Must Act to Promote, Defend Civil Liberties; Tim McSorley Talk at CCU 50th Anniversary Convention; Justice pour Hassan Diab: La BD; Montréal va abroger le règlement P-6; What will it take for the Government of Canada to stop characterizing the U.S. as a ‘safe’ place for refugees?; Syrie: Ottawa accusé de ne rien faire pour les «orphelins du djihad»; The names of Palestinians killed in Israeli air strikes on Gaza; Abortions, IUDs and sexual humiliation: Muslim women who fled China for Kazakhstan recount ordeals; ‘It’s Mutilation’: The Police in Chile Are Blinding Protesters; ‘Enormous Victory’: US Judge Rules Suspicionless Searches of Travelers’ Electronic Devices Unconstitutional; Murtaza Hussain: Baghdadi Died, but the U.S. War on Terror Will Go on Forever; Philippines: ‘We are a humanitarian organization,’ Oxfam stresses after AFP labels them terrorist front; EXCLUSIVE: This Is How the U.S. Military’s Massive Facial Recognition System Works; Australia: Privacy Commissioner blasts ‘obnoxious, fundamentally flawed’ anti-terror law; Statement of Civil Liberties Concerns About Monitoring of Social Media by Law Enforcement; UK breaching international law over torture ‘cover-up’, UN expert warns; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 8, 2019: Justice for Hassan Diab: Contact the PM; RCMP launches review of its social media monitoring; Federal employees worried they’re trained to spy on co-workers; Don’t Expand the War on Terror in the Name of Antiracism; Security and intelligence incursions in academic research: a threat to all of social science; ‘This Is Ethnic Cleansing’: A Dispatch from Kurdish Syria; Hundreds in Turkey Arrested in Crackdown on Critics of Military Offensive in Syria; New Zealand Labour-led government extends draconian anti-terror laws; Haïti: au moins 42 morts dont 19 tués par la police depuis mi-septembre; Aid workers question USAID counter-terror clause in Nigeria; Punished for committing no crime: How the Safe Third Country Agreement violates the Charter rights to equality, liberty and security; Your DNA Profile is Private? A Florida Judge Just Said Otherwise; New report shows 100+ members of civil society targeted as NSO Group continues to evade scrutiny; Extinction Rebellion: High Court rules London protest ban unlawful; Canada’s access to information and privacy guardians urge governments to modernize legislation to better protect Canadians; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 1, 2019: New ICLMG Video: Justice for Hassan Diab; ICLMG Joins International Call for Moratorium on Facial Recognition Technology; Trudeau’s decision to keep refugee families separated is unconscionable; Court to hear why sending refugee claimants back to the U.S. breaks Canadian law; Court challenge to Waterfront Toronto/Sidewalk Lab’s smart city continues; Young people take over House of Commons; South Dakota Governor drops anti-protest laws in settlement agreement with ACLU; Baghdadi Is Dead. The War on Terror Will Create Another; WhatsApp sues Israeli firm, accusing it of hacking activists’ phones; Republicans propose mass student surveillance plan to prevent shootings; The FBI Spends a Lot of Time Spying on Black Americans; Targeted Killing of Journalist Reflects Global Pattern + Application of the death penalty to foreign nationals and the provision of consular assistance by the home State; Ethiopia: Release of ‘coup’ suspects without charge follows continued abuse of anti-terrorism law; Iraqi PM Sends Counter-Terror Force To Put Down Street Protests; UK man who fought ISIS found guilty of terror offence in retrial; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, October 25, 2019: Victoire pour le droit de manifester à Québec; Court sides with Canadian critic of mining company; IACHR Calls to Protect Environmental Defenders; FBI’s Long History of Treating Political Dissent as Terrorism; Rejecting Challenge to No Fly List, Federal Appeals Court Leaves Men Charged With No Crime ‘In an Indefinite Kafkaesque Nightmare’; A Million People Are Jailed at China’s Gulags. I Managed to Escape. Here’s What Really Goes on Inside; ICE officer who drove truck into Jewish protesters will not be charged with a crime; An American Citizen Was Detained While Trying to Pay a Customs Fee on a Gift for His Daughter; ‘What Is Going to Happen to Us?’ Inside ISIS Prison, Children Ask Their Fate; Let jihadists return home, French anti-terror magistrate urges; The Guantanamo Bay prisoner whose fate was sealed by a Trump tweet; Turkey accused of using threats and deception to deport Syrian refugees; UN expert calls for ban on Israeli products from settlements, and much more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, October 18, 2019: Updated National Security Info Card with ICLMG’s comments; NCCM Mustafa Farooq’s comments on the Conservatives new platform promise; CCIC & ICLMG on Canada’s Charitable Sector; Drones approved for Canadian military; Syria: Evidence of war crimes by Turkish forces; Persecuted and uprooted, a young Yemeni finds safe haven in Canada; Why hasn’t Trudeau helped all the Snowden Refugees?; Edward Snowden: Without encryption, we will lose all privacy. This is our new battleground; Over 20 Canadian Organizations Stand in Solidarity with Ecuadorian Indigenous, Labour, and Civil Society Organizations; Citizen group focused on stopping ByWard Market surveillance cameras; U.S. border guards detain Canadian woman for 5 hours, refuse entry without visa; Extinction Rebellion blanket ban chilling and unlawful; Rebel Daily 6: Brutality in Belgium; Civil liberties groups sound alarm over online extremism bill; United Nations Backslides on Human Rights in Counterterrorism; The Privacy Project: You’re in a Police Lineup, Right Now (video); The FISA Court’s 702 Opinions, Part I: A History of Non-Compliance Repeats Itself; « Le communautarisme, ce n’est pas le terrorisme » : Macron souligne l’irresponsabilité de certains commentateurs politiques; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, October 11, 2019: ICLMG’s National Security Info Card 2015-2019; ICLMG presented at the CCU!; Open letter seeks federal party leaders’ promise to launch public inquiry on case of Hassan Diab; Diab, who fought terrorism allegations, finally gets new citizenship certificate; Statement by Ms. Fionnuala Ní Aoláin at the 2019 Global Counter-Terrorism Forum on the shrinking of civic space; Position of the Special Rapporteur on the Return of “Foreign Fighters” and their Families to Europe; How Canada’s far right is using anti-Muslim propaganda to target Trudeau; Police cannot arrest lawful protesters, even to prevent violence by others, Supreme Court rules; Arrestations douloureuses pour les militants d’Extinction Rebellion à Montréal; Canadian Mining Companies Part of the Problem as Repression of Indigenous and Social Movements Escalates in Ecuador; Dakota Access Pipeline Activists Face 110 Years in Prison, Two Years After Confessing Sabotage; After Trump Abandoned Kurds, Turkish Invasion Raises Fear of Kurdish Genocide & ISIS Resurgence; Egypt: children swept up in crackdown on anti-Sisi protests; A Ugandan leader just called LGBT+ people ‘terrorists’; Ethiopia: Release journalists arrested on unsubstantiated terrorism charges; New Zealand: Anti-terror measures vs digital freedom; Iraq: Lethal Force Used Against Protesters; Hong Kong: Emergency powers are an extreme attempt to quash protests; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, October 4, 2019: 2 PPC candidates tweet cartoon of Jagmeet Singh wearing turban with bomb on it; Canadian spy agency presented with transparency award, refuses to confirm details about event; Canada joins the Arms Trade Treaty — but will it cancel the Saudi deal?; Supreme Court ruling bolsters journalists’ authority to protect confidential sources; The Open Letter from the Governments of US, UK, and Australia to Facebook is An All-Out Attack on Encryption; Revealed: Anti-terror center helped police track environmental activists; New Domestic Terrorism Laws Are Unnecessary for Fighting White Nationalists; Australia has enacted 82 anti-terror laws since 2001. But tough laws alone can’t eliminate terrorism; ‘Enemies of the state’: The anti-terrorism laws that undermine our freedoms; Arun Kundnani: Leaving the ‘War on Terror’: alternatives to Prevent?; China is killing religious and ethnic minorities and harvesting their organs, UN Human Rights Council told; Prisoners ‘buried alive’ living in 24/7 silence and darkness in solitary confinement; Coders’ Rights Are At Risk in Brazil, and the Harms Could Affect Everyone; How this Russian journalist could end up in prison “for justifying terrorism”; Leaking classified information is ‘thievery, not protected speech,’ Justice Department says; U.S. judge blocks Trump rule on migrant child detention, and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, September 27, 2019: ICLMG Calls On Federal Leaders to Commit to Defending Civil Liberties in 2019 Federal Election; A Shackled BC Pipeline Protester Reflects; The FBI targeted environmental activists in domestic terror investigations; Justin Trudeau is legitimizing Donald Trump’s concentration camps – video; Politicians must stop ‘normalising language of far-right if we want to tackle terror’; Leaders clash over Andrew Scheer’s pledge to end funding for UNRWA at debate; Fears for Rohingya refugees, a Dutch counter-terror bill that could impede aid; Human rights: Reported reprisals on the rise, says UN; Court calls U.S. ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ torture; U.S. Military Appoints Panel For Omar Khadr’s War-Crimes Appeal; Guantanamo Periodic Review Board Hearings Fail to Meaningfully Review Detention; Egyptian forces fire teargas at anti-Sisi protesters in Cairo; Hong Kong: Arbitrary arrests, brutal beatings and torture in police detention revealed; Live facial recognition surveillance ‘must stop’; Citizens can’t be sued for filing access to information requests, court rules; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, September 20, 2019: ICLMG Top 10 Asks for the 2019 Federal Election; Podcast: Why Is The State Of Civil Liberties Missing From Canada’s Election Campaign? Featuring ICLMG’s Tim McSorley; The global assault on environmental rights behind Jason Kenney’s war; Refugees Explained – Election Reality Check; ‘Total Massacre’ as U.S. Drone Strike Kills 30 Farmers in Afghanistan; How the FBI Increased Its Power After 9/11 and Helped Put Trump in Office; Constitution Day 2019: The Hidden Domestic Surveillance Crisis; Edward Snowden Responds After Trump DOJ Sues Whistleblower Over New Memoir the US Government ‘Does Not Want You to Read’; 5 rights groups urge UN chief to condemn China over Muslims; Trump pushes tweet falsely claiming Ilhan Omar partied on 9/11 anniversary; Oxfam faces $160 million legal threat over Palestine aid project & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, September 13, 2019:  Update in the Justice for Hassan Diab campaign; ICLMG on CSIS secrecy and policy issues; Amnesty International says Jason Kenney’s ‘fight back’ strategy violates human rights; Reporter Justin Brake mounting charter challenge against Muskrat Falls charges; Quand l’immigration est une conséquence directe des guerres sans fin; Exclusive: Edward Snowden’s guardian angels (video); Rights Groups Urge House Dems to Block NSA From Collecting Americans’ Phone Records; Harrowing Cables Detail How the CIA Tortured Accused 9/11 Mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Jeopardizing the Case Against Him; The FBI Was Deeply Involved in CIA Black Site Interrogations Despite Years of Denials, Guantánamo Defense Lawyer Says; What Happens Now to the More Than 1 Million People on the U.S.’ Terrorist Watchlist; How the ‘War on Terror’ became a convenient tool for repression; Iran: Prison and flogging sentences for seven journalists and activists ‘disgraceful injustice’; France: G7 Summit clouded by crackdown on protesters; The myth of the free speech crisis & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, September 5, 2019: ICLMG: Why CBSA needs a watchdog + comments on “Federal judge says US terror watchlist is unconstitutional” & “NHS reports protester to Prevent for joining Extinction Rebellion”; Following release of BC activist Rita Wong, Canada must not criminalize protest; Leaving the War on Terror: A Progressive Alternative to Counter-Terrorism Policy; EU to regulate face recognition as privacy threat; Digital civic space under attack; The U.S. Border Patrol and an Israeli Military Contractor Are Putting a Native American Reservation Under “Persistent Surveillance”; Border Patrol Has Killed At Least 97 People Since 2003. Hear Some of Their Victims’ Stories; ‘I Can’t Feel My Heart:’ Children Separated from Their Parents at US-Mexico Border Showed Increased Signs of Post-traumatic Stress; Turkey has sentenced 321 lawyers to 2,000 years in jail since 2016 – report; Bangladesh may ‘force’ 100,000 Rohingya to resettle on uninhabited island; Body of Michigan Man Deported to Iraq Is Returned to the U.S. & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, August 30, 2019: Justice for Hassan Diab: Our webcomic & new action; Canadian Muslims denied entry to US; Canada must end migration detention of children; Bad Idea to Vet Migrants’ Social Media; Let’s Not Start a New War on Terror; Why New Laws Against White Supremacist Violence Are the Wrong Response to El Paso; What in the world is Adam Schiff thinking with his domestic terrorism bill?; Alex Neve on “The ‘Jihadi Jack’ debate: Who has a right to come to Canada?”; Canada used citizens travelling to Communist countries to gather intelligence during Cold War: report; CCR joins protests against North America’s withdrawal from refugee protection; More than 1,700 activists have been killed this century defending the environment; Halt the use of facial-recognition technology until it is regulated; Victory for Netpol campaigning as Home Office confirms it has stopped using the term “domestic extremism”; The Tragic Story of Jimmy Aldaoud, Deported From the Streets of Detroit to His Death in Iraq; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, August 23, 2019: ICLMG: Review of Hassan Diab case won’t prevent future wrongful extraditions; The Liberals promised to reform Bill C-51. What happened?; CSIS harassment of Muslim youth; Air Canada forced 12-year-old Muslim girl to take off her hijab after already passing security; RCMP ‘sitting on’ watchdog report into alleged spying on anti-oil protesters; Deportation of former child refugee a violation of international law: Canadian human rights lawyer – take action!; Canada’s New and Irresponsible Encryption Policy; Federal Court Judge Concedes – If Canadian Embassy in Mexico Had Acted Differently, Mariano Abarca Might Not Have Been Murdered, But Refuses to Order Investigation; From El Paso to the War on Terror, the Dangers of Historical Amnesia; The FBI could fight far-right violence if they wanted to – but they don’t; Portland Rejects Proud Boys & Other Ultra-Right Groups as Trump Tries to Criminalize Antifa; Oil Lobbyist Touts Success in Effort to Criminalize Pipeline Protests, Leaked Recording Shows; US to remove limit on how long immigrant children can be detained; For Years, Reporters Questioned the Terror Prosecution of Hamid Hayat. Now He’s Been Freed; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, July 19, 2019: ICLMG calls for release of report on Hassan Diab; ICLMG comments on new national security review mechanism coming into existence & new Entry/Exit program coming into force; ICLMG denounces Australian encryption law; Environmentalists felt like ‘enemies of the state’ after cabinet minister’s letter; Civil liberties association looking into the Cedar Hopperton parole case; Critics question why Canada’s border officers need bulletproof vests to work with migrants; In light of new US refugee policy, Canada must Immediately Suspend the Safe Third Country Agreement; Fight for the Future: Don’t Regulate Facial Recognition. Ban It; The network behind state bills ‘countering’ Sharia law and terrorism; Ethiopia: New journalist arrests put press freedom gains at risk; Crimean Tatars Face Unfounded Terrorism Charges: Raids, Arbitrary Arrests, Torture of Activists; Russian Journalist Feels ‘Doomed’ by Inclusion on Terror List; China Is Forcing Tourists to Install Text-Stealing Malware at its Border and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, July 12, 2019: ‘This isn’t about national security’: Civil liberties group releases Protest Papers showing CSIS spying of pipeline activists; ICLMG’ comments; Trans Mountain protesters may already be under surveillance; What CSIS ought to investigate instead; ‘Protesters as terrorists’: growing number of states turn anti-pipeline activism into a crime; Cedar Hopperton will stay in jail following heated speech at Hamilton city hall; It’s Time for the Democratic Candidates to Confront Islamophobia; China accused of rapid campaign