Acronyms & Glossary

CSIS: Canadian Security Intelligence Services – human intelligence agency

SIRC: Security Intelligence Review Committee – review body for CSIS

CSEC: Communications Security Establishment Canada – electronic intelligence agency

OCSEC: Office of the CSE Commissioner – review body for CSEC

RCMP: Royal Canadian Mounted Police – national police

CRCC: Civilian Review Complaints Commission – review body for the RCMP

CBSA: Canadian Border Services Agency – has no oversight or review body

ATA, 2015: Anti-terrorist Act, 2015 (formerly Bill C-51)

Charter: Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

SCISA: Security of Canada Information Sharing Act (was enacted with the adoption of C-51)

SATA: Secure Air Travel Act

IRPA: Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

PPP: Passenger Protect Program

NSA: National Security Agency (American counterpart to CSEC)

IP address: Internet Protocol address – a unique computer identifier

IMSI: International Mobile Subscriber Identity – a unique cellphone identifier