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Press release – ICLMG welcomes the United Arab Emirates prosecution’s decision to drop the terrorism charges in the case of Canadian citizen Salim Alaradi

image-9Ottawa, ON – The International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group (ICLMG) welcomes the news that the Emirati State Security prosecutor dropped all terrorism charges laid against the Canadian Citizen of Libyan origin, Salim Alaradi. Last week, the same judges presiding over related cases dropped all the charges against two other Libyans arrested at the same time as Salim Alaradi.

“These are excellent news. ICLMG along other human rights advocacy groups have been urging the Canadian government to take a more engaged role in defending the rights of Mr. Salim Alaradi, detained in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) since August 2014,” says Monia Mazigh, ICLMG’s National Coordinator.

Nevertheless, the ordeal of Mr. Alaradi is not over yet. Today, the same court accused Mr. Salim Alaradi of two new charges under the penal code of the UAE:

  • Sending supplies to Libyan groups without permission;
  • Collecting donations without permission of the appropriate ministry.

A forensic examination ordered by the prosecution and submitted to the court today denied any torture against Mr. Salim Alaradi, despite the UN previously confirming that Mr. Alaradi has been tortured.

“It is clearer today that the case fabricated by the State Security against Mr. Salim Alaradi is falling apart despite all the attempts of the prosecutor. Mr. Salim Alaradi has suffered from torture, solitary confinement and indefinite detention. The Canadian government has a moral obligation to put all its weight and demand nothing less than the immediate release of Mr. Salim Alaradi,” adds Monia Mazigh.

– 30 –

Press release – ICLMG calls for an independent investigation after a second death within a week in the custody of CBSA

prison gerrymanderingOttawa – The International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group (ICLMG) learned, from media reports, about the death of a second detainee within a week in the custody of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Last Monday March 7th, Melkioro Gahungu, a 64 year-old man from Burundi died in the custody of the CBSA in Toronto. Some sources mentioned that he hanged himself rather than be deported.

On March 13th, Francisco Javier Romero Astorga died suddenly at Maplehurst Correctional Complex, in Milton. He was apparently found in his cell with no vital signs. He was previously returned to Chile, where he is originally from, but came back to Canada last November.

“These sudden and successive deaths in the custody of CBSA are troubling. Since 2000, 14 suspicious deaths of immigration detainees have occurred in Canada. The circumstances of these deaths are shrouded in secrecy and to our knowledge no one has been held accountable. These are lost human lives. They were waiting for their deportation. How many more deaths do we need before something is done to stop this tragedy?” declared Monia Mazigh, National Coordinator of ICLMG.

The Canada Border Services Agency undertakes law enforcement actions daily. However, it does not have any review mechanisms that would make it accountable. “It is time that the Canadian government orders an independent investigation into all these deaths. The detention of migrants shouldn’t be systematic unless there are criminal activities involved,” indicated Monia Mazigh.

– 30 –

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