to take Muslim children from their families; The Massive Perils of the Latest U.N. Resolution on Terrorism; U.K. proposal to ‘Bcc’ law enforcement on messaging apps threatens global privacy; Revealed: This Is Palantir’s Top-Secret User Manual for Cops; Revealed: This Is Palantir’s Top-Secret User Manual for Cops; Egypt: Detainees trapped in ‘revolving doors’ of prison system as authorities bypass release orders; Pentagon Document Shows U.S. Knew of “Credible” Reports of Civilian Casualties After Its Attacks in Somalia; FBI’s Leniency Toward Border Vigilante Contrasts With Harsh Treatment of “Black Identity Extremist”; Report Shows How War Profiteers Are Now Refugee Profiteers, Too; ICE Just Quietly Opened Three New Detention Centers, Flouting Congress’ Limits; Europe Has Turned Its Back on Its ISIS Suspects; Détention abusive: un recours collectif de 77 millions$, and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, July 5, 2019: Take action: Justice Minister must release report on Hassan Diab now; Canada still shipping LAVs to Saudi Arabia; Advisory Group on National Security Transparency launched; Jason Kenney’s ‘War Room’ is a Threat to Free Speech; Calls for probe of Canadian lobbyist firm’s contract with Sudan military regime; She Defended Her Land Against a Mine in Guatemala. Then She Fled in Fear for Her Life; The missing outrage from Canada’s political leaders on U.S. child ‘torture facilities’; Judge blocks Trump policy keeping asylum-seekers locked up; US Authorities are misusing justice system to harass migrant human rights defenders; Pia Klemp: I Helped Save Thousands of Migrants from Drowning. Now I’m Facing 20 Years in Jail; Air strike kills at least 44 at migrant detention centre in Libya; Trump officials weigh encryption crackdown; Domestic extremism label is ‘manifestly deficient’ says former reviewer of terrorism laws; EU’s terrorism filter plans: The problems just keep coming; Whistleblower returns to Australian court over Afghan leak; Moratorium call on surveillance technology to end ‘free-for-all’ abuses: UN expert; Europe should ban AI for mass surveillance and social credit scoring, says advisory group; Japan to Hack 200 Million IoT Devices; CIA Has Covered Up Torture for Decades. Will Torturers Ever Be Prosecuted?; Don’t strip ISIS terror suspects like ‘Jihadi Jack’ of citizenship, experts say & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, June 28, 2019: 16 Years Fighting Deportation to Torture: Enough!; ICLMG: Who reviews cyber attacks in Canada?; CBSA won’t be getting independent review as bill dies; Feds spent $2M last year to fight Abdelrazik torture lawsuit; Death of Uighur writer sparks call for Canada to act; While applauding Canadian Arms Trade Treaty accession, civil society looks for action to curb our Saudi arms exports; Mounties put more eyes in the sky with expanding drone fleet; UK: Five ridiculous reasons why the police label campaigners as ‘domestic extremists’; Trump Admin Moves 100 Migrant Kids Back to “Child Jail” Despite Concern over Inhumane Conditions; Citizens to the UN: Investigate Our “Torture Chambers in the Sky”; Pakistan: Human right activist charged under anti-terrorism laws for raising voice over rape and murder of a minor; Australia: Anti-terrorism legislation strips civil liberties; Deprivation and Despair: A New Report on the Guantanamo Detainees; Statelessness for terrorists’ families, never an acceptable option, urges UN rights chief; Daesh suspect Jack Letts’ parents found guilty of funding terrorism; Ottawa makes it harder for bidders to challenge national security exceptions and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, June 21, 2019: What we’ve done in 2019; C-59 has passed: MPs have failed to protect our rights; Canada should think again about having the ability to use offensive cyber weapons; RCMP was created to control Indigenous people. Can it change?; ‘Army’ of RCMP to Protect Pipeline, but No Answers on Indigenous Woman’s Death; Inuit land protectors arrested on Parliament Hill; Native rights advocates try to bust ‘riot-boosting’ law in court; Advocates urge Ottawa to stop sales of military goods to Saudi Arabia; UK: Arms to Saudi Arabia ruling welcomed as ‘rare piece of good news for Yemen’; Jim Bronskill: CSIS destroyed secret file on Pierre Trudeau, stunning historians; Scientists Are Aiding Apartheid in China; Des groupes de défense des libertés civiles intentent un recours juridique contre la loi 21; Next Customs and Border Protection press secretary will be Katharine Gorka; Surveillance and human rights: Report of the UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of expression; Kenya: Robert Alai may be first blogger charged under new anti-terrorism law; Krept & Konan accuse police of using anti-terror laws to ‘clampdown’ on rappers & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, June 14, 2019: Update on C-59; ICLMG interviewed: Army spies can collect, share info on Canadians + Teacher strip-searched at airport after angry guard didn’t find drugs; Why was centre for intelligence expertise kept so secret?; How the RCMP Dealt With the Media During a Suspected Terror Attack; Saudi Arabia: Authorities must not resort to use of death penalty against protester arrested aged 13; The FBI Admits Black Lives Matter Was Never a Threat. It’s White People You Should Be Worried About; Press Freedom Under Attack: Australian Police Raid Network for Exposing War Crimes in Afghanistan; Media group demands release of jailed Al Jazeera journalist; Stephen Breyer Is Worried About the Forever War’s Permanent Prisoners. He’s 15 Years Too Late; House panel bans new detainees from entering Gitmo, blocks new construction; Mauritania: Allow Ex-Guantanamo Detainee to Travel; OMCT ‏calls on Turkish gov’t to investigate ‘credible’ torture allegations ‘across the country’; The Impact of “Extremist” Speech Regulations on Human Rights Content; Soudan : quatre personnes tuées au premier jour d’un mouvement de désobéissance civile.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, June 7, 2019: ICLMG had its Spring General Assembly on June 4 in Montreal; China targeting human-rights activists in Canada, Senate committee told; The Ongoing Persecution of China’s Uyghurs; Trump Administration Asks Congress to Make Disrupting Pipeline Construction a Crime Punishable by 20 Years in Prison; Meltdown Showed Extent of NSA Surveillance — and Other Tales From Hundreds of Intelligence Documents; Prosecuting Julian Assange for Espionage Is a Coup Attempt Against the First Amendment; Turkey seeks extradition of UK barrister over Twitter activity; “Massacre” in Sudan: Protesters Continue Call for Civilian Rule After Military Kills 100+ at Sit-in; Big Data and Criminal Justice – What Canadians Should Know; U.S. now seeking social media details from most visa applicants; Fatal gunfire escalates Pakistan army crackdown on Pashtun group; German security agencies want access to home devices and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, May 31, 2019: ICLMG: Senators fail to protect civil liberties by adopting Bill C-59 without crucial amendments; ICLMG to Justice Min: Release Report & Launch Public Inquiry into Hassan Diab Case Now; Open Letter to GCHQ on the Threats Posed by the Ghost Proposal; We are now on Instagram! Lawyers filed a humanitarian appeal in Canada on behalf of four of the Snowden refugees; Yasser Ahmed Albaz’s Detention In Notorious Egyptian Prison Renewed Yet Again; Egypt: Serious Abuses, War Crimes in North Sinai; Criminal charges dropped against group that occupied Muskrat Falls in 2016; After Standing Rock, protesting pipelines can get you a decade in prison and $100K in fines; Le compte Twitter de TLMEP remis en service après avoir été signalé par un internaute; It’s ‘immoral’ to not let Canadians detained in Syria come home: human rights advocate; US Navy wants 350 billion social media posts; Les dockers de Marseille refusent de charger des armes à destination de l’Arabie saoudite; Congress Needs to Take Responsibility for America’s Wars; These laws make police get public buy-in on surveillance tools; Privacy International Wins Historic Victory at UK Supreme Court; Pakistan: Investigate North Waziristan killings, and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, May 24, 2019: Islamic Relief Canada joins the ICLMG; Meet ICLMG’s co-chair, Rasha; Why wasn’t Bissonnette charged with terrorism?; The secret story of Canada’s fight against migrants; 6th migrant child died in US custody; Amnesty Urges U.S. to Pay Reparations to Syrians After Killing 1,600 Civilians in Assault on Raqqa; Assange Indicted Under Espionage Act, Raising First Amendment Issues; The Espionage Axe: Donald Trump and the War Against a Free Press – podcast & video; ‘We won’t be complicit’: Italian dock workers refuse to load Saudi arms ship over Yemen war – video; Architects of Post-9/11 CIA Interrogation Program to Testify Before a Military Tribunal; Family of Jailed Saudi Feminist Loujain Al-Hathloul: She Was Waterboarded, Flogged & Electrocuted; Access Now on the Christchurch Call: rights, wrongs, and what’s next; Trump May Be Preparing Pardons for Servicemen Accused of War Crimes & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, May 17, 2019: Bill C-59: Senate committee misses opportunity to protect rights. Now Senate as a whole must act; Take action: Call on the Senate to fix Bill C-59 and protect our rights!; Animal rights activists are labelled extremists, surveilled by police; Q&A: Omar Khadr and Canadian law; Three former Guantanamo prisoners were cleared by the U.S. — but will Ottawa let them join their Canadian wives?; I’ve Been to Guantanamo. It’s No Place for Kids.; Migrant boy, 2, dies after being detained by US Border Patrol; 4th death of minor since December; His Visa Was Stamped, His Papers in Order. Then He Was Targeted By a Secretive CBP Task Force; ‘Flying Ginsu’ Missile Won’t Resolve U.S. Targeted Killing Controversy; Trump Steps up War on Whistleblowers: Air Force Vet Daniel Hale Arrested For Leaking Drone War Info; Chelsea Manning ordered to jail again after refusing to testify on WikiLeaks; France Takes Unprecedented Action Against Reporters Who Published Secret Government Document; Muslim groups contest claim that proposed definition could undermine counter-terror fight, and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, May 10, 2019: ICLMG urges Senate to protect our rights & fix Bill C-59, the National Security Act, 2017; CBSA seizes lawyer’s devices for not sharing passwords; ICLMG on new CBSA review legislation and No-Fly List Study; How Mass Surveillance Works in Xinjiang, China; Counter-terrorism measures threaten democracy; Turquie : perpétuité confirmée pour les journalistes Ahmet Altan et Nazli Ilicak; Coalition Letter to DHS Opposing Surveillance of Activists, Journalists, and Lawyers; It’s time for everyone to admit that the Guantanamo military commissions have failed & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, May 3, 2019: Tim McSorley on Bill C-59 Senate Commitee hearing; Families of 2 executed men call on Canada to stop arming Saudi Arabia; RCMP invasion of Wet’suwet’en Nation territory breaches Canada’s ‘rule of law’; Pipeline Protester in West Virginia Faces Terrorism Charge for Civil Disobedience; Trump blacklisting the Muslim Brotherhood has nothing to do with ‘fighting terrorism’; New Pentagon Report Significantly Undercounts Civilian Casualties; US Counterterrorism Under the UN Spotlight; Another synagogue shooting: Of course Trump won’t crack down on white supremacist terror; Nationalist Politicians Push Sri Lankan “Patriot Act” on Fearful Populace Following Easter Attacks; Brown University student mistakenly identified as Sri Lanka bombing suspect; Campaigners against Uighur oppression blacklisted on terrorism database; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, April 26, 2019: B.C. men challenge constitutionality of Canada’s no-fly list; Enabling Civil Society Report; Omar Khadr à TLMEP; Coalition airstrikes Killed 1,600 Syrian Civilians; Saudi Arabia executed 37 after sham terror trial; Vancouver airport rejects ads offering information on digital privacy; US facial recognition will cover 97 percent of departing airline passengers within four years; Communities at risk: How encroaching surveillance is putting a squeeze on activists; We Built an ‘Unbelievable’ (but Legal) Facial Recognition Machine; How the War on Terror Is Being Written; Guantánamo’s Slow Poisoning of Democracy; US immigration officials looking at housing migrant children at Guantánamo Bay, report says; The U.S.-Mexico border isn’t protected by militias, it’s patrolled by domestic terrorists; Severe police-state measures come into force in Sri Lanka; Collapse of rule of law in Erdoğan’s Turkey; NSA Recommends Dropping Phone-Surveillance Program; Indigenous peoples lives and their rights increasingly at risk; Cutting off the internet is a TERRIBLE idea, whether or not you agree with Extinction Rebellion, and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, April 19, 2019: Canada’s terror threat report maligns communities; Le SPVM refuse de dire s’il espionne les Montré; Civil Society Under Attack in Name of Counterterrorism; The US Military Feeds at the Terror Trough; ICC Makes “Dangerous Decision” to Drop Probe into U.S. War Crimes in Afghanistan After U.S. Pressure; The Corruption of the Terrorist Group List; French Agency Falsely Reports More Than 550 URLs as Terrorist Content; Sri Lankan government prepares new anti-terrorism laws; Three teens charged in Malta over refugee ship hijacking; Britons going to terror hotspots face 10 years in jail under controversial new laws; Aidan James: British man who fought against Daesh in Syria faces retrial on terror charges; UK overseas spending linked to 350 death sentences in Pakistan; UK government signals it could back Britons in Syria facing death penalty in Iraq; DC Circuit says Guantanamo judge created ‘intolerable cloud of partiality’ and tosses his rulings; Trump shifting DHS focus from counterterrorism to immigration (podcast); Alberta: Jason Kenney promet de s’en prendre aux écolos; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, April 12, 2019: Tim McSorley on changes to problematic Threat Report, National Security Committee’s 1st annual report & first Senate committee meeting on Bill C-59; 5 Reasons to Care about RCMP Monitoring Your Social Media; US Judge considers whether terror watchlist is unconstitutional; As Black Activists Protested Police Killings, Homeland Security Had Unfounded Fear They Might Join ISIS; UN Special Rapporteurs’ Comments on New Australian Law on Online “Abhorrent Violent Material”; Jailing social media bosses won’t make us safer from terrorists; The Consequences of Legislating Cyberlaw After Terrorist Attacks; How News Media Talk About Terrorism: What the Evidence Shows; India – Anti-terror cell keeps eye on ration card applicants; My Father Was Killed on 9/11 When I Was Five, But What I Experienced at Guantánamo Bay Did Not Feel Like Justice; Guantánamo Trials Grapple With How Much Evidence to Allow About Torture; China’s hi-tech war on its Muslim minority; Dems introduce bill to repeal Trump ‘Muslim ban’; Canadian Council for Refugees shocked by anti-refugee provisions in Budget Implementation bill; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, April 5, 2019: Tim McSorley on redraft of (Un)Safe Third Country Agreement; Why is my child on a terrorist watchlist?; No digital device privacy at Canadian border; Canada must help refugee families who helped Snowden; RCMP Has Yet to Complete Privacy Assessment on Social Media Surveillance Tech; Ontario court refuses to order accused to unlock his smartphone; Centre de prévention de la radicalisation: Montréal caviarde l’essentiel du rapport; France – Le gouvernement mobilise la lutte anti-terroriste contre les activistes du climat; Coalition of WWII Japanese American internment camp survivors stage protest at migrant detention facility at border; MI6 face another criminal investigation into allegations its officers were party to Guantanamo torture; Pakistan: Misusing Anti-Terrorism Courts; Who facilitated the Christchurch terrorist’s journey through hate?; Australia’s plans for internet regulation: aimed at terrorism, but harming human rights; ‘I felt like a slave:’ Inside China’s complex system of incarceration and control of minorities; Crimea: At least 20 people detained in a new crackdown against Crimean Tatar minority; Bosnians deported from Croatia for ‘refusing to spy on Muslims’; Death from Above: Every Saudi coalition air raid on Yemen; Podcast: American Dystopia: The State, Surveillance and Illusion of Choice & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 29, 2019: RCMP Social Media Spying Part of Broad Threat to Privacy; Finally Getting it Right on Omar Khadr; Airstrike by Saudi-led coalition killed 5 children; NZ response to mosque massacre offers lessons for Canada; UK police force can download everything from your phone without your consent; Toronto police tight-lipped on details around acquisition of controversial surveillance tool; Green Scare: How a Movement That Never Killed Anyone Became the FBI’s No. 1 Domestic Terrorism Threat; Fear of Black Homeland: The Strange Tale of the FBI’s Fictional “Black Identity Extremism” Movement; Terrorism’s Double Standard: Violent Far-Right Extremists Are Rarely Prosecuted as Terrorists; Sending in the Troops; Ground-Breaking Federal Court Hearing over Canadian Mining Diplomacy and Assassination of Mexican Community Leader; Justin Brake’s case a win for journalistic freedom; Turkish photojournalist Cagdas Erdogan to stand trial on terrorism charges; Two of the Snowden Refugees arrive in Canada; UK ‘Schedule 7’ stops in violation of human rights, European court rules; ‘The Case Is Finally Over’: Charges Dropped Against All Remaining J20 Defendants.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 22, 2019: The victims of the NZ shootings; Christchurch happens every day in the war of terror; Trudeau govt must address Islamophobia now; Is NZ the tipping point in the fight against white power movement?; ‘War on Terror’ advocates have ‘generated’ far-right terrorism; Rights Activists Denounce China’s Xinjiang White Paper; The Hidden U.S. Air War in Somalia: Amnesty Accuses U.S. of Possible War Crimes for Civilian Deaths; Les caméras du G7 continueront de filmer; Budget includes watchdog agency for border officers; ACLU: The U.S. Is Acting Like an Authoritarian Regime by Barring ICC Officials Probing War Crimes; The FBI Won’t Hand Over Its Surveillance Records on ‘Black Identity Extremists,’ so We’re Suing; Counter-terrorism and humanitarian action: The perils of zero tolerance; The Maharashtra Muslims acquitted of ‘terrorism’ after 25 years; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 15, 2019: Mass shootings at two mosques in New Zealand; Resources against Islamophobia; Palestinian protester killed by Israeli forces; ICLMG responds to ex-CSIS analyst op-ed; CAUT interviews Tim McSorley; Counter-terrorism: How do we ensure the state is accountable?; UK’s Prevent guidance to universities unlawful, court rules; Aid groups worry new US anti-terror law could leave them liable; Rappers Charged With Terrorism for Sharing Song Critical of Police on Facebook and YouTube; Plans for Wheelchair-Accessible Cells at Gitmo Paint ‘Chilling Picture’ of Detainees Held Without Trial For Rest of Their Lives; The American Machine: Police Torture to Drone Assassinations (podcast); The US Government Will Be Scanning Your Face At 20 Top Airports, Documents Show; Canada must do more to help jailed Saudi women, activist says; Soupçonnés d’être liés à l’Etat islamique, des enfants torturés en Irak (vidéo); and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 8, 2019: Canada Must Cancel Vehicles Sales to Saudi Arabia; UN: Saudi anti-terror laws stifle dissent; The Fruit Machine; US lawmakers sign pledge to end forever wars; UK & US bombs killed 1,000 Yemeni civilians; Inside the Secretive U.S. Air War in Somalia: How Many Civilians Have Died as Strikes Escalate?; Security force killings ‘not crimes’; Abuses against Children Suspected of ISIS Affiliation in Iraq; EU ‘Terrorist Content’ Proposal Sets Dire Example for Free Speech Online; Disputed NSA Phone Program Is Shut Down, Aide Says; U.S. Govt Tracking Journalists and Immigration Advocates with Secret Database; GOP’s anti-Muslim display likens Rep. Omar to a terrorist; Will Guantanamo become a 2020 issue?; Google hedges on promise to end controversial involvement in military drone contract; ICE Releases 12 Infants From Detention After Outcry; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 1, 2019: ICLMG: Canada must act now for the release and return of Yasser Ahmed Albaz; ‘I want my father home’: Family of man detained in Egypt calls on Canada to intervene; ICLMG’s comment on Bill C-59 and the inaction on the No Fly List; UN Special Rapporteur: Counter-terrorism is shrinking civil society space; UN says Israel’s killings at Gaza protests may amount to war crimes; Nunavut priest sex abuse case stirs up criticism of ‘least fair law in Canada’; Police in Canada Are Tracking People’s ‘Negative’ Behavior In a ‘Risk’ Database; The Trial: A short film on Guantanamo; Guantánamo Kid: The True Story of Mohammed El-Gharani, a new graphic novel; Stansted 15 ordered back to court over aggravated trespass case; Liberté for Whom? French Muslims Grapple With a Republic That Codified Their Marginalization; TEDxTalk: Why people should govern surveillance technology and not the other way around, and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, February 22, 2019: ICLMG on the lack of independent review of CBSA; Justice isn’t served when double standards taint the system; Canada must act in case of political prisoners in Honduras; Mapping the American War on Terror in 80 countries; US Government Rebuked for Giving 1,400 Private Companies Access to Dubious Terrorism Watchlist; The Department of Justice Loves Publicizing Arrests of Alleged Terrorists — but Not the White Nationalist Coast Guard Officer; UK: Freedom of expression and the Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Act; Russian Federation: misuse of anti-terrorism legislation limits media freedom and freedom of expression; He is a prominent anti-Modi intellectual. The Indian government wants him behind bars; Global assault on NGOs reaches crisis point as new laws curb vital human rights work; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, February 15, 2019: Change of Heart: Call Trudeau Today to Stop Moe Harkat’s Deportation; Open letter to Public Safety Minister Re Inaction on CBSA accountability; Mother of Canadian Resident Imprisoned in Iran Seeks Pardon; L’époque d’Alexandre Bissonnette; La genèse d’une tuerie; Ottawa must go further in fighting right-wing extremism; Why is Canada ignoring the Snowden refugees?; U.S. Bombings in Afghanistan Approached Record Levels in 2018; What happened to prisoners at Bagram, ‘Afghanistan’s Guantanamo’?; ‘Shame for humanity’: Turkey urges China to close Uighur camps; Open letter to EU Parliament on the Terrorism Database; Calls for UK extremism database to be abolished; The U.K.’s Prosecution of Peaceful Protestors Is Raising Fears Over Anti-Terror Laws; Anti-‘Black Pete’ protestors make complaint about inclusion on terrorism list; Dems Accuse Trump Admin of “State-Sponsored Child Abuse” as Separated Migrant Children Scandal Grows; Saudi Arabia responsible for Khashoggi’s ‘brutal’ murder, UN special rapporteur says; Lithuania faces second suit over CIA ‘black site’, and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, February 7, 2019: Border agency breaches privacy of refugee claimant; Harassment, sexual assault among alleged misconduct by border agents investigated by CBSA; Lettre du Président du Centre culturel islamique de Québec au Premier Ministre du Québec; Tories ‘Ramping Up Fear’ About Refugees As Election Looms: Experts; Monia Mazigh: Kingston arrest shows terrorism charges are exclusively for Muslims; Policing Indigenous Dissent: Trends Behind Wet’suwet’en Raid; Revealed: FBI investigated civil rights group as ‘terrorism’ threat and viewed KKK as victims; UN tells UK: stop using terror charges against peaceful protesters; Targeted Killing and the Right to Life: A Structural Framework; Saudi Arabia: Authorities must drop calls to execute peaceful protesters; Exclusive Report: Sold to an ally, lost to an enemy; Trump administration argues it could be ‘traumatic’ to reunite thousands of migrant children with their parents; Like Military at Gitmo, ICE Reportedly Using Nasal Tubes to Force Feed Migrant Prisoners on Hunger Strike; Alex Neve: Trump-led U.S. is not ‘safe’ for refugees & more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, February 1, 2019: Canada ignores national security threat posed by violence against women; Why we’re holding vigil for Qc city Mosque victims; “Irresponsable et inexact”: Legault nie l’existence de l’Islamophobie au Québec; Response to Quebec mosque killings stands in stark contrast to arrest of teen in Kingston; Mosquée de Québec: une veuve reconnue comme victime; Undercover agents target Toronto-based cybersecurity watchdog Citizen Lab, which reported key details in Khashoggi case; UK Royal Air Forces classified the Stansted 15 as an ‘enemy force’; Canada denies Rohingya couple’s asylum claim; Commissaire à la protection de la vie privée du Canada: La liberté et la démocratie ne peuvent exister sans la vie privée; Sept. 11 defense lawyers threaten hearing boycott over FBI interview of paralegal; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, January 25, 2019: Chaque jour est un enfer, témoigne la veuve d’une victime de l’attentat de la mosquée de Québec; Chinese Islamophobia was made in the West; Wife of Canadian citizen jailed 13 years in China fears he’s been ‘forgotten’ amid Huawei crisis; Time for Canada to stand with Yemeni civilians, not Saudi war criminals; UN: 254 Palestinians killed, 23,000 injured in Gaza protests; How a Pakistani boy exposed police for killing his family; Abiy’s Ethiopia pardons 13,000 accused of treason or terrorism; Turquie : dix ans de prison pour Murat Arslan, lauréat 2017 du prix Vaclav-Havel; UK: Do not criminalise aid work; Stansted 15 launch appeal against disproportionate convictions; No End in Sight: The Perils of Trump’s Guantánamo; Une personne meure aux mains de la police à chaque 4 jours au Canada; Hundreds of nonviolent immigration detainees sent to max-security jails as part of ‘abhorrent’ government program; Pressure mounts on Amazon, Microsoft, and Google against selling facial recognition to government, and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, January 18, 2019: RCMP action against Wet’suwet’en places corporate interests over Indigenous rights; After 17-year fight against security certificate, Toronto man sues govt for $34M; As a former Iranian prisoner, I know Trudeau must save Saeed Malekpour; Rally at Global Affairs Canada: Cancel Saudi Weapons Deal, End ALL Weapons Exports; Saudi Use of Child Soldiers in Yemen: US Tax Dollars “Help Pay for It”; Our Lawsuit Against the Trump Administration Revealed How It Lies About Terrorism; Kanji: The Uighurs remain forgotten in debates over human rights in China; 8-Year-Old Guatemalan Boy Dies in Border Patrol Custody Days After High Court Rejects Asylum Ban; Syria: US withdrawal does not erase Coalition’s duty towards Raqqa’s devastated civilians; Deciphering the extremism narrative; How the Iraqi crackdown on the Islamic State may actually increase support for the Islamic State; 17 Years Later, Guantanamo Prison Remains a Threat to Human Rights; Rubin: It’ll be tough getting answers from Canada’s new security and intelligence committee; Give Up the Ghost: A Backdoor by Another Name; Will Trump’s AG Pick William Barr Face Questions over Gitmo, Mass Incarceration & NSA Surveillance?; ‘Record number’ of human rights defenders killed in 2018, and more. 

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, December 21, 2018: Canadian Public Deserves Answers Over Problematic New National Security Report; Protecting Human Rights in Canada: Anne’s Story; RCMP entrapment of B.C. couple was ‘travesty of justice,’ court rules; Another Canadian detained in China… since 2006; Bill C-21 is now law: CBSA can now collect exit data from all travelers from Canada to the US; What is the government hiding in the lawsuit against a security certificate?; Andrew Scheer’s tweet disparages Omar Khadr; From Arizona to Yemen: How Bombs Built by Raytheon in Tucson Killed 31 Civilians in Yemeni Village; Justice for Jakelin: Lawmakers Demand Answers in Death of 7-Year-Old Girl in Border Patrol Custody; Almost 15,000 Migrant Children Now Held At Nearly Full Shelters; Anti-Muslim agitator gives video apology to owner of Paramount Fine Foods over ‘jihadist’ comments; Why New Laws Aren’t Needed to Take Domestic Terrorism More Seriously; ‘We’ Did Not Miss the Rise of Right-Wing Extremism. You Did; Google’s Earth: how the tech giant is helping the state spy on us; Glenn Greenwald: Congress Is Trying to Make It a Federal Crime to Participate in Boycott of Israel; Briton jailed in Turkey on terrorism charges flees bail back to UK; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, December 14, 2018: ICLMG: Canada is deporting a man to torture. Will we let that happen?; Canada failed to provide full redress for its involvement in torture of 5 Canadians, says UN CAT; Bill C-59 is moving on to Senate Committee; Time to Repair the Errors of the War on Terror; Polytechnique, 6 décembre 1989 : un premier attentat antiféministe?; Tim McSorley’s comments on news article: ” GCHQ boosts powers to launch mass data hacking”; GCHQ Propose A ‘Going Dark’ Workaround That Creates The Same User Trust Problem Encryption Backdoors Do; U.S. Border Agents Fail to Delete Personal Data of Travelers After Electronic Searches, Watchdog Says; Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping It Secret; Omar Khadr writes of hope for end to ‘indefinite and potentially endless detention’; Activists found guilty of terrorism-related offense for stopping U.K. migrant deportations; ‘Terrorism’ database cites ‘Islamophobic’ sources in Muslim profiles; UN human rights experts concerned about EU’s online counter-terrorism proposal; Turkish anti-terror laws make lives of some impossible – Council of Europe commissioner; UN Review Should Help Children Caught in ISIS Conflict; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, December 7, 2018: Two Minutes Against Torture: Stop Moe Harkat’s Deportation!; A dark day for press freedom: Vice editorial response to Supreme Court of Canada ruling; Govt doc calls Unist’ot’en leader ‘aboriginal extremist’; UN Special Rapporteur: ‘Counter-terrorism is devouring international law’; COE Commissioner for Human Rights: Misuse of anti-terror legislation threatens free expression; U.S. Lethal Operations in Somalia Are On the Rise. But Are They Effective?; Canadian woman continues to fight to obtain a passport; Saudi friend of Khashoggi living in Canada thinks their texts led to journalist’s killing; For China, Islam is a ‘mental illness’ that needs to be ‘cured’; Top court gives Israel even broader powers to use torture; Matthew Behrens on the terror of violence against women; Manifestation du G7: Les arrêtés poursuivent la police et la Ville; Le Canada soupçonné d’être responsable de la migration forcée des Honduriens; Why this billboard in rural Ontario is calling for the release of a Honduran prisoner; Video: How Encryption Saves Lives and Fuels our Economy, and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 30, 2018: Canadian lawyer & his refugee clients persecuted since hiding Snowden; UN CAT’s review of Canada; Jail, House Arrest, and Fines for Pipeline Opponents; Canada’s Saudi weapons sales a moral race to the bottom; Exclusive: Secret documents say Canada’s no-fly list poses ‘national security risk,’ but a fix is still years away; RCMP officers given permission to break the law a record 73 times in 2017, report shows; Family Members and Allies of Mariano Abarca Denounce Nine Years of Impunity for His Assassination; Fears China’s internment camps could spread as area home to Muslim minority signs ‘anti-terror’ deal; UK Home Office ‘wrongly tried to deport 300 skilled migrants’; Children ‘Screaming and Coughing in the Mayhem’ as Trump Border Patrol Fires Tear Gas Into Mexico; Families are still being separated at the border, months after “zero tolerance” was reversed; Liberté, Egalité, Absurdity: French anti-terror laws are robbing people of their freedom; New Law Could Give U.K. Unconstitutional Access to Americans’ Personal Data, Human Rights Groups Warn; Unregulated intelligence sharing poses substantive risks to human rights and to the democratic rule of law; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 23, 2018: No Fly List Kids and ICLMG on the Hill to push for a redress system; Podcast featuring Tim McSorley: Confronting the Canadian ‘security’ state; Video: Thank you to our Patrons!; Muslim Students Speak Out About Being Targeted By Canadian Spy Agency; Federal appeals court upholds ruling blocking CSIS from conducting certain forms of spying on foreign states; Trudeau plays cynical waiting game while children die in Yemen; Trump’s Amoral Saudi Statement Is a Pure Expression of Decades-Old “U.S. Values” and Foreign Policy Orthodoxies; Jailed Saudi women’s rights activists said to face electric shocks, beatings and other abuse; Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s “Asylum Ban,” Saying President Can’t Rewrite Immigration Laws; At Gitmo 9/11 trial, prosecutor gives lurid details of CIA prisons. Defense says: Not enough; CIA explored using potential truth serum drug for post 9/11 interrogations; Justin Trudeau Conflating BDS With Anti-Semitism Is Dangerous; Court rejects neo-Nazi’s free speech defense in SPLC case; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 16, 2018: Moe Harkat should not be deported to torture; Panel Discussion: Extradition after Diab; 500,000 Killed by US War on Terror; Canada stays mum on Saudi arms sales, CSIS chief hears Khashoggi recordings; Supreme Court hears case on migrant detainees’ rights to challenge incarceration; ICE Is Imprisoning a Record 44,000 People; Iraq’s So-Called “ISIS Families”: Rounded up, Vilified, Forgotten; Canada rallies more than a dozen countries in calling on China to release ‘arbitrarily’ detained Muslims; Muslim Students’ Association says executives receiving surprise visits from law enforcement; Holocaust survivor urges solidarity and justice; America’s long and painful history of domestic terrorism against racial and religious minorities; Trump warns antifa: Opposition to you could be tougher and ‘much more violent’; How Nicaragua Uses Anti-Terror Laws Against Protesters to Suppress Dissent; University alerts students to danger of leftwing essay; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 9, 2018: Canada should not collect all travelers’ exit data, ICLMG tells Senate Committee; Stop the deportation of Moe Harkat; Ottawa rejects senators’ demand to give greater weight to human rights in arms deals; Canada remains complicit in the war on Yemen; Editorial: Ottawa should press for release of Saeed Malekpour; Human Rights Under Attack: Gareth Peirce on The New Dark Age; Toronto human rights lawyer sounds the alarm on Canada’s plans to use AI in immigration; Trump administration seeks to deny asylum to migrants who cross border illegally; Canada and United States not facing asylum seeker crisis: UNHCR official; Spy service says federal pipeline purchase seen as ‘betrayal’ by many opponents; Double standard emerges as activists see special airline boarding pass designation; Canada, Western countries condemn China at UN for repression of Muslims; Israel’s Netanyahu Endorses Death Penalty for Palestinians Only; In a court filing, Edward Snowden says a report critical to an NSA lawsuit is authentic; EU: Leak reveals states are ready to put human rights defenders at risk to protect surveillance industry, and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 2, 2018: Renewed calls for public inquiry as France pushes appeal decision in Hassan Diab case to next year; Peter MacKay signed off on Hassan Diab extradition with no guarantee officials would monitor trial, documents show; The Ottawa Raging Grannies sing to stop the deportation to torture of Moe Harkat!; CUPE team meets Mohamed Harkat!; Canadian resident jailed in Iran suffers heart attack, family says; Muskrat Falls Parliament Hill Direct Action: See Their Faces!; Court rejects secrecy bid in court case over alleged spying on anti-pipeline activists; Four sentenced to jail and taken into custody today for Trans Mountain pipeline opposition; Should Canada cancel its arms deal with Saudi Arabia? Yes; Canada has ‘a legal obligation’ to repatriate citizens who left to fight for ISIS, says UN rapporteur; Like His Boss, Pence Misleads Public About Terrorism and Immigration; Trump says he may send 15,000 troops to U.S.-Mexico border; Here Is a List of Far-Right Attackers Trump Inspired. Cesar Sayoc Wasn’t the First — and Won’t Be the Last; As Bolsonaro Threatens to Criminalize Protests, a New Resistance Movement Is Emerging in Brazil; Looking for Justice? Avoid Guantanamo; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, October 26, 2018: Watch live – The French Court of Appeal decision in Dr. Hassan Diab’s case comes out today; The Ottawa Raging Grannies denounce Bill C-59, the National Security Act, 2017; Lawyers raise concerns over new Terrorist Activities Sanctions Act; Mother accused of violating injunction tells court she was supporting son’s wish to resist Muskrat Falls; Ottawa eyes freezing permits for armoured vehicle sales to Saudis as it re-examines contract; Saudi airstrike kills 19 civilians, including children, near Yemeni city of Hodeida; The War on Terror is the Reign of Terror; Governments are starving Yemenis, fuelling black markets through anti-terror legislation; The U.N. Security Council’s Outsized Role in Shaping Counter Terrorism Regulation and Its Impact on Human Rights; Mexico: Honduran caravan is not a security threat but a group of people with human rights; Swedish student who stopped deportation flight of Afghan asylum seeker to be prosecuted; The shrinking space for solidarity with migrants and refugees; MI5 can authorise agents to commit crimes, tribunal told; Counter-terror bill is a threat to press freedom, say campaigners; Australia: UN human rights expert warns proposed cybersecurity bill is too extreme; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, October 19, 2018: ICLMG Submission to the UN Committee Against Torture; Canada Ignores Obligation to Investigate Omar Khadr Torture & Act to Prevent Future Abuses; Syria: A year after Raqqa, US-led Coalition’s ongoing denials an insult to survivors; Anti-Terrorism Laws Increasingly Used to Target Indigenous Activists; Canada still selling armoured vehicles to Saudis despite ‘concern’ of missing journalist; RCMP investigate alleged Saudi agents spying on dissident’s Montreal phone; Canada pension fund invests in US immigration detention firms; Canadian Charities Balk At Proposed Liberal Tax Changes; European Counter-Terrorism Approaches: A Slow and Insidious Erosion of Fundamental Rights; HRW criticizes new UK counter-terrorism bill; Police spies infiltrated UK leftwing groups for decades; China: Mass internment camps are places of punishment, not ‘vocational training’; As U.S.-Backed War in Yemen Raged, UAE Hired U.S. Mercenaries to Kill Yemeni Leaders; Guantanamo prison to stay open at least 25 years: US admiral; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, October 12, 2018: Charges dropped against high flying Trans Mountain protestors; Canadian police favor mining interests over indigenous peoples; FBI Informant Spent Years Entrapping Muslim Men; US immigration policies resulted in thousands more family separations than previously disclosed; Kavanaugh’s record hints at a potential Supreme Court shift on detainees, wartime powers; Egypt: Mass death sentence and unfair military trials will not deliver justice for victims of church bombings; China’s Human Rights Abuses Against Uighurs in Xinjiang; Crown prince sought to lure Khashoggi back to Saudi Arabia and detain him, U.S. intercepts show; Digital IDs Are More Dangerous Than You Think; Israel’s Gabriella Blum Helped Write the Laws of Drone Warfare. Nearly Two Decades Later, She Has Regrets; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, October 5, 2018: Protectors Jailed Weeks After Trans Mountain Pipeline Quashed By Court; Standing Rock activist faces prison after officer shot him in the face; Saudi Arabia agents likely spying on dissident in Canada; Hassan Diab appeal decision delayed a month; Privacy experts alarmed by Five Eyes demand for ‘backdoors’ on tech devices; CRA suspends, fines major Islamic charity over concerns it may have ‘provided resources’ to armed militants; Worst Suspicions Confirmed: Government Reports Show Domestic Anti-Terrorism Efforts Target Minorities; 13,000 migrant children in detention: America’s horrifying reality; Citing Trump’s racism, a federal judge restores protections for immigrants feeling wars and disasters; A New AUMF Is Not a Solution to “Endless War”; L’ONU va enquêter sur le génocide des Rohingya en Birmanie; La Cour d’appel tranche en faveur du hijab au tribunal, and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, September 28, 2018: An apology for Hassan Diab; MPs pass motions to call Rohingya killings a genocide & revoke Aung San Suu Kyi’s honorary citizenship; Feds want secrecy over court case on pipeline spy allegations; The UPR of Canada is a missed opportunity to escalate human rights commitments; Sulemaan Ahmed: La puck roule lentement pour nous; Ottawa’s use of AI in immigration system has profound implications for human rights; Hungary upholds ‘terrorism’ conviction against Syrian refugee; Immigration detainee Ebrahim Toure finally free after more than five years; Undocumented Immigrant Faces a Choice: Become an Informant for ICE or Be Deported; Un Palestinien tué lors d’affrontements à la frontière entre Israël et Gaza; UK intelligence agency admits unlawfully spying on Privacy International; Citizens’ group wants prosecution over CIA rendition program; Joe Robinson: Turkish court convicts former UK soldier, and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, September 21, 2018: Judge orders indefinite delay in CSIS compensation trial, orders Crown to pay legal costs; WATCH: The Ottawa panel discussion about Abousfian Abdelrazik’s ordeal after the screening of short film The Long Way Home; Canada betrays its own citizens. Hassan Diab’s case is among its most egregious: Neil Macdonald; Police violated people’s right to protest during Quebec G7, report suggests; Federal prosecutors using expanded powers to target terrorist propaganda web content; Five-Eyes Intelligence Services Choose Surveillance Over Security; Muslim-American can sue over ‘no-fly list’: U.S. appeals court; Illegal protest or protecting the land? An Indigenous woman gets ready to face a Canadian court; Paterson and Waldman: Latest death in Canada Border Services custody shows independent oversight needed; Detention of Migrant Children Has Skyrocketed to Highest Levels Ever; Sentinel Species: The Criminalization of Animal Rights Activists as ‘Terrorists,’ and What It Means for Civil Liberties in Trump’s America; A Moment of Silence, Before I Start This Poem; 100,000 demand release of Syrian man convicted of ‘terrorism’ for throwing a few stones in Hungary; Study shows two-thirds of U.S. terrorism tied to right-wing extremists; Experts, advocates call on Trudeau to declare Rohingya crisis genocide; Egypt: Death sentences and heavy prison terms handed down in disgraceful mass trial.

Unforeseen circumstances prevented us from sending a News Digest on September 13, 2018.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, September 7, 2018: Tim McSorley: Challenges, but no crisis at the border; U.N. Peace Operations Should Get Off the Counter-Terror Bandwagon; Trump suggests that protesting should be illegal; Exclusive: U.N. Human Rights Experts Meet With Facebook on “Overly Broad” Definitions of Terrorist Content; UN calls on China to free Uyghurs from ‘re-education camps’; Trump’s Guantanamo Plan Could Force Court Battle Over Legality Of ISIS War; Saudi Arabia admits ‘mistakes’ in airstrike that killed 40 Yemeni children; New:  Stop Mohamed Harkat’s Deportation to Torture; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, August 31st, 2018: Sen. Harder won’t testify in Abdelrazik case, but several other parliamentarians will; China Declared Islam a Contagious Disease – and Quarantined 1 Million Muslims; UN: In Battles Over Land Rights, Activists Branded as Criminals; Canada’s surveillance regime targets Indigenous peoples; Nicaragua’s New Anti-Terrorism Law Thwarts Protesters, Activists Say; US denying passports to Hispanic Americans in South Texas; Opinion – Due process: Guantanamo detainees should be released; Pearl Eliadis: Charities, ‘political activity’ and free speech; and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, August 25th, 2018: ICLMG: External Review Into Case of Hassan Diab Falls Far Short; Rubin: Government stonewalling on Hassan Diab shows why we need a full inquiry; ICLMG Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau: Questions and Concerns about New Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction; Feds launch consultations with Canadians wrongly flagged by no-fly list; NCCM’s written submission to Canada’s third Universal Periodic Review; One Million Muslim Uighurs Have Been Detained by China, the U.N. Says. Where’s the Global Outrage?; ’Your Bombs Are Killing Victims Here’: U.S.-Made Bomb Hit School Bus in Attack That Killed 40 Yemeni Children; AP Investigation: Behind the Scenes in Yemen, U.S.-Backed Saudi Coalition Is Working with al-Qaeda; Saudi Arabia: Appalling plan to execute female activist must be stopped; G7: le déploiement policier était excessif, selon un rapport; Anti-fascists say police post mugshots on Twitter to ‘intimidate and silence’; Women speak out against criminalization of land defenders, water protectors; Death of man in CBSA custody after altercation on plane requires independent investigation, rights watchdogs say; Trump administration says deportable immigrants can’t go to the courts — even if their first amendments rights are violated; Lawyers on the Border Still Dealing With Fallout From Family Separations; Legitimizing Foreign Mass Surveillance in the European Court of Human Rights; China’s Aggressive Surveillance Technology Will Spread Beyond Its Borders; Exclusive: U.S. government seeks Facebook help to wiretap Messenger – sources; Google plans to launch censored search engine in China, leaked documents reveal.

The News Digest was on hiatus until August 25th, 2018.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, July 27th, 2018: New ICLMG’s issue paper on Canada’s No-Fly List; Hassan Diab to boycott external review of his extradition to France; Police, spies and white supremacy: A brief history; How the writings of right-leaning pundits drove fear and hate after the Faisal Hussain tragedy; 2017, année la plus meurtrière pour les défenseurs de l’environnement; UK intelligence and police using child spies in covert operations; The case against anti-terrorism laws; Behind closed doors, Guantánamo secret court talks about the CIA, torture and rights; Les arrêté-es du G7 : des conditions de libération disproportionnées; Gender rights hypocrisy, a Youtube ban, and anti-terrorism legislation used to crush dissent: A dark month in the MENA region; Globe editorial: Conservative accusation of a border ‘crisis’ doesn’t wash; Civil society leaders call on Parliamentary Committee to Ensure Protection of Human Rights for Refugee Claimants crossing into Canada from the United States; Audit of immigration detention review system reveals culture that favours incarceration; Standing Up Against Deportation (video); “Why Abolish ICE Doesn’t Go Far Enough”: Oscar Chacón on the Roots of Trump’s Immigration Crackdown; While in ICE custody, thousands of migrants reported sexual abuse; Statewatch Observatory: Creation of a centralised Justice & Home Affairs database is “a point of no return”; Saving the U.N. “Internet Resolution” from sharks circling in Geneva.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, July 20th, 2018: Public Inquiry for Hassan Diab is necessary; American-Made Bombs Are Killing Civilians in Yemen; Wife of beaten Mississauga man speaks out after attack; Tens of Thousands of Muslims Are Fleeing China; Lip Service Paid to Human Rights During UN Counterterrorism Week; Erdogan puts emergency state powers into law; The US and Canada are preparing for a new Standing Rock over the Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline; Canada is giving credit to the false claim of a refugee crisis by creating a new ministry of Border Security, headed by Bill Blair; Most Trump Voters Wrongly Believe MS-13 Is A Threat To The Entire U.S.; UNHCR: Does Canada have a refugee crisis? No; CBSA to announce new alternatives to immigration detention; Will Parents Separated from Their Children at the Border Be Forced to Separate Again to Win Asylum?; 2017-18 Report on reviewing the Communications Security Establishment tabled in Parliament.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, July 13th, 2018: Decision in Hassan Diab appeal delayed after sudden appearance of new evidence; Bill C-59 and the Former Bill C-22: Compromised Oversight and Continuing Threats to Non-Derogable Rights; Analysis of the 2017 Report of the Commissioner of the CSE, part II: The circumstances are always exceptional; Yémen : Amnesty International dénonce des « crimes de guerre » dans des prisons secrètes; Secret War: The U.S. Has Conducted 550 Drone Strikes in Libya Since 2011 – More Than in Somalia, Yemen, or Pakistan; Trump Administration: We Can Keep Guantanamo Prisoners Locked Up For 100 Years; Will an anti-terror law prevent school shootings?; UK counter-terror bill risks criminalising curiosity – watchdog; Turkey fires thousands of state employees in anti-terrorism purge; The Real-Life Consequences of the (Now Lawful) Travel Ban; White terror privilege: Trump Quietly Pardoned White Domestic Terrorists (video); Dossier spécial Droit de manifester – Éditorial; ‘Unmasking Antifa Act’: Proposed US law could send masked anti-fascist activists to prison for 15 years; Josh Paterson: Would you trust the Trump administration with your kids?; CIA-Linked Military Contractor Used Arizona “Black Site” to Secretly Jail Dozens of Migrant Children; ICE Now Training Agents in Military Weaponry (video).

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, July 6th, 2018: Joe Clark, Monique Bégin and Ed Broadbent: There should be a fully independent public inquiry to prevent any repeat of the injustice done to Hassan Diab; Starving, bombing civilians in the name of ‘fighting terrorism’; Overdue US Admission that Civilians Were Killed in Syria Strike Is Still Insufficient; Britain’s role in our torture and detention must be investigated; Federal “Countering Violent Extremism” Grants Focus on Minority Communities; The Travel Ban: Part of a Broad National Security Exceptionalism in U.S. Law; Civil Society Coalition calls for independent, external review into reports of misuse of Canadian military exports by Saudi Arabia; Canadian student arrested by Israeli forces for protesting Israeli demolition of Palestinian village; NEB seeks contractor to monitor ‘vast amounts’ of online chatter for potential security threats; The US is less safe than ever for refugees, evidence filed in court challenge shows; Federal court blocks Trump administration’s arbitrary detention of asylum seekers; Concentration Camps in the U.S.: Andrea Pitzer Decries Tent Cities for Detaining Kids Without Trial; Demonising children at US and European borders; Face Recognition CEO Warns of Police Abuse; David Kaye, UN rapporteur on free speech: How to ‘fix’ social media without censorship.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, June 29th, 2018: Tim McSorley: The Government Must Stop The Deportation Of Mohamed Harkat; CCIJ: Canada should end immunity for perpetrators of torture; Britain Abetted U.S. Torture of Terrorism Suspects, Parliament Finds; Featuring Anne Dagenais Guertin: Ottawa’s push to share more border-crossing data with U.S. raising red flags over privacy; Nicaragua : nouvelles attaques des forces de l’ordre; Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg condemns Trump’s “unrelenting attack on the Muslim religion and its follow­ers”; Top levels of Myanmar military responsible for crimes against Rohingya, report finds; Mehdi Hasan: “Muslim extremists? What about the Christian extremists who run the U.S. government while citing the Bible to justify kidnapping kids?”; Deif and Neve: Why Canada should take in Snowden-linked asylum seekers; Trudeau must end the safe third country agreement with the U.S.; Report: ICE altered its risk assessment software to put all immigrants in detention; Judge orders US to reunite families separated at border within 30 days; There’s no migration crisis – the crisis is political opportunism; Undercover cops wore masks at protests, Montreal public hearing told; New House Bill Would Empower Trump to Punish U.S. Companies that Boycott Israel; The Wiretap Rooms: The NSA’s Hidden Spy Hubs in Eight U.S. Cities; The US Supreme Court Takes On the Police Use of Cellphone Records.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, June 22nd, 2018: Tim McSorley’s comments on CBC’s article: Some of CSIS’s practices still fall outside the law: spy watchdog; Tim McSorley’s comments on: Statement from CSIS Director on SIRC Annual Report; France told Canada key evidence did not exist in Hassan Diab terrorism case; Revealed: Canada uses massive US anti-terrorist database at borders; Matthew Behrens: Canada’s diplomat of the year fails the torture test; Les caméras du G7 vous filment encore; The Government Has Yet to Produce Evidence Showing the Travel Ban is About National Security; Gormley: Canada, stop locking up migrant kids; Immigration lawyers used a Sesame Street reference to argue that Abdoul Abdi should be deported to Somalia; The US is no longer a ‘safe’ country for refugees – and Canada is complicit; “Zero Tolerance” and the Detention of Children: Torture under International Law.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, June 15th, 2018: ICLMG: Government fails to protect rights as it rushes national security bill through second-reading; ICLMG’s comments on states’ recommendations for Canada’s Universal Periodic Review; Targeted Killing Comes to Canada: Understanding Why We Need a Public Inquiry; Exploring the wreck of the 2016-17 Office of the CSE Commissioner’s report: Use/retention of private communications up 25,653%; Public inquiry needed into professor’s extradition; Ihsaan Gardee: ‘Government Must Rebuild Trust with Canadian Muslims on National Security’; In China’s Far West, Companies Cash in on Surveillance Program That Targets Muslims; A G7 summit shrouded in fear and intimidation: Preliminary findings of the monitoring mission; Native American water protector becomes first to be sentenced to time in federal prison for DAPL protests; Israeli Troops Kill 4 Palestinians & Wound 600 More in Crackdown on Nonviolent Protest; Free expression in MENA: death by a thousand cuts; Vietnam’s new cyber law ‘will curb freedom of expression’; U.S.-Canada agreement on refugees is now unconstitutional.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, June 8th, 2018: Podcast featuring ICLMG: Surveillance, secret trials and Bill C-59’s attack on the Charter; Monia Mazigh & Azeezah Kanji: The torturers’ bargain: Crime and no punishment, but many rewards; Short Film “Discreet Airlift” Documents the Struggle to Hold U.S. Officials Accountable for Torture; G7: des observateurs sur place pour documenter les violations des droits de la personne; Turkey: One year since the imprisonment of Taner Kılıç, demands for his release will not be silenced; Justin Brake wins 2018 PEN Canada/Ken Filkow Prize for freedom of expression; U.S airstrikes violated international law in “war of annihilation” in Raqqa, Syria, says Amnesty International; Students Push to Oust Nicaraguan President Ortega as Death Toll Rises Amid Bloody Police Crackdown; “A Source of Positivity All the Time”: Remembering Palestinian Medic Razan al-Najjar, Killed by IDF; Saudi Arabia using anti-terror laws to detain and torture political dissidents, UN says; Environmental groups call on Northam to stop surveillance of anti-pipeline protesters; UK Anti-terrorism plans ‘will make thoughtcrime a reality’.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, June 1st, 2018: CUPE: Flawed Liberal anti-terror legislation adds new problems; Hassan Diab wants more than an independent review of his extradition; Featuring the ICLMG: Canada’s high extradition rate spurs calls for reform; Foreign minister too often left in dark about overseas torture cases, says auditor; Romania and Lithuania knowingly hosted secret CIA jails, European court rules; NCCM Rep. comments on racial profiling by CBSA; France: UN expert says new terrorism laws may undermine fundamental rights and freedoms; Details about a secret police surveillance program in Ontario are emerging; Does China’s digital police state have echoes in the West?; Federal government looks to AI in addressing issues with immigration system; UK suspends anti-terror rule used to deport migrants who made tax errors; ’We were using algorithms to catch and kill’: U.S. whistleblower Chelsea Manning warns Montreal conference of perils of technology, data collection; Shoot to kill: Nicaragua’s strategy to suppress protest; The fight to get Karen Spring into Honduran prison; Israel bill seeks to criminalize documentation of soldiers’ actions; France’s Creeping Terrorism Laws Restricting Free Speech.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, May 25, 2018: Tim McSorley: Liberals’ Broken Promise To Fix National Security Laws Risks Our Rights; Canadian freed after 11 years in an Ethiopian jail calls for inquiry into Ottawa’s response; Media can’t be an arm of the police, Vice lawyer tells Supreme Court hearing; There must be accountability for torture: CIA’s new Director & Canada’s complicity; House votes to mandate investigation of U.S. involvement in Yemen’s secret torture prisons; Palestinians Engaged in Nonviolent Protest. Israel Responded With a Massacre; Meet Tarek Loubani, the Canadian Doctor Shot by Israeli Forces Monday While Treating Gaza’s Wounded; 15 Indigenous Land Protectors and Allies Arrested on Parliament Hill: Reports and Updates from Muskrat Falls National Day of Action; Black activist jailed for his Facebook posts speaks out about secret FBI surveillance; Environmentalists taking federal watchdog to court over diplomats’ actions in Mexican murder case; Canadian/U.S. delegation is detained and interrogated for 4 hours, while travelling to Honduras to advocate for political prisoners illegally jailed by U.S. and Canadian-backed regime; Policing Indigenous Movements in Canada (video); Amazon Teams Up With Law Enforcement to Deploy Dangerous New Face Recognition Technology; Ronald Deibert: Digital Security for Whom or What?; Vicky Mochama: Indefinite immigration detention is inhumane; ICE just abandoned its dream of ‘extreme vetting’ software that could predict whether a foreign visitor would become a terrorist.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, May 11, 2018: Political Policing, State Surveillance and Bill C-59; State Of Civil Liberties In Canada and RightsCon Hits Toronto with Tim McSorley; Yves Engler: Trudeau promotes Five Eyes spying as CSE gets more money; Open letter to Prime Minister Trudeau: We need a public, independent inquiry into the case of Dr. Hassan Diab; Canada’s extradition process is broken; One person arrested, others detained during Muskrat Falls dam rally on Parliament Hill; RCMP files say “violent aboriginal extremists” are undermining pipeline plans; Vicky Mochama: Police keeping close tabs on journalists and activists is cause for concern; It’s time to abolish the inhumane Canada-U.S. deal on asylum-seekers; Nicaragua: State repressing demonstrators; From rural Ontario to Central America: a Canadian activist’s plea for her spouse in prison in Honduras; Chile Under Fire For Jailing Mapuche Leaders as ‘Terrorists’; The American Psychological Association Speaks Out Against Gina Haspel; Canada has ‘fallen behind’ in powers to do battle over privacy with tech giants: UK official.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, May 4, 2018: What happened to Bill C-59 at Committee?; Canada helped France dig up evidence to extradite Ottawa man later freed on terror charges; Monia Mazigh: Hassan Diab is another Canadian let down by our government; Steven Zhou: You Don’t Have To Talk About Muslims When You Talk About Mass Killings; As Supreme Court Weighs Travel Ban, Trump’s Wider Anti-Muslim Agenda Proceeds Unchallenged; Tim McSorley on article “What does it take to lay terrorism charges? An internal government document explains the RCMP view”; What do incels, fascists and terrorists have in common? Violent misogyny; Gaza : quatre Palestiniens tués par des tirs israéliens lors de manifestations; Faith leaders arrested at Kinder Morgan gates; Journalist charged in criminal, civil courts wins press freedom prize; Police monitored Black Lives Matter Toronto protesters in 2016, documents show; Appeals court reinstates lawsuit by 3 men put on no-fly list.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, April 27, 2018: Liberal-dominated committee rejecting many proposed changes to security bill; Bissonnette a simulé les symptômes d’une psychose; Time to revise the definition of national security; Jessica Valenti: When Misogynists Become Terrorists; Syed Hassan & Azeezah Kanji: Don’t Call Him a Terrorist; Amnesty International Welcomes Canadian Citizen Bashir Makhtal’s Release from Ethiopian Prison and Return to Canada; Migrants: Québec tient un discours irresponsable et dangereux, selon des experts; To censor the internet, 10 countries use Canadian filtering technology, researchers say; RSF Index 2018: Hatred of journalism threatens democracies; Bill to restrict Trump’s war powers would actually “endorse a worldwide war on terror”; Secret Global Surveillance Networks: Intelligence Sharing Between Governments and the Need for Safeguards.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, April 20, 2018: Amira Elghawaby: Quebec mosque killer epitomizes Islamophobia in its deadliest form; Prime Minister Trudeau Must Take Action to Ensure Justice for Abousfian Abdelrazik; CSIS worked to thwart diplomatic efforts to secure Abdelrazik’s release, documents suggest;  Jim Bronskill: Long-secret watchdog report warned of ‘undue pressure’ from CSIS on Canadian detainees abroad; Land and water defenders who blocked Kinder Morgan terminal now facing criminal contempt charges; Private Networks, Public Importance: Reviewing the CSE’s Private Network Cybersecurity Regime Under Bill C-59; Why the Quebec City mosque shooting was terrorism; The Quebec Mosque Shooting Shows A Double Standard For Far-Right Extremism; Iraq: Women and children with perceived ties to IS denied aid, sexually exploited and trapped in camps; Assassination of Héctor Manuel Choc Cuz, nephew of Angelica Choc; The deportation of Lucy Francineth Granados: A symbol of Canada’s rising anti-immigrant sentiment; From refugee to murder victim: how Canada failed Kirushna Kumar Kanagaratnam; Former Gitmo Prisoner Moazzam Begg Explains How Torture & U.S.-Run Prisons Helped Give Birth to ISIS; Data firm leaks 48 million user profiles it scraped from Facebook, LinkedIn, others; MPs doubt Facebook’s promises to improve data protection.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, April 13, 2018: A new national security act for Canada; The ‘hidden’ piece of the Liberal crime bill: police may get to skip court; Quebec Mosque shooter told police he was motivated by Canada’s immigration policies; How Facebook Played “Instrumental” Role in Rise of Burma’s Ethnic Cleansing Campaign of Rohingya; Palestinian Shot Dead by Israeli Troops Near Gaza Border, 34th in 2 Weeks; Statement of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Fatou Bensouda, regarding the worsening situation in Gaza; Seeing Gaza Through the Lens of Yaser Murtaja, a Palestinian Journalist Killed by Israel; Birmanie : la justice maintient les poursuites contre des journalistes de Reuters; Palestinian Ahed Tamimi ‘sexually harassed’ during interrogations in Israel, lawyer says; Amnesty International to BC government: Avoid criminalization of pipeline protesters; American-style deportation is happening in Canada; Detained, Then Violated; Leftwing ‘anarchist terror cell’ is fiction, French judges rule; Cops Around the Country Can Now Unlock iPhones, Records Show; Russia orders immediate block of Telegram messaging app; Canada flagged Facebook’s third-party app privacy problem way back in 2009; How to Tame Zuckerberg and Protect Democracy.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, April 5, 2018: Tim McSorley & Micheal Vonn: What Canadians Need to Know about ‘Fixing’ National Security; Déclaration de la société civile sur le projet de loi C-59, Loi concernant des questions de sécurité nationale; Christopher Parsons & Lex Gill: Hard questions for Canada’s most secret agency; Massacre in Gaza: Israeli Forces Open Fire on Palestinians, Killing 18, Wounding As Many As 1,700; Over 3,000 Google Employees Signed a Letter Demanding Google Leave the ‘Business of War’; Civilian Casualties and Effectiveness of U.S. Drone Strikes in Yemen; Another Airstrike in Kunduz, and More Civilian Deaths; In deadly encounters with Toronto police, more than a third of victims are black; Macedonia Issues Apology for Involvement in Torture by CIA; Donald Trump’s new policies could make it harder for torture survivors to get asylum; Ex-Military, Intelligence, and Foreign Policy Officials: Travel Ban Harms National Security; Muslims accused of plotting violence get seven times more media attention and four times longer sentences; U.S.-backed Honduran government wants to use Facebook to crack down on journalists.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 29, 2018: NCCM ‘relieved’ as Quebec Mosque attacker changes plea to guilty; Gerald Caplan: Never again? With Rohingya crisis, we’re once again bystanders to horrific atrocities; How White Terrorists Are Described vs Black Victims; Who’s to blame for a generation of angry white men?; A 13-year-old boy and other Yemeni civilians were killed in U.S. drone strikes this month; Journalist Justin Brake facing charges over Muskrat Falls protest coverage; A Mexican family’s search for justice continues in Ottawa following Canadian-mining related murder; Piñera Cracks Down on Mapuche with Anti-terrorist Law Reform; Boston Judge Acquits 13 Pipeline Protesters in Groundbreaking Decision; Most aid charities’ bank accounts impacted by counter-terrorism regulations, report finds; Why An Encryption Backdoor for Just the “Good Guys” Won’t Work; No Longer Fit for Purpose: Why Canadian Privacy Law Needs an Update; Exclusive: Facebook Closes Security Flaws Found By The Tyee but weaknesses remain.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 23, 2018: Looking at anti-terrorism Bill C-59 through the lens of racism, by NUPGE; The Globalisation of Countering Violent Extremism Policies: Undermining human rights, instrumentalising civil society; Austin bomber: ‘Challenged young man’ or ‘terrorist’?; “It Was a Crime”: 15 Years After U.S. Invasion, Iraqis Still Face Trauma, Destruction & Violence; Canada’s arms deal with Saudi Arabia includes ‘heavy assault’ vehicles; Hassan Diab’s Lost Decade (video); Journalist faces unprecedented criminal charges over coverage of Muskrat Falls protest; The Assassination of Human Rights Activist Marielle Franco Was a Huge Loss for Brazil – and the World; “Environmental extremism” or necessary response to climate emergency?; Ahed Tamimi gets eight months in prison after plea deal; FBI tracked an activist involved with Black Lives Matter as they travelled across the U.S., documents show; The UN Security Council, Global Watch Lists, Biometrics, and the Threat to the Rule of Law; Americans have a constitutional right to boycott Israel; The Cambridge Analytica files ‘I made Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare tool’: meet the data war whistleblower; Some thoughts on Facebook’s accountability in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 16, 2018: “She Tortured Just for the Sake of Torture”:CIA Whistleblower on Trump’s New CIA Pick Gina Haspel; Bigoted election campaigns, not terror attacks, drive anti-Muslim activity; Package Bombs Are Killing People in Texas but Donald Trump Hasn’t Said a Thing. There’s a Reason for That.; ‘Attacks and killings’: human rights activists at growing risk, study claims; Distressing terrorist accusations against UN expert on indigenous peoples’ rights and indigenous leaders; Canadian tech used to hack Turkish, Syrian internet users, report claims; Criminal charges to proceed against reporter covering Muskrat Falls protests; Ottawa’s privacy watchdog wants limits on spies’ information collecting powers; No Fly List Kids: Making History (video); The Law That Canada Must Change: Wrongfully Imprisoned Sociology Professor Talks Extradition; Immigration lawyers express support for CBSA watchdog; The shameful attempt to deport a man who’s been in Canada since childhood; Politicians Campaign on Free Speech While Voting to Penalize Boycotts of Israel; Geek Squad’s Relationship with FBI Is Cozier Than We Thought.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 8, 2018: The Inherent Racism of National Security, a talk by Azeezah Kanji; Toronto police lied about using Stingray; Privacy Commissioner’s opinion on Bill C-59; Trump and armed drones; RCMP ‘sloppy’ and ‘negligent’ in investigating Colten Boushie’s death; Secret NYPD Files: Officers Can Lie And Brutally Beat People – And Still Keep Their Jobs; Canada mining murder in Mexico; Extradition law needs reconsideration; The danger of using data to prevent crimes before they occur; Alleged 9/11 plotter’s torture takes center stage in Guantanamo hearings; Now we know why defense attorneys quit the USS Cole case. They found a microphone; Maybe misogyny is the mental health crisis that gives us mass shooters (video); Stolen childhood: Life after prison for Palestinian minors, and more.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 2, 2018: ICLMG’s Press release: Funding of redress system just a first step towards addressing the problems with Canada’s No Fly List; RSF concerned by proposed reforms to Canada’s National Security legislation; Federal officials discussed raising alert level to highest level during Idle No More, book says; Trudeau government spends millions on the mercenary firm formerly known as ‘Blackwater’; Dix ans d’enfer pour Hassan Diab. Il est temps de réformer la justice française; Immigration detainee Ebrahim Toure marks five years without freedom: ‘What’s going on with me is not right’; Cruel & Unconstitutional: ACLU Denounces SCOTUS Ruling Approving Indefinite Immigrant Detention; On eve of Ottawa terrorism trial, RCMP still working on disclosure; The Powerful Global Spy Alliance You Never Knew Existed; Microsoft’s Supreme Court Case Has Big Implications for Data;  China using big data to detain people before crime is committed: report; NSA Used Porn to “Break Down Detainees” in Iraq – and Other Revelations from 297 Snowden Documents.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, February 22, 2018: Bill C-59: Offensive Cyber Operations Endanger Us All; Ottawa is ‘blurring’ lines on privacy as it looks for new ways to collect data: watchdog; Shaun King: Another Mass Shooting. Another Case in Which Signs of White Violence Didn’t Raise Alarms.; ‘We are going to be the last school shooting’: Student survivors at Florida rally call for gun law changes; Men Are Responsible for Mass Shootings; Matthew Behrens: Crimes of compassion, Iraq’s long war and Canada’s bloody hands; Forced disappearances are on the rise as human rights violators cover their tracks; U.S.-trained police are hunting down and arresting protesters amid post-election crisis in Honduras; Trump’s Latest Travel Ban Suffers Blow From a Second Appeals Court; Amnesty’s annual report decries ‘hate-filled rhetoric’ of leaders, declining free speech.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, February 16, 2018: NEW VIDEO: Bill C-59: Dangerous new mass surveillance powers; Azeezah Kanji: The persistent gaslighting of Muslims about Islamophobia; White Supremacists Claim Nikolas Cruz Trained With Them; Students Say He Wore Trump Hat in School; Canada’s Deadly Diplomacy and the Plight of Political Prisoners in Honduras; Canada’s institutions repeatedly failed former child refugee Abdoul Abdi; How ICE works to strip citizenship from naturalized Americans; Panel: Darker Side of Digital: Human Rights Implications of Technology in Canada & Abroad; Supreme Court fight could stir up fears of US spying overseas; Governments want encryption backdoors: new report examines the legal and policy implications; U.S. Intelligence Shuts Down Damning Report on Whistleblower Retaliation.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, February 8, 2018: ICLMG, OpenMedia, CMLA & La Ligue’s testimonies on Bill C-59 at the SECU committee; OpenMedia video: The dangerous new spy powers in Bill C-59; Here’s what you need to know about Canada’s ‘extraordinarily permissive’ new spying laws; NCCM welcomes the Heritage committee’s recommendations on Islamophobia and systemic discrimination; 2018 Survey: Islamophobia in Canada, Still a Grave Problem; Mexican Delegation Questions Role of Canadian Embassy in Complaint to Integrity Commissioner; Canada selling helicopters to Philippines despite human rights concerns; Political use of the word ‘terrorism’: ‘Indigenous Terrorism’ – The Post-Cold War New World Order; Intercepted Podcast; Memo and Memoer – The Bipartisan Love Affair with Mass Surveillance; ‘The Nunes Memo’ Is Worthless Without the Warrant; Lie after lie: What Colin Powell knew about Iraq 15 years ago and what he told the U.N.; Bush-era officials warn keeping Guantanamo prison open may be $6bn error.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, February 1st, 2018: Our Brief on Bill C-59, the National Security Act of 2017; Govt’s Defence of Proposed CSE Act Falls Short; A national day of remembrance: 5 Lessons from the Québec massacre; Why the Trudeau Govt Won’t Designate a National Day against Islamophobia; Video Interview with Hassan Diab; Government memo on no fly list mistakes is of no help in fixing the problem; Trump Orders Guantanamo stays open and receives new prisoners; How Daesh was created by the U.S. invasion of Iraq; Charge dropped, absolute discharge for jailed Muskrat Falls opponents; In a Major Free Speech Victory, a Federal Court Strikes Down a Law that Punishes Supporters of Israel Boycott; US to resume refugee admissions from 11 countries but will increase screenings; U.K. court finds government’s surveillance powers unlawful.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, January 25, 2018: ICLMG joins call for a National Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia; Matthew Behrens: Trudeau government still targets Muslims as threats;  Judge loosens some of Mohamed Harkat’s release conditions; Nine Things You Need to Know about Bill C-59; U.S. Border Guards Are About To Receive Alarmingly Broad Powers On Canadian Soil; Rise of the SWAT team: Routine police work in Canada is now militarized; Charges dropped against 129 Trump inauguration protesters – but dozens still face prison; Donald Trump’s travel ban heads back to the Supreme Court; NSA deleted surveillance data it pledged to preserve.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, January 19, 2018: Hassan Diab’s press conference; Press release: Civil Liberties Coalition Welcomes the Release of Canadian Hassan Diab; A Decade Gone: A Statement from the Hassan Diab Support Community; Critics fear the government’s national security bill puts Canadians in the crosshairs; Editorial: New powers for Canadian spy agency alarming; After 16 Years Without Trial, Guantánamo Inmates and Rights Groups Demand End to ‘Unconscionable’ Imprisonment; We must overcome Islamophobia in 2018; Featuring ICLMG: Canada’s spy agency continues to show up unannounced at people’s workplaces and homes; Your opinion on Omar Khadr may be rooted in Islamophobia; Will Canada finally deal with its Afghan war skeletons?; Canada failed Abdoul Abdi but it’s not too late to do the right thing; House Extends Surveillance Law, Rejecting New Privacy Safeguards; Border Guards Looked Through Nearly 60 Percent More Electronic Devices in 2017 than in 2016; A Trump decree is killing innocent civilians in Somalia; Facebook Says It Is Deleting Accounts at the Direction of the U.S. and Israeli Governments; The Biggest Secret: James Risen on Life as a NY Times Reporter in the Shadow of the War on Terror; Civil society and the clampdown on freedoms; Israel’s New Blacklist of BDS-Supporting Groups Sparks Outrage; We won! BC Supreme Court ends indefinite solitary confinement in federal prisons across Canada; Create new watchdog to receive public complaints about border agency, RCMP, federal report recommends.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, December 21, 2017: Canada’s electronic spies will be able to launch cyber attacks with little oversight, report warns; If you’re not against torture, Mr. Trudeau, you’re for it.; Featuring ICLMG: ‘This is an extremely regressive step’: dozens protest Bill C-23 in Vancouver;  Matthew Behrens: Islamophobia Rising: Gap Widens Between Trudeau’s Rhetoric and Muslim Fears; L’ONU dénonce des «opérations planifiées» de la Birmanie contre les Rohingya; An Unusually Deadly Year for Women Journalists Around the World, Report Finds;  Sweden:’Torture, rape and slavery in Libya must stop’; J20 protest trial latest: Anti-Trump activists found not guilty and avoid lengthy prison sentences; Canada’s spy agencies struggle to balance reconciliation with spying on Indigenous Peoples; Ethiopian Dissidents Targeted with New Commercial Spyware; Law Enforcement Use of Social Media Data Analytics: Transparency Challenges; Canada’s solitary-confinement laws are unconstitutional, Ontario judge rules.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, December 15, 2017: New video: Bill C-59: Does the new National Security Act Fix Bill C-51? NOPE; Intelligence reform needed to rebuild confidence, Muslim group tells MPs; 15 years of Injustice for Moe Harkat; Canada’s electronic spy agency and military get new orders to allow the sharing information gained by torture; Inmate torture continuing at Guantanamo Bay, UN expert says; Featuring ICLMG: Canada granting US border agents ‘expanded’ powers; French Prosecutor Concedes Credible Evidence Points to Diab’s Innocence, but Asks for Trial; Plus de 6 700 Rohingya tués en Birmanie, selon MSF; Hundreds of travelers had their Global Entry airport privileges revoked – lawyers say it’s another Muslim Ban; Federal Court grants organizations standing in legal challenge of Safe Third Country Agreement; Libya: European governments complicit in horrific abuse of refugees and migrants – report; Up to 100,000 Canadians could be affected by no-fly list, research suggests; Calgary man claims harassment by Canada’s intelligence agency has left him destitute; CSIS settles multimillion-dollar lawsuit with employees who claimed workplace Islamophobia, racism and homophobia; Quebec needs law to protect media from police spying, inquiry finds.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, December 7, 2017: Security bill needs safeguards to prevent ‘a profile on all of us’: privacy watchdog; ICLMG Press Release Will Parliament throw Muslim and racialized groups under the bus in the rush for preclearance?; BCCLA reacts to passage of Preclearance bill; Ottawa author detained by U.S. border guards says system ‘broken’; Early win for the B.C. Civil Liberties Association in pipeline protest spying case heading to Federal Court; Why does Canada spy on its own indigenous communities?; All Muslims are often blamed for single acts of terror. Psychology explains how to stop it; US courts have been treating Muslims differently for a very long time; Trump travel ban: supreme court allows enforcement as appeals proceed; African refugees bought, sold and murdered in Libya; New Investigation Finds U.S. Special Forces Massacred Somali Civilians & Orchestrated a Cover-Up.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 30, 2017: ICLMG in the media; Committee study of National Security Act began today; CCLA’s Brenda McPhail & Lex Gill: More debate needed on national security reform bill; Canada’s spy agencies casting wider net on citizens’ electronic data, parliamentary report says about Bill C-59; Matthew Behrens: Kafka’s Canada at 15: The secret trials of Mohamed Harkat; Why Hassan Diab’s ongoing incarceration in France is Canada’s ‘Dreyfus Affair’; Former MP to ask International Criminal Court to investigate Canada’s Afghan war conduct; Amira Elghawaby: Governments can and must do more to tackle hate; Trump Retweeted Anti-Muslim Videos Posted By Far-Right Group Britain First; Why is Liberal senator’s name on no-fly list?; CSIS’s ask for telecom subscriber info of possible future targets denied; Interview: Canadian lawyer Joshua Blum on Chelsea Manning.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 23, 2017: Tim McSorley on Bill C-59: Better than C-51, but that isn’t saying much; ICLMG Issue Page on Bill C-59, the new National Security Act; ‘My life was ripped apart’: Two Calgary Muslim men say CSIS wrongfully targeted them; The Uncounted: New York Times Finds US Airstrikes Kill Far More Iraqi Civilians Than Pentagon Admits; Trudeau Government Must Act after Striking Workers Murdered at Canadian-Owned Mine in Mexico; Letter: Criminalization of freedom of expression and international solidarity in Peru; At First J20 Trial, Prosecution Falls Flat; Muskrat Falls, Criminalization of Land and Water Protectors, and Colonialism; ‘Treated like a terrorist:’ Edmontonians urge federal government to fix no-fly system; Canada’s Extradition Law Condemns Hassan Diab to a Kafkaesque Ordeal; Mohamed Harkat seeks relaxation of strict monitoring; Canada prepares for a new wave of refugees as Haitians flee Trump’s America; Amnesty International report: Rohingya trapped in dehumanising apartheid regime in Myanmar.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 17, 2017: What’s in Bill C-59? New oversight and review mechanisms – new video; Canadian police spied on Indigenous protesters on Parliament Hill; CA Gov. Jerry Brown Tells Indigenous Activists Protesting Fracking He’ll Put Them “In the Ground”; Psychiatrist says person named in security certificate, Mohamed Harkat, poses low risk of violence; Canadian Hassan Diab remains in prison after French court blocks release for 8th time; Open Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Regarding Dr. Hassan Diab – you can still sign it!; German newspaper publishes names of 33,000 refugees who died trying to reach Europe; Migrants are dying in detention centres: When will Canada act?; Canadians Are Worried About NSA Spying But Don’t Understand How It Happens; Security Breach and Spilled Secrets Have Shaken the N.S.A. to Its Core; Trump’s speech causes more anti-Muslim hate crimes than terrorism, study shows; Embracing holy envy: ‘Allahu Akbar’.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 9, 2017: The View Up Here webcast interviews ICLMG’s Tim McSorley on Bill C-59, the new national security act; Pillay: It was Canada’s sloppy counter-terrorism that led to $31M payout; British-Canadian couple fear son being tortured in Syria, plead for Canada’s help securing release; Ex-Guantanamo detainee to sue Canada for $50M for alleged complicity in torture; NCCM: Government must take “concrete steps” to address human rights concerns inside CSIS; Attentat de la rue Copernic : la remise en liberté du principal suspect à nouveau demandée; No-Fly List Kids call for action on a No-Fly List redress system on Parliament Hill; ‘No answers’ a year after Soleiman Faqiri prison death; Reminder: Fundamental flaws will hinder work of National Security Committee; 50-year-old woman dies in immigration detention; Unlawful death of refugees and migrants; Shaun King: In Life and in Death, White Privilege Protected Texas Shooter Devin Kelley; Quebec’s face-covering law heads for constitutional challenge; Europe’s quiet offensive against people helping refugees; The undercover policing of political protest.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 2nd, 2017: Trudeau torture controls approach Orwellian stature; Secret Spy Hearings; Counter-terrorism measures are exacerbating racism and xenophobia, UN rights expert warns; For Trump, October’s two mass killings lead to very different responses; Twisting the narrative on mass violence; Canadian prisoner in China has sentence reduced after ‘re-education’; Emmanuel Macron’s Anti-Terror Law Is a Throwback to the Bad Days of Colonialism; Tillerson, Mattis: We don’t need new war authorization to fight terror; New York Suspect Must Not Be Sent to Guantánamo; Guantánamo tribunals face chaos as top defence lawyer punished for contempt;  The Battle of Treaty Camp: Law enforcement descended on Standing Rock a year ago and changed the DAPL fight forever; Venezuela: Repression taken into people’s living rooms as home raids surge; Activists Acquitted in Effort to Prevent British Fighter Jet Delivery to Saudi Arabia; How the U.K. prosecuted a student on terrorism charges for downloading a book.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, October 26, 2017: ICLMG’s video explainer: Breaking Down Bill C-59: The new National Security Act; Letter of support for Chelsey Manning to be allowed to enter Canada; ‘No threat’: Civil liberties groups support Chelsea Manning’s bid to cross Canadian border; Canada’s terror double standards; ‘Why aren’t we all with Somalia?’; Ottawa pays $31.3M to Canadian men tortured in Syria; Secret evidence should not be allowed in civil cases; Judge slams Ottawa for delays over $35-million CSIS lawsuit alleging workplace Islamophobia, racism and homophobia; Quebec fights back against Islamic extremism by oppressing women and religious minorities; 8-year-old boy flagged as security threat takes the fight to clear his name to Ottawa; More Than 150 Land Defenders Murdered So Far This Year; Owen Jones: If my sister can be drawn into the anti-terror net, imagine the risk to others; Turkey: Court releases human rights defenders including Amnesty International’s Turkey Director; UK terrorism law expert warns government over plans for new legislation; My Guantánamo Diary, Uncensored.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, October 18, 2017: ‘You wonder what the government is trying to hide’; Terrorism charges are only reserved for Muslims; Ottawa academic Hassan Diab still in legal limbo in Paris prison; In Myanmar, “Anti-Terrorism” Is Cover for Ethnic Cleansing; Chile’s still using Pinochet’s anti-terrorist law against the Mapuche; COINTELPRO 2? FBI Targets “Black Identity Extremists” Despite Surge in White Supremacist Violence; Acute Human Rights Crisis in Mexico Must Become a Priority for Canada, Visiting Mexican Rights Advocates Say; I am in Guantánamo Bay. The US government is starving me to death; Trump wants to ease rules so Canada can buy armed Predator drones worth $1 billion; Hawaii judge blocks latest Trump travel ban with hours to spare; Treatment of kids under Aussie anti-terrorism laws an over-reach: ABA.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, October 12, 2017: ICLMG’s submission for Canada’s UPR; The Canadian Museum of Human Rights: The missing stories; RCMP officers screened Quebec border crossers on religion and values, questionnaire shows; Why terrorism charges won’t be filed in deadly Quebec mosque attack; The airport bomber from last week you never heard about; UN experts urge Chile not to use anti-terrorism law against Mapuche indigenous peoples; FBI terrorism unit says ‘black identity extremists’ pose a violent threat; An insider’s view of Guantánamo: conspiracy to torture; Supreme Court Rejects Guantanamo Inmate, Won’t Curb Military Commission; Inside the CIA’s black site torture room; Security concerns rise as police find surveillance device intercepted private text messages; Watchdog report gives CSIS a pass, but flags concerns; Bid to quash review of Hill attack raid disappointing, says lawyer; CSIS and RCMP accused of entrapping terrorism suspects; Feds Want a More Restrictive Transparency Regime.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, October 5, 2017: NCCM: Decision not to charge Quebec mosque shooter with terrorism “deeply concerning”; The White Privilege of the “Lone Wolf” Shooter; Las Vegas, Edmonton reveal futility of obsessing about what constitutes ‘terrorism’; White American men are a bigger domestic terrorist threat than Muslim foreigners; Rescuers Say 28 Civilians Die in Airstrikes on Idlib Province; European govts return nearly 10,000 Afghans to risk of death and torture; Turns out Goodale’s tolerance for torture is almost as high as Harper’s; Trudeau government taken to court over alleged spying during Harper years; Watchdog dismisses environmental spying complaint, prompting appeal; Christopher Parsons: The new surveillance state; Ottawa passes legislation to protect journalists’ anonymous sources from police, thanks to pressure from civil society, French MPs back controversial anti-terror bill; Trump administration lobbying hard for return of sweeping surveillance law; The Long Reach of Guantánamo Bay Military Commissions.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, September 28, 2017: New Ministerial Direction falls short on fulfilling goal of preventing the sharing, requesting or use of information tied to torture; New National Security Act Falls Short, Even By Liberals’ Own Standards; Joint letter to the Canadian government on its proposals to reform the ATIA; Diab’s supporters send parliamentary petition and open letter to PM Trudeau; Sixteen Years into the “War on Terror” and Institutionalized Islamophobia Lives on; Chelsea Manning says she’s been denied entry into Canada; Activist found guilty of terror-related crime for refusing to disclose passwords to UK police; Dozens of civilians killed when U.S. bombed a school and a market in Syria; France – Les assignations à résidence hors état d’urgence votées à l’Assemblée; Adam Serwer: The greatest threats to free speech in America come from the state, not from activists on college campuses.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, September 21, 2017: National Security Bill C-59 Fails to Reverse C-51 and Introduces Serious New Problems; Torture and interrogation the CSIS and RCMP way; Is bigotry blinding CSIS and the RCMP – to disastrous effect?; OPC review on the CBSA’s Scenario Based Targeting Program; Google stops challenging most US warrants for data on overseas servers; OPC ‘very concerned’ about U.S. border phone searches; Privacy Commissioner’s report calls on the RCMP to increase transparency around the use of cellphone surveillance tools; Privacy International calls for greater transparency around secretive intelligence sharing between governments; Put him on trial or send him home: Michael Enright on the appalling treatment of Hassan Diab; Is your child on the Canadian False Positive List?; Cameroon using ‘anti-terror’ law to silence media: CPJ; Advocates Warn All Rohingya May Be Driven Out of Burma If Military’s Ethnic Cleansing Continues; U.S. embassy memos offer glimpse into the “devastated” lives of refugees rejected by the Travel Ban; Distrustful U.S. allies force spy agency to back down in encryption fight.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, September 14, 2017: The US Senate just rubber-stamped the 15-year war on terror, again; CSEC’s rigged election scare an excuse to invade our privacy; The RCMP Has Been Using Surveillance Gear Under an ‘Interim’ Policy for 6 Years; Secret Government of Canada data stored on U.S. servers? Memo raises possibility; Canadian held in US prison for role in anti-Trump protest; Comprendre la crise des Rohingya en Birmanie; The twisted politics of terrorism in Myanmar; France : les risques de l’état d’urgence permanent; Bahrain: A year of brutal government repression to crush dissent; Togo latest country to lose web access as regimes increasingly shut down Internet to control protests; Judge: Challenge to government watch list can go forward; ACLU and EFF Sue Trump Administration Over Cell Phone Searches at the Border; Etats-Unis : la Cour suprême maintient l’interdiction d’entrée des réfugiés; Keeping Guantánamo Bay open damages our national security; How the NSA built a secret surveillance network for Ethiopia.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, September 7, 2017: We did it! Now what?; CBSA sharing info on American border crossings with US, featuring ICLMG, Statement on Latest Violence against the Rohingya Population in Burma; Le racisme systémique… parlons-en!; Greenpeace & Indigenous Water Protectors Respond to Lawsuit Accusing DAPL Activists of Eco-Terrorism; Lawsuit: Police Targeted Black Lives Matter Alongside Violent, Terrorist ‘Gangs’; Trump Orders Military To Give Cops Free Grenade Launchers, Bayonets, And Tanks; Terrorism isn’t as big as you think; UN calls out Ottawa over lengthy immigration detention stays; Omar Khadr and values in a time of ‘war’; Normalizing torture.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, August 31, 2017: Canadians Muslims to celebrate Eid as hate incidents continue to rise, says NCCM; Aung Sang Suu Kyi’s office accuses aid workers of helping ‘terrorists’ in Myanmar; Entire families are being killed by U.S. airstrikes in Raqqa, Syria; Why should Canada support Palestinian refugees?; A Public Appeal for Solidarity with Omar Ben Ali; Israel only country in the world to systematically prosecute children under military law; $134-million claim against Khadr should be thrown out; Jaggi Singh dit avoir été victime d’un «spectacle légal»; Why rabbis like me oppose Israel’s ban on BDS activists, ICE Plans to Start Destroying Records of Immigrant Abuse, Including Sexual Assault and Deaths in Custody; Market Forces: A report on the development of the EU security-industrial complex.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, August 24, 2017: L’extrême droite d’hier à aujourd’hui; As Muslims Condemn Spain Attack, Americans Must Denounce U.S. Killings in Syria, Iraq; Reflection on the fight against racism in Canada; Borders: The Global Caste System; Trump may not finish his term but the assassination complex will live on; Trapped in Raqqa: Amnesty Says Civilians Caught in “Deadly Labyrinth” As U.S. Intensifies Airstrikes; The Taliban tried to surrender and the U.S. rebuffed them. Now here we are; Galway human rights academic identifies clear violation of basic human rights at Guantánamo Bay; Terror laws should be scrapped, says UK Government’s independent reviewer of terrorism legislation; The U.S. spy hub in the heart of Australia; I was detained for protesting against Donald Trump. Here’s what the US Secret Service asked me.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, August 17, 2017: ICLMG Editorial: A response to the Globe on Bill C-23; TONIGHT: Time for an honest discussion of torture and Guantanamo; Here’s why allegations of CSIS’ homophobia and racism should concern all Canadians; ‘Why is this man in prison?’, judge asks govt lawyer in immigration detention case; Former PM Paul Martin regrets govt’s handling of Omar Khadr case; Charlottesville is Latest Chapter in Long U.S. History of White Supremacist Terror; Why The Government Can’t Bring Terrorism Charges In Charlottesville; Building America’s Trust Act would amp up privacy concerns at the border; Updating ‘briefcase law’: defence lawyers try to end warrantless smartphone searches at border; This Groups Has Successfully Converted White Supremacists Using Compassion. Trump Defunded It; US government demands details on all visitors to anti-Trump protest website; On ne plaisante pas au Cameroun : trois lycéens en prison pour une blague par SMS font appel; Did Americans Know About Torture at Africa’s ‘Guantanamo’?; Settlement reached in ACLU lawsuit against CIA interrogation; Fearful villagers see the US using Afghanistan as a “playground for their weapons”.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, August 10, 2017: The Canadian government needs to clean up its act; Canadians avoiding debate on role in war on terror; Jim Learning accused of breaking house arrest; Montreal professor renews legal effort to block Canadian combat vehicle exports to Saudi Arabia; TransLink Increasingly Sharing Riders’ Personal Information With Police; Head of Bombed Minnesota Mosque Denounces Trump for Stoking Hate & Violence Against Somali Community; Trump signals cuts to unpopular “Countering Extremism” programs but worse could be coming; Surveillance and the Global Turn to Authoritarianism; These are the technology firms lining up to build Trump’s “extreme vetting” program; Pourquoi la mission du navire antimigrants en Méditerranée est illégale.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, August 3, 2017: NAFTA negotiations put Canadians’ personal data on the table – featuring the ICLMG; Repatriate Hassan Diab and reform our unbalanced extradition law; Here’s the one question your angry MP can’t answer about Omar Khadr; Goodale must investigate racism allegations against CSIS; Muskrat Falls activists released amid protests; Feds Crack Trump Protesters’ Phones to Charge Them With Felony Rioting; After Saudi video, Canada has a choice to make on human rights; Travel delays for B.C. family who says daughter’s name on no-fly list; What the death of a mentally ill inmate tells us about Canadian justice; French Anti-Terror Bill Threatens To Extend State of Emergency Abuses; Slain activist’s lawyers latest known targets of spyware sold to Mexican government; Trump Considers Prolonging Afghan War to Secure $1 Trillion in Untapped Mineral Deposits.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, July 27, 2017: Government must take action on shocking, disturbing allegations of discrimination and racism within ranks of CSIS, says ICLMG; Omar Khadr forced to surf wave of Canadian racism; ‘I’m on Team Human’: U.S. medic who saved Omar Khadr’s life says he did right thing; Condemnations of Khadr reek of double standards; U.S.-bound travellers to face ‘enhanced security measures’ at all Canadian airports; The agreement envisaged between the EU & Canada on the transfer of Passenger data may not be concluded in its current form, the court says; Immigration detainees can be jailed indefinitely, federal judge rules; Trump Travel Ban Must Exempt Grandparents After Supreme Court Rebuff; Amnesty Accuses U.S. Coalition of War Crimes in Mosul: Scale of Death Much Higher Than Acknowledged; U.S. Lawmakers Seek to Criminally Outlaw Support for Boycott Campaign Against Israel; Alex Neve: Stop the silence. We need to tackle Turkey’s human rights crisis.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, July 13, 2017: Omar Khadr apology and compensation long overdue, but systemic changes are also needed to protect human rights, says ICLMG & Rideau Institute; What if Omar Khadr isn’t guilty?; Roméo Dallaire & Alex Neve: Canada failed Omar Khadr. We owed him compensation and an apology; Ottawa must seek justice for Hassan Diab; Absurd ‘terrorism’ investigation launched into Amnesty’s Turkey Director and nine others; Why am I facing 75 years in prison for protesting Trump?; Berta Cáceres’s Daughter Speaks Out After Surviving Assassination Attempt in Honduras; Emboldened by Trump, US border officials are lying to asylum seekers and turning them away; Devastation in Mosul: Iraq Seizes City from ISIS, But Battle Left Thousands Dead & 700,000 Displaced; The Snooper’s Charter is being taken to court to stop mass surveillance powers.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, July 6, 2017: Redress for Omar Khadr is welcome and long overdue; Coalition Objects to Renewed Calls for Weaker Encryption Following ‘Five Eyes’ Ottawa Meeting; Legal challenge of Safe Third Country Agreement launched; Liberals’ Neglect Of Hassan Diab A Scar On Canada’s History; Une famille mexicaine dénonce la mort d’un militant qui luttait contre une minière canadienne; Canada at War: How Two Decades of Conflict Have Changed a Country; Law Enforcement is Still Used as a Colonial Tool in Indian Country; Terror attacks receive five times more media coverage if perpetrator is Muslim, study finds; Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently: Syrian Citizen Journalists Document a City Under Siege; With a single wiretap order, US authorities listened in on 3.3 million phone calls.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, June 29, 2017: Three Ways Trudeau’s Liberals Have Let Down Open Government Advocates; Nine arrested after RCMP blocks teepee raising on Parliament Hill; Calling Islamophobic violence ‘terrorism’ won’t make Muslims safe: Kanji; Muslim leaders urge government to help protect mosques, schools; Safe Third Country Agreement must be suspended; Supreme Court Allows Part of Trump Travel Ban to Take Effect Before Ruling on Constitutionality; Trudeau must speak out on Hassan Diab; Homeland Security Will Begin “Heightened Screening” of Phones on All US-Bound Flights; Postponed transparency bill does little to promote access while government increases secrecy.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, June 22, 2017: Press release: Bill C-59: Canadian government misses opportunity for bold action on civil liberties; Press release: Fundamental flaws will hinder work of National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians; France accused of violating human rights by group lobbying for academic Hassan Diab’s release; Monia Mazigh: There’s No Justifying Canada’s Flawed Counter-Radicalization Plan; Heated exchange over legal rights as lawyers battle to have refugee claimant let out of jail; Police lied to obtain warrants, Quebec journalists testify at inquiry; Why the Government’s ATI Reform Bill is a Promise Broken: Proactive Disclosure ≠ Access to Information; The Pentagon says one civilian died in drone strike on Syrian mosque. Witnesses say it killed dozens.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, June 15, 2017: Preclearance agreement trumps protection of travelers from Canada to U.S.; Our National Coordinator on Bill C-22 and holding Canadian intelligence agencies accountable; Canada’s anti-terrorism overhaul is coming Tuesday; Beatrice Hunter released from jail, allowed to protest outside Muskrat Falls gate; Ethics commissioner acknowledges Sajjan downplayed his role and knowledge of Afghan detainee issue; Hate crimes against Muslims in Canada increase 253% over 4 years; Canadian man found not guilty on Algerian terror charges he says were based on intelligence from Canada; CSIS kept ‘all’ metadata on third parties for a decade, top secret memo says; Trump Loses Travel Ban Ruling in Appeals Court; Rep. Barbara Lee: In Expanding Global Wars, Trump Is Creating More Havoc and Chaos & Has No Strategy; Yves Engler: Canada’s Increased Military Budget Will Fuel the US War Machine.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, June 8, 2017: Trudeau government broke privacy rules with expanded spy program; Woman arrested in Muskrat Falls protest moved to men’s prison more than 1000 km from home; Anti-Trump protester: ‘Is this my last free birthday?’; Trump supporters are calling for Muslim internment camps; Applying for a US Visa? Better Watch What You Post; May: I’ll rip up human rights laws that impede new terror legislation; Lawyer for Tortured Detainees: U.S. Created ISIS Through Misguided Detention, Interrogation Policies; US-led coalition admits killing at least 484 civilians in air strikes against Isis in Syria and Iraq; Canada does Trump’s bidding with massive new defence spending.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, June 1st, 2017: Our reaction & highlights from the govt’s report on the national security consultation; Civil liberties groups call for urgent changes to preclearance rules; Asylum agreement with U.S. to blame for woman’s death near border; Bound. Tortured. Killed; Canada just increased data sharing with international spy partners; Inuit grandmother jailed after refusing to stay away from Muskrat Falls; UK’s ‘Big Brother’ anti-terror strategy is flawed, U.N. expert says; Canadian executives demanding action on no-fly list glitches; White Terrorists Killed More Americans This Week Than Refugees Have in 40 Years; US admits Mosul airstrikes killed over 100 civilians during battle with Daesh; Jeremy Corbyn links foreign policy to growing terror threat.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, May 25, 2017: Canadians prefer privacy over more police powers, govt finds; MiningWatch Canada Launches Legal Action Against Arbitrary Detention in Peru; How a Canadian professor’s life became a horror show: Fahmy; Migrant Rescue off Libya: ‘Mostly Toddlers’ Among 31 Drowned; The impact of international counter-terrorism on civil society organisations; Let’s delete Islamic/Islamist labels for terrorists; Past month ‘deadliest on record’ for Syrian civilians killed in US-led air strikes; Morts, blessés et arrestations lors d’une manifestation à Bahreïn; L’Egypte bloque le site d’Al-Jazeera et d’autres médias qui ne lui sont pas favorables.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, May 18, 2017: RCMP labels anti-torture caravan a ‘Criminal Act by Terrorists’; Canada’s spies collude with the energy sector; Preclearance bill C-23 will spell border-crossing problems; VIDEO: Security ejects partner of Canadian imprisoned abroad from Prime Minister’s offices; Immigration detention is unconstitutional, lawyers argue in Federal Court; Amnesty: Attacks on human rights activists reach crisis point globally; Detained and accused in Peru, Canadian activist suspects foul play; Chelsea Manning Is a Free Woman: Her Heroism Has Expanded Beyond Her Initial Whistleblowing; Independent monitoring in store for Canada Border Services Agency.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, May 11, 2017: RCMP and CSIS snoop on green activists; RCMP created, then abandoned metadata-crunching tool to extract criminal intelligence; Open Letter to Trudeau on Press Freedom; Des radicaux aussi chez les catholiques; White Male Terrorists Are an Issue We Should Discuss; Bill C-23, Preclearance Act 2016; Key parts of citizenship revocation process struck down; Chelsea Manning to be released from prison this week.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, May 4, 2017: Harjit Sajjan accused of downplaying role in Afghan war in attempt to thwart investigation; French prosecution of Canadian Hassan Diab a travesty; Jailed 7 years by Canada, Kashif Ali now walks free; CJFE’s Review of Free Expression in Canada; Anti-terror rules are blocking aid to conflict zones; Lift political gag order on charities, says panel report; Senate passes bill that repeals many Conservative citizenship changes; NSA backs down on major surveillance program that captured Americans’ communications without a warrant.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, April 27, 2017: Press conference: Groups call on the Prime Minister to press for the release and return of Hassan Diab; MiningWatch Canada Staff Member, US Journalist Arbitrarily Detained in Peru over Documentary About Hudbay Minerals’ Operations; Depuis janvier, plus d’un millier de migrants sont morts en Méditerranée; Border towns quietly mobilizing to help asylum-seekers coming to Canada; Cameroon: Reporter Ahmed Abba to Appeal 10-Year Terrorism Sentence; Press freedom on the decline: Canada drops from the top 20; Commissioner for Human Rights: The Shrinking Space for Human Rights Organisations; Matthew Legge: From National to Shared Security; Controversial CSIS-run data crunching centre worries privacy czar, documents show; Border officials float big ideas for mining social media; U.S. Bombed a Mosque in Syria, Killing Dozens of Civilians, Investigators Conclude; In secret court hearing, lawyer objected to FBI sifting through NSA data like it was Google.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, April 20, 2017: Ottawa has even more reason to fix security law; Attack on Digital Privacy Rights of Canadians; CSIS officials, counsel learning to share information with courts; Trudeau government undercuts transparency, while reinforcing secrecy; La Commission d’accès à l’information « préoccupée » par ce qu’elle entend à la commission Chamberland; Groups Decry Trump Plan to Demand Social Media Passwords at US Border, Omar Khadr’s criminal record in Canada shows ‘absolute ignorance’: lawyer, Islamophobia persistent in the media, journalist, Land protectors see renewed support in wake of new charges; Court defends political dissent after N.L. man sent to psychiatric hospital for criticizing police shooting, “Mother of All Bombs” Never Used Before Due to Civilian Casualty Concerns.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, April 13, 2017: Canada’s immigration detainees being locked up based on dodgy risk assessments, Star finds; Monia Mazigh: Omar Khadr’s Case A Black Stamp On Canada’s Human Rights Record; Cellphone surveillance technology being used by local police across Canada; Protection des sources: le projet de loi adopté au Sénat; Communications companies receive thousands of requests from Quebec police; Securing our Digital Economy; OpenMedia: Do you know where your data is?; New US bill aims to ban warrantless phone searches at the border; Ottawa tight-lipped on delay to improving no-fly list; Police oversight isn’t broken, it was built this way: Cole.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, April 6, 2017: Press release: Senate must act to strengthen national security oversight; Matthew Behrens: Apologies for torture seem to be the hardest words; Ottawa academic’s release ordered from Paris jail for fifth time – prosecutors quickly block move; Devices that track, spy on cellphones found at Montreal’s Trudeau airport; ‘Sources have stopped talking to us’: Witnesses testify at Day 1 of police-spying commission; Michael Geist: Why warrantless access to Internet information is back on the lawmaking agenda; Michelle Shephard: Family speaks for first time about Canadian imprisoned in Algeria on terror charges; Americans’ right to protest is in grave danger, UN warns; Canada: Civil Society Calls for Access to Information Law Reform; Ontario government commits to releasing past and future SIU reports.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 30, 2017: Editorial: Tim McSorley: Bill C-22: Liberals Undermining Goal Of Strong National Security Oversight; Glenn Greenwald: Trump’s War on Terror Has Quickly Become as Barbaric and Savage as He Promised; Amnesty: Hundreds of Iraqi Civilians Killed in U.S. Airstrikes After Being Told Not to Flee Mosul; Environ 250 migrants meurent en Méditerranée dans deux naufrages; Canada should put limits on detention for migrants: Toronto Star Editorial; The Justice For Abdirahman Coalition Expresses Disappointment And Outrage Concerning Police Solidarity For Officer Charged With Manslaughter; Le Mexique regarde tomber ses journalistes; Francis Dupuis-Déri: Les négationnistes de l’islamophobie; Parents of ‘no-fly list kids’ upset at no funding for redress system; The government is looking to restart a warrantless access program that had been declared unconstitutional; What do many lone attackers have in common? Domestic violence.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 23, 2017: Amendments to Bill C-22 weakens oversight committee before it even begins, says ICLMG; Ottawa torture victim declares victory in long fight for justice; Alex Neve, Béatrice Vaugrante: 6 steps Canada must take after embarrassingly long redress for tortured citizens; Omar Khadr deserves government apology and compensation: Editorial; House of Commons passes anti-Islamophobia motion M-103; NCCM announces settlement of defamation lawsuit against former spokesman for Stephen Harper; À deux doigts de la mort; Senators’ opinion: Immigration detention reforms fall short without effective oversight; Vice reporter ordered to hand over correspondence says he’ll ‘take this as far as it needs to go’; Border Agents Need A Warrant to Search Travelers’ Phones, EFF Tells Court; Land protectors face criminal charges for defending water, food, culture; Prosecutors drop Montreal Mafia cases after questions about RCMP surveillance tactics; CSE watchdog urges greater information-sharing powers for review bodies; Dozens of civilians killed in US-led airstrike on Isis stronghold in Syria.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 16, 2017: ICLMG urges the Ministers of Justice and Foreign Affairs to act now for the return of Hassan Diab to Canada; A forgotten Canadian has spent 10 years in Egyptian prison. Advocates are telling Trudeau to get him back; Bill C-22: National Security Secrecy Increased: Sabotaging Public Access Promises; Steven Zhou: Fight Islamophobia by repealing draconian national security laws; Matthew Behrens: CSIS’s alternative facts universe; Refugee claimants need safe access at U.S.-Canada border: Cole; In Stinging Blow to President, Hawaii & Maryland Judges Block Trump’s Second Muslim Ban; Phone Searches Now Default Mode At The Border; More Searches Last Month Than In All Of 2015; My Baby is On the No-Fly List and We Can’t Remove Him From It; Why is DHS Labeling Protesters “Domestic Terrorists”?; CSIS reneged on pledge to brief judges about secret data centre; Review agency for Canada’s spies says it needs more funding.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 9, 2017: Proposed security oversight committee ‘shadow’ of what it should be, opposition says; Trudeau following Harper’s lead in denying justice to illegally imprisoned Muslim men; Après l’attentat de Québec, les crimes haineux ont monté en flèche; Feds settle case of ‘grossly unfair’ leak about Montreal man, RCMP probe ongoing; Amnesty international: Trump’s revised travel ban will stir hatred and division; CCR: Welcoming refugees at our borders: a moral and legal imperative; Hungary to detain all asylum seekers in container camps; How Justin Trudeau Is Failing Journalists; Criminal charges against Justin Brake an attack on press freedom; Revealed: Environmental Activist Berta Cáceres’ Suspected Killers Received U.S. Military Training; Quebec resident Alain Philippon to fight charge for not giving up phone password at airport; ‘Am I at risk of being hacked?’ What you need to know about the ‘Vault 7’ documents; Three Problems with President Trump’s Guantánamo Tweet.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, March 2, 2017: Man arrested after Concordia University bomb threat targeting Muslim students; Manning Centre hosts ‘bonkers’ panel claiming Quebec City mosque was actually helping terrorists; Trudeau’s torture policies no different than Trump’s; No evidence? No problem; How an Illegal Canadian Spy Program Sailed Through Regulatory Checks; Is your Internet data ending up in the NSA’s hands?; Goodale should reject Safe Third Country agreement before Homeland Security meeting; How to protect your phone privacy when crossing the U.S. border; Can Customs and Border Protection Agents demand to see your ID on a domestic trip?; Outcry Kills Anti-Protest Law in Arizona, But Troubling Trend Continues Nationwide; Documents Indicate Germany Spied on Foreign Journalists; Former neo-Nazi explains why the threat of white extremism must not be ignored.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, February 23, 2017: Ottawa to compensate, give apologies to Canadians tortured in Syria; Hassan Diab supporters fear changing political climate could hurt chances of fair trial; Anti-Islamophobia motion offers a chance to take a stand against hatred. Why quibble over semantics?; Transparent double standard on freedom of speech; Hundreds of Canadian children held in immigration detention, report shows; New Trump Deportation Rules Allow Far More Expulsions; Donald Trump is right, there was a recent attack in Sweden. By neo-Nazis on a refugee centre; VICE’s Ben Makuch stands up for Canadian press freedom; Militarized Police Just Evicted The Sioux Tribe From Standing Rock At Gunpoint; How to secure your phone when crossing the border; Dramatic increase in people having Canadian citizenship revoked since Trudeau elected; Former UK Home Secretary: Why it was right to release Jamal al-Harith in 2004.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, February 16, 2017: ICLMG op-ed: Proposed New Preclearance Act Will Bring Border Trouble; Release of first batch of security consultation submissions is big win for transparency, but litmus test will be how government responds; Amira Elghawaby: Islamophobia is a threat to us all, Canada’s silent majority must speak up; What took Charles Taylor so long to reverse his position on Quebec’s religious restrictions?: Hébert; The Quebec mosque attack victims spent their lives vilified as terrorists. Then they were murdered by one; L’extrême droite sort de l’ombre; Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement Needs To Be Revisited: Lawyers; Donald Trump ‘won’t challenge Muslim travel ban’ in Supreme Court; ICE Arrests 600 in Nationwide Raids After Trump Order Expands Criminalization of Immigrants; Trump powers ‘will not be questioned’ on immigration, senior official says; Canadian denied entry to U.S. after being questioned on mosque connections; Julia Sanchez: Don’t lecture the Americans about our values. Demonstrate them; Revealed: FBI terrorism taskforce investigating Standing Rock activists.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, February 9, 2017: Muslim leaders urge governments to fight Islamophobia after mosque attack; «Urgent» de créer une commission sur le racisme systémique; Maher Arar says government should scrap anti-terror law as part of response to Islamophobia; Syrian Refugee Crisis Linked to Rampant Torture, Disappearances & Arrests of Civilian Population; Ottawa should suspend refugee pact with U.S., Harvard report says; Appeals court refuses to reinstate Trump’s ban on travellers from seven Muslim-majority nations; Justice Dept. lawyer says 100,000 visas revoked under travel ban; State Dept. says about 60,000; Canadian woman turned away from U.S. border after questions about religion, Trump; Homeland Security Might Start Asking US Visitors for Their Social Media Passwords; Kellyanne Conway blames refugees for ‘Bowling Green massacre’ that never happened; WARNING: This Trump order could threaten the privacy of Canadians; CSIS doesn’t know how many Canadians were snared in unlawful data program; Just in Time for Trump, Jury Says Defense of Planet Is No Crime.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, February 2, 2017: ICLMG editorial: Fighting Hate in the Wake of the Quebec City Mosque Shooting: 5 Ways the Trudeau Government Can Act Now!; Minister Goodale: Reject Information Obtained Through Torture; Rima Elkouri: Chronique d’une tragédie annoncée; Canadian conservatives must take long, hard look at their Islamophobic rhetoric; Simple truth is Canada’s mass shooters are usually white and Canadian-born: Neil Macdonald; Trump’s Muslim Ban Is Culmination of War on Terror Mentality but Still Uniquely Shameful; UN denounces Trump’s travel ban as ‘mean-spirited’ and illegal under human rights law; Judge Halts Deportations After Protesters Swarm Airports Over Trump’s Order Barring Muslims; Obama Killed a 16-Year-Old American in Yemen. Trump Just Killed His 8-Year-Old Sister; NYT editorial: President Bannon?; Police Raid Standing Rock Last Child Camp, Arrest 76; Secret Docs Reveal: President Trump Has Inherited an FBI With Vast Hidden Powers; Canada must urgently reassess data sharing with the U.S.; Kids still caught by no-fly lists despite new redress office, parents say; Give Parliamentary committee a chance to shine.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, January 26, 2017: Ottawa n’a rien appris du cas Maher Arar; Trump’s war on reality is just getting started: says torture works, eliminates privacy protections for foreigners, imposes ban on refugees, blocks visas from 7 Muslim nations, bans agencies from talking to reporters, while six journalists get felony charges after covering inauguration unrest; Refugee claimants entering from US need our protection; Canadians want more privacy protections and transparency; Les terribles conséquences de l’islamophobie; Greenpeace argues Resolute racketeering suit ‘brute force’ intimidation; Colombian Human Rights Leader Assassinated; Trump bans agencies from ‘providing updates on social media or to reporters’; Opinion: Trump’s war on reality is just getting started; Four more journalists get felony charges after covering inauguration unrest.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, January 19, 2017: ‘Secret order’ authorizing RCMP’s covert Cold War wiretapping program released after 65 years; Federal security officials approved Winnipeg police efforts to purchase spying devices; Justin Trudeau promised changes to draconian Bill C-51. We’re still waiting; ‘Rule of law’ racism, C-51 and the coming resistance wave; Republican lawmakers in five states propose bills to criminalize peaceful protests; Chelsea Manning’s 35-year sentence commuted by Obama; Obama to leave office with more than 40 detainees still in Guantánamo Bay; Pour Amnesty International, la dérive sécuritaire en Europe est dangereuse; Complaints describe border agents interrogating Muslim Americans, asking for social media accounts.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, January 12, 2017: CSIS assessing ‘bulk data’ collection, records show; Personal privacy under threat by surveillance state; Globe Editorial: Quebec police are getting search warrants too easily, hurting the free press; Border agency oversight bill stalls in Parliament; N.S.A. Gets More Latitude to Share Intercepted Communications; Congressional report sides with Apple on encryption debate; Opinion: Trump wants to restock Guantánamo. Who’s the ‘worst of the worst’ now?; Medea Benjamin: America dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016. What a bloody end to Obama’s reign; The Crimes of the Seal Team 6.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, January 5, 2017: ICLMG Editorial: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Human Rights and National Security Challenges for 2017; Jameel Jaffer on Obama’s National Security Legacy & What Lies Ahead with Trump; No Paper Trail; Public interest should be central to regulation of charities’ political activities; Revealed: British councils used Ripa to secretly spy on public; Obama Administration Dismantles Idled Muslim Registry Ahead of Trump Inauguration.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, December 22, 2016: Des dizaines d’agents de la GRC ont fouillé dans la vie privée de Canadiens sans permission; Statement on the government’s commitment to release the results of the National Security Consultation; Canadian telecoms push back on proposed police powers; Eight reasons why Canada must repeal its anti-terror laws; Montreal newspaper La Presse wants court to stop police investigation of reporter; Surveillance des journalistes: l’opposition dénonce le rapport montréalais; One quarter of Canadian online traffic vulnerable to NSA sweeps: researchers; EU’s Top Court Delivers “Major Blow” to Mass Surveillance; Fahmy Foundation, Amnesty International & A Coalition of Concerned Citizens Appeal to Liberal Government.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, December 15, 2016: Don’t Let The Police Steal Canada’s National Security Debate; Blood on our hands: Canada’s links to torture; In open letter to ministers, civil society organizations demand transparency on changes to national security; Bill C-51 damages Canada’s economy. It must be scrapped; Real Oversight Needed for Law-breaking National Security Agencies; Canadian spywatcher’s Snowden remark ‘highly inappropriate’; Federal cabinet secretly approved Cold War wiretaps on anyone deemed ‘subversive’i; CSIS breaches promise to report on past media surveillance; Goodale keeps door open to CSIS use of metadata gathered from innocent people; IXmaps: See where your data travels.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, December 8, 2016: Don’t expand police spying powers, watchdogs tell Ottawa; Liberals’ Digital Surveillance Proposals Far Scarier Than Bill C-51; Amended national security committee bill sails through committee; Canada’s spy services should be more accountable, says director of review committee; Liberals should put an end to Harper’s charity chill; Révélation Snowden : l’Afrique et les télécoms sous surveillance massive.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, December 2, 2016: How can Canada condone torture?; Trump’s election should prompt Canada to rethink its complicity with U.S. mass surveillance; Jewish Group Disturbed By The Passing Of Anti-BDS Motion; Canada may deploy defence forces if pipeline protests aren’t peaceful: Natural resources minister; Protection des sources des journalistes: Ottawa recule; Does What Happened to This Canadian Journalist at the US-Canada Border Herald a Darker Trend?; Federal override makes spy committee’s mandate ‘a mirage,’ info czar says; Border strategy has had little impact, auditor general report finds; Potential Trump Pick for Homeland Security Wants to Send 1 Million People to Gitmo.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 24, 2016: RCMP is overstating Canada’s ‘surveillance lag’; Le gouvernement vous écoute (encore plus que vous ne le pensez); Canada’s national security oversight is among the weakest in the Western world; Ottawa approves redress system for Canadian travellers affected by no-fly list; Dakota Access pipeline water protector ‘may lose her arm’ after police standoff.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 17, 2016: The RCMP Is Using the Media to ‘Create Moral Panic’ About Encryption; Bill C-51 is violating our Charter rights and the Canadian government doesn’t care; Commissaire à la vie privée du Canada : Journalistes surveillés : tous les citoyens sont à risque; Surveillance chill on writers and journalists in Canada; Donald Trump’s team ‘discussing plans for Muslim registration system’; ‘Consistent evidence’ suggests Ottawa academic did not commit 1980 terrorist bombing, French judge says; Britain has passed the ‘most extreme surveillance law ever passed in a democracy’.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 11, 2016: Surveillance scandals break while government presses for more surveillance powers; Ottawa should do its part to protect freedom of press; Montreal police surveillance of journalist a sign of ‘real-time tracking’; JFE condemns Project SITKA, targeted surveillance of Indigenous land defenders; La haute direction du SPVM a cautionné GAMMA; Illegal spying shows need to update security laws; On Secret Law, Courts And The Rule Of Law; Canada’s legacy of anti-terror panic has come home to roost with Bill C-51; Canada Looks to Purchase Weaponized Drones for Targeted Assassinations, Surveillance, Crowd Control; Donald Trump Says He’d ‘Absolutely’ Require Muslims to Register.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, November 3, 2016: In scathing ruling, Federal Court says CSIS bulk data collection illegal; National security green paper is a whitewash; Six journalistes épiés par la Sûreté du Québec; Quebec to hold public inquiry into surveillance of journalists; New Bill C-22 abandons Liberal call for real-time parliamentary ‘oversight’ into CSIS; In case you missed it, Canada passed an anti-Islamophobia motion last week; Police Depts. Paid AT&T Millions to Scrutinize Our Texts & Chats.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, October 27, 2016: RCMP’s counterterrorism centre in Ottawa serves as intersection of information; Security of Canada Information Sharing Act; Court order to arrest reporter covering Muskrat Falls is unacceptable; The “Canada Brand”: Violence and Canadian Mining Companies in Latin America; Third hunger strike this year highlights despair of Canada’s detained migrants; Ontario inmate held in solitary confinement for four years moved to better cell; Private Eyes: The Little-Known Company That Enables Worldwide Mass Surveillance.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, October 21, 2016:Testimony of Paul Cavalluzzo, representing ICLMG, at the Public Safety Committee expert panel on national security; La Ligue des droits et libertés demande à Ottawa d’abroger la Loi antiterroriste; Canada’s torture consumers and the faux national security consultation; Court shuts down latest bid to deport Toronto man accused of terror links; Safe in Canada, Khaled Al-Qazzaz speaks on his nightmare spent in a notorious Egyptian prison; Guantánamo Diary author Mohamedou Ould Slahi freed after 14 years.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, October 14, 2016: The ‘New’ CSIS Brings Secret Police to Canada; New spy-accountability bill will create easily muzzled watchdog, report says; Markham man on U.S. no-fly list stranded overseas, feels ‘helpless’; Casualties of war on terror continue to be hounded by Canada’s spies; Gerry Caplan: Nothing ‘sunny’ about Canadian’s extradition to France. Why should China be any different?; Trudeau government revoking citizenship at much higher rate than Conservatives;  Last Week Tonight: John Oliver explains why Guantanamo Bay needs to be shut down; US military operations are biggest motivation for homegrown terrorists, FBI study finds.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, October 6, 2016: Liberals can’t have it both ways on anti-terror law; How Ottawa revived Canada’s most controversial privacy issue; Bill C-51: Less Free Speech, Undermines De-radicalization; Prominent security expert says legislation fatally flawed; CSIS using C-51 to spy on Canadians in foreign prisons, memo reveals; CSIS suspends bulk data mining pending new guidelines; Canada violating international law by jailing hundreds of migrant children, advocacy groups say.

News Digest – Revue de l’actualité, September 29, 2016: La CSILC exhorte le gouvernement à mettre en place des mécanismes d’examen et de surveillance robustes pour les agences de sécurité nationale; Ottawa failing to protect law-abiding Canadians from security surveillance, watchdog warns; Chantal Bernier: Is C-51 necessary? Prove it; NDP introduces repeal of Bill C-51; Maryam Monsef controversy highlights absurd citizenship law; Ottawa to Consult on Charity Rules – but Continue Audits; Homa Hoodfar happy to be home after ‘bitter’ ordeal in Iran.

News Digest before September 29, 2016


